Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Steamworks: Holy Walking Dead Batman!

Hey Gang,


I know, it's been a while since I said anything here. I feel like my presence has all but vanished on PBD, and that makes my soul feel sad. Thankfully (and sadly), I've been getting less hours at work, so I should have more time to post on the blog. I'm going to spend the length of this post updating you on what's been happening since I've taken my hiatus, and hopefully sometime this week I'll be posting a review; probably of Episode 3 Season 5 of Parks and Recreation. Anyway, I'm going to get started with my updates (I'll be doing this a lot like JD's post):

1. The Walking Dead: So recently I've been catching up on The Walking Dead Season Two in preparation to watch Season 3 (which premiers on AMC on October 14th at 9:00 P.M, 8:00 Central). For the readers that don't know, I got into the show back in June when I got Netflix and watched Season One. Then, when I blazed through the six episodes of Season One, I couldn't watch Season Two because Netflix didn't (and still doesn't) have it. That lead me to read the comic series, and I actually just read Issue #102 (the latest one), so maybe I'll review that sometime this week. Anyway, I recently bought Season Two, and can I just say I honestly don't understand why people hate it so much? Ok, so it's a bit slow, and the whole searching for Sophia for half the season issue is a bit tedious, but there's just so much suspense in this season, even for someone who's read the comics (because the show is actually just "based off of", not an adaptation). In my opinion, for the action it lacks it makes up for in suspense. I'm only halfway through Season Two though, so maybe my opinion will change. Anyway, for those of you who are either A) Thinking about watching the show, or B) Thinking about reading the comic, I highly recommend both, especially if you're into apocalyptic scenarios, psychology, zombies, or all three.

2. New York Comic Con: OH MY GOD MY PASS ARRIVED YESTERDAY AND IT'S DAMN SEXY. Also it has Deryl from The Walking Dead on it, which makes it even more bad-ass. Take a look:

You can tell I like the pass because I stamped the word "Like" next to it. Anyway, so I got my pass and it's awesome. If any of you are familiar with my old blog, last year I basically vlogged my adventures of NYCC like arriving at the hotel, walking around the show room, waiting in line for panels, and different stuff like that. This year I'll be doing that again, so definitely stay tuned to our YouTube channel and subscribe. As far as I know each individual member of PBD as planned what events they want to see, so when we all come together and compare schedules we'll be sure to post that. I might go one day in a Project: Better Dolphin shirt!

3. Borderlands 2: Chazz will actually be officially reviewing Borderlands 2, but I just wanted to put my two cents on the internet because there seem to be a lot of mixed reviews out on the internet about Gearbox's new game. I'll start off by saying I personally love it. I'm about maybe 75% through (that's an estimate, not sure though; I'm only level 22), and I just love some of the humor in the game that returns from the previous. For example, you're on the age-old Borderlands quest where you have to go around and collect Dr. Tannis's Diaries, and in one she's talking about how she tried so hard to stare at someone to make them uncomfortable that she popped a vessel in her nose and splattered blood everywhere, and the person ran away screaming. I don't know, I found it hilarious. I also just love Tiny Tina. Apparently not everyone loves her as much as I do, but I find her humor hilarious. I also love the new Slag element; it's a cool new strategy that is neither too hard to implement into your playing style nor too easy. Through my solo play-through I'm playing as a Fire Siren (there's an actual name for the class but the name escapes me at the moment), and I'm just having a spectacular time. Lastly, I loved the pizza party quest with Claptrap, and how I can now just give Claptrap high fives whenever I want. Overall I really enjoy the game and am very pleased.

4. Doctor Who: At the end of the summer Chazz got me into Doctor Who. Yesterday I just finished the second season, and it hit me right in the emotions. I love Tennant as the 10th Doctor; his strange, random outbursts of emotion make me happy and giggle. I love the Daleks with all my heart. I know they're supposed to be scary and shit, but they're just so easy to make fun of. I want to hug one someday. Also, Rose Tyler is a whore. And so is the Doctor. But I love them both. That's pretty much all I have to say about that.

5. New Car: So like 3-4 months after I purchased my first car, it's finally mine to drive. I'm trying to decide what to name it; I was originally just going to call her the TARDIS, but decided against it because it just didn't sound right. She's the car I'll be driving in the zombie apocalypse, which apparently is happening according to the CDC. So yeah. Totally unrelated, but it happened and it makes me happy.

That's pretty much all I have for you today. I'm definitely going to try to post a bunch more before Comic Con and stuff, so yeah ... look for my posts. Thanks for reading!

Peter, The Steamworks

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