Sunday, October 28, 2012

Steamworks: Sinister Review

Hey gang,

I just... I'm scarred, guys. This movie... it creeped into my soul and took a shit on it. I'm going to be honest, I had trouble downloading these pictures for this review because of how scared I am of Bughuul I am. Also, this review is spoiler free, so for those that plan to see it, you can read this post.

So let's start with a plot synopsis; basically, the story begins with a family of four moving into a creepy house... basic horror movie stuff. The father is a hipster, artsy crime-scene writer (who looks somewhat like Alan Wake), and when he goes into the attic he finds a box of family videos and a projector. Meanwhile, the house is actually a crime scene for a whole family that was hanged only a short while ago, and while his family doesn't know this at first, his purpose of this move is so that he can get a story and inspiration for a hit book. So he watches the films, which all show murders of different, seemingly unrelated families (also the murder reels are named with really ironic titles such as "Hanging Around with the Family", "Pool Party", and "Barbecue". Basically, the story is in a nutshell is about Ellison (the father... his name is artsy as shit too) piecing together how these murders are related and eventually discovering the horror that is Bughuul.

When asked exactly, "What's so scary about this film?", there are multiple ways that I can think of to answer the question. There are a decent amount of jump-scares. I think the movie made me jump at least five or six times, and I actually missed one because I was mid-laugh on a joke Chazz made when one happened. Another reason is that the CG effects were just REALLY good. I wont give an example, but if you go to see it you'll find out for yourself. Next is just the idea of the movie; the thought of a demon that lives through photos of himself is just creepy. That's why I'll be deleting the pictures I downloaded for this post directly after I post this. Lastly was the realness of it all. Up until pretty much the end, Ellison is actually a (kinda) smart horror movie character. Again, I wont spoil it for those who haven't gotten to see it yet, but let's just say the ending isn't what you expect. As I read in another review online (note: paraphrasing here, couldn't find the source again) "This movie is a good example that sometimes we can be our own demons". This quote remains very prevalent and very true throughout the movie. 

Final Review: While some critics say this isn't a good movie, it is a smashing horror film movie. When analytically looking a a horror film, you have to set aside a few things; you can't grade based off plot, character development, etc. What you need to think of is: "Did it scare me while I'm watching it?", "Is it still scaring me even after the film?", and "How realistic is this piece?" (granted, that last one can be a little edgy with horror movies, but think of it more as a "bonus" criteria to meet rather than a requirement). As someone who isn't scared by much, let's just say I have a hard time keeping my cool now when alone. Even for a regular movie this was pretty good; The story was phenomenal, the characters were believable and interesting, and the special effects were awesome. As a horror movie, it was even better. This goes up there along with Cabin in the Woods. Definitely a must see!

Final Rating: 8.5/10

Peter, The Steamworks

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Project Better Dolphin Presents: Marvel Heroes MMO Interview

Hey viewers,

So it's time for that surprise Peter mentioned in his Walking Dead post! During New York Comic Con, we had the chance to interview Nino Navarra and Josh Book from Marvel Heroes. We cannot stress how awesome it was of Navarra and Book to give us this off the cuff interview and how awesome they were as people in general, so we'd like to personally thank the two for giving us the opportunity to chat with them. Originally, the interview was taped, but because of all the extra background noise we've transcribed the video for you. Enjoy!

Project: Better Dolphin: So what work did you two do on Marvel Heroes?

Book: I'm Josh Book and I'm the Art Director here at Marvel Heroes, so I oversee all of the art of the game.

Navarra: I'm Nino Navarra, and I'm a Concept Artist for Marvel Heroes Online. I work with Josh to do the visual design for the game.

PBD: Dealing more with the game industry, what advice would you give to someone who aspires to be a part of the gaming industry when they graduate college?

 Book: Definitely having traditional art skills is a great thing to have. It's all about developing your eye and developing your drawing skills. We obviously work in the field as well, so if you want to be character artist for a game, we work with ZBrush and [Autodesk] Maya, so get familiar with the different tools we use. But underneath understanding the tools, you need to understand the underlying core principles on drawing and understanding the basics like color, lighting, and all the other stuff we're responsible for.

Navarra:  Yeah, along the lines of what he [Book] is saying, work on your art, and pay attention to what the industry's current, up-to-date needs are. And just going to all the fans and asking them the right questions; just paying attention basically. The issue is constantly changing. Just going to these events--just keep your eye open. Keep your relevance in the modern market of today.

PBD: Ok so when you were drawing these characters, obviously there were other people who had a part in this project, but what did you personally want the fans to take away from this game?

Navarra: We [at the company] are all big Marvel fans, so we just want to do the game justice in that making sure we pay homage to the old school heroes, but also making them up to date for the newer fans who are just getting into Marvel. So we try to keep that in mind so we can kick ass when making the game.

Book: Yeah, we're always looking for a way to outfit all the heroes. We look at the large range of outfits that have been out there [and] drawn by different artists, [so] we do a lot of small variations. I work with Marvel and we go back and forth on the different details that we have for coming up with each, unique look for each costume variation of a character. The big aspect of Marvel Heroes is that we have a bunch of different costume variations for the characters. We just announced at our panel yesterday here at NYCC Mr. Fix It Hulk which is a variation of Hulk where he's wearing pin stripes and a hat and the crowd went wild, and it's just a great look for Hulk! We want basically distinct costumes, so we go through all of the reference material of the giant history of comics; we take it and then we look at them individually, and we decide on all of the subtle variations of what choices we should make.

Navarra: We do a lot of research! We actually work very closely with Marvel to make sure that what we're doing is accurate to what they designed for the heroes. So everything you see here has been shown to so many eyes for approvals.

PBD: Nice! One more question: What's your favorite part about going to events like New York Comic Con or San Diego Comic Con?

Navarra:  Meeting the fans, definitely. I think it's great to always get the feedback from our community. To see what they like and what we should change, because we're always just like, focused and kind of isolated. Going to the events ... we get your guy's feedback. It's great validation for us.

Book: Definitely meeting the fans is awesome, and the overall energy of the con is so great. Like I'm just walking around and it's like, so great to work in the middle of the energy with all these good people. The good thing also is we meet some of our friends who are artists that work in the industry, and pros that work with all that type of stuff. For our motion comics ... we're working with a ton of Marvel Comics artists and since we're in New York a lot of them are local too, so we got to meet a ton of them.

PBD: If you can say, will we be seeing any costumes from the Marvel Now relaunch in the game?

Book: Actually, that's a great question. Yesterday, at our game's panel, we announced the Marvel Now Jean Grey's costume. So yeah, we revealed that, [and] everybody went nuts and it turned  out really great. That was the first of what will be many. Marvel Now's obviously got a lot of great things going on, and we want to get as many varieties and looks for characters in the game as we can.

Navarra: We're big fans of the IP so we're always constantly trying to get as many costumes--our personal favorites--into the game.

Book: We work very closely with Marvel so we like to get a really good idea of what coming up ahead of time and stuff like that, so we can try to bring it in and try to work to get things as possible as we can, including character costumes and whatnot.

That concludes the interview. Hope you guys had fun reading, and stay tuned for more PBD coverage!

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Red Viking: account

So I have decided that the other thing that I will be doing ,besides wallpapers, is posting live streams that will be saved as videos for you to watch on . I do not know how often I will do this but If I thing of live streaming a game I will definitely try my best to get it working and ill also try to tell you when I will be doing it.

Our username is ProjectBetterDolphin , so look us up and watch the short video that I have already posted.
Hope to see you soon!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Red Viking: Just an update

So wallpapers are getting harder and harder to find for me so I am going to do those posts every month instead of every week. Do no fret though what i lack in quantity I will make up for in Quality (I hope). Also our Troll has asked me to do something else beside wallpapers so keep a look out for that. Anyway that's all I had to say and I hope to see you soon!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Steamworks: The Walking Dead "Seed" Review

Hey Gang,

Wow. What a busy weekend. Well first off, I can tell you that lots of NYCC coverage is coming your way. Each of us will be writing about our own individual experiences and highlights, and we even have an unexpected surprise to you guys that should be ready for the middle of this week. But, for now, the pilot for The Walking Dead Season 3 just came out last night. I won't be doing a GIF reaction like I said before, but I do want to talk about it. so without further adieu, I give you my review:



Can I just talk about how much I love the opening scene? Apparently it was shown at the panel at NYCC, and the fans went wild (except for Lori; apparently she actually got some boos). This opening scene had a very heavy importance on this season as a whole, and yes, I can say that with confidence even though I obviously haven't seen the rest of the season. This 5 minute opening showed to us how much this group had progressed over the winter (more on that later). It also gave us a good look at how this apocalypse has physically aged our beloved survivors. Carl's grown, Rick's facial hair continues to grow uncontrollably, an Hershel looks like a completely different man.

So when we come back to the show, a whole season has gone by off screen. It's explained in the talk show about TWD called The Talking Dead that in these few months, the group has been running away and avoiding herds of zombies, and the herds of walkers just so happened to block a path to the prison for a while, and that's why the group hadn't found it in between seasons. This is really my only complaint about this episode, and (I guess) by extent, this season thus far. For those of you who don't read the comics, the survivors find the prison almost immediately after the flee the farm. I didn't have a problem with the show not giving us a season of off screen time; in fact I'm actually in favor of it. Like I said above, it really gave the survivors a chance to evolve and adapt even more to this new world so that when we saw them again, they'd be even more badass than they were last time. The thing I was unhappy about was that the passing of time was not well explained; I think it was referenced maybe once or twice actually inside the show. Other than that (unless I simply didn't hear it), I had no idea why they hadn't found the prison yet or any details like that.

Other than that explination of time, I loved the rest of the episode; it has to be my favorite tying with Season One Episode Two (the one where they're trapped in the department store). I think the characters are extremely well written and the plot moved at an excellent pace. The acting was phenomenal and the effects were truly spectacular. Some of the new zombies, like the armored SWAT team zombies and the gas mask zombie, scared the shit out of me. I like how Rick isn't being commanded around by Lori anymore, and how Lori pretty much realizes she was wrong and how she's moving on. I'm also a huge fan of the Carl Grimes and Beth Greene relationship. Yeah, it's weird, but hey, so is a zombie apocalypse. I really want Carl to have a significant other. Seeing Andrea and Michonne work together was pretty fantastic. I also am a huge fan of adapting Dale's foot-tragedy to Hershel. Poor Hershel's probably been through more than anyone, and he just has the worst luck.

So what are my predictions for Episode Two? Well, I definitely expect Hershel to live. I keep hearing from a lot of people "Oh damn, Hershel's dead" because he closed his eyes during the cutting process and because they exclaimed that he lost too much blood. But little do some people know, as I stated above, that in the comic this actually happened to Dale. I expect that the writers will keep it that way and that Hershel will just be missing a foot now. I predict they'll meet the prisoners, who at first will not be too happy to see them. Then I predict that there will be some tragedy in the prison's defenses and some zombies will ruin the survivors' day. Lastly, I predict that one (or more) of the prisoners will kill someone off in the group. Just my theories.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this review, and stay tuned for our NYCC writings!

Peter, The Steamworks

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Red Viking: wallpaper update #9

Hay its that time of week again, yup, wallpaper time!!!! This week we will have a halo 4 theme because it is awesome and there is no reason for me not to. so we shall begin!!!

 First we have chief posing all dramatic like in front of what seems to be a forerunner structure.(I did edit it a little to get rid of the logos)

Now we have one that looks like gameplay but this gameplay looks so good that you could make a wallpaper out of any part!

This next one is definitely wallpaper worthy because of the lighting and all that detail put into the making of this game.

Now the other base on the opposite side of the map.

I will end this with one that is, again, made to be a wallpaper but is still AMAZING!!!

I am definitely looking forward to playing this game and hopefully owning it depending on how my "bank" is doing (so far not so good)

That is all for this week, come back soon! : )

Monday, October 8, 2012

Resident Troll: Phantom Lady and Doll Man #1 Review

Wow. Um. Okay. So I just read this and... it was really and unexpectedly good. I'm actually really sad that it's a four part series, but agh.

I initially came upon this and was like 'hey, I'll give it a shot'. I'll give just about anything with a female lead a shot, because it's typically what I prefer to read. I don't know why I thought I was going to be underwhelmed. Perhaps it was the names of the protagonists, or just the fact that Doll Man's power seems to be... small-ness. We'll see, though.

It starts off with Jennifer as Phantom Lady, taking down a few crooks and taking their money with them. After this, we flash back six month prior, and she gives us a bit of backstory. She's after a crime family--the original crime family, it appears--because they killed her family. This requires Jennifer to sleep with one of the sons, watch a friend get her face bashed in, and seal the son's phone in the process.

I don't know why, but I really kind of loved it. Perhaps it's my affinity for crime families, or just the kind of interesting love Dane (Doll Man) has for Jennifer. He says he loves her, but she doesn't take him seriously.

All in all, it was a pretty decent read. Again, I'm really sad it's a miniseries, but hopefully that means it won't drag on forever and get spoiled. I give it a 8/10.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Steamworks: Reaction GIF: Saving Bloodwing

Hey Gang,

So I was just thinking of some ideas for the blog today when I thought, "Hey, I could do a reaction GIF review sometime." Well I started looking at some reaction GIFs and there are just some fabulous ones out on the interwebs. So for anyone who has ever created a GIF and put it on the web... thank you. So much. From the bottom of my heart.

Anyway, I was planning to reaction GIF the first episode of Season Three of The Walking Dead, but after I saw all of the GIFs there are I just got really excited and needed to do one. So I'll be doing a quick GIF reaction to the quest in Borderlands 2 where Handsome Jack captures Bloodwing, AKA Mordecai's pet bird. Just a little back story; I rolled through the original Borderlands as Mordecai, thus I'm super attached to him and Blood. So I have extra feels on this. WARNING: THIS DOES IN FACT CONTAIN THE SPOILS. SO IF YOU HAVEN'T GOTTEN TO THIS MISSION AND WANT NO SPOILERS, DO NOT CONTINUE READING. I'll try to include that line in every one of my reaction GIFs so people know. Anyway, let's get started.


Roland let's me know that he needs me to pick up an update for Claptrap and to see Mordecai, and that Mordecai could also use a bit of help for something else. So I'm like:

So I'm running through the Wildlife Preserve excited to see Mordecai and I'm shootin' bitches like:

Then when I meet up with Mordecai he's all:

And he explains to me that Bloodwing was captured by Handsome Jack. So I'm like:

And of course I agree to help Mordecai with breaking out Bloodwing, and I'm so pumped like:

And so while I'm off poppin rounds Mordecai's all "Jack thinks he's gonna get me angry, but I know Blood can handle herself cause she's strong." And I tear up like:

So I'm blastin' through baddies in the shipyard and I start picking up some ECHO recordings that give a bunch of feedback into my character's back-story, and I'm all:

For some reason Sirens really intrigue me. Anyway, So I'm exploding bitches for Bloodwing and waiting for our awesome reunion being all like:

And when I enter the actual Wildlife Preserve, Mordecai starts talking about how Jack says he built the place for science, but he really uses it to experiment on animals. I was like:

Then Jack taunted me again about how he was going to lure me into the preserve so he could kill me and I'm all:

Out of no where Dr. Tannis starts asking me for Slag samples and I'm just thinking "Fuck off Tanis! I don't give a shit about you right now, Blood's in danger!":

Finally Mordecai tells me that Bloodwing's holding cell is close by and I'm:

But then I walk into Bloodwing's holding cell and he's not there and I'm all:

Then Handsome Jack comes on my ECHO and is all "Yeah I moved your bird further into the labs for some testing." And he releases all the experimented lab animals loose around me to kill me. And I'm like:

So then I do even more searching for Bloodwing and I find more Siren stuff and I'm all:

Then Mordecai tells me they're going to have the hardest boss in the joint because they will be protecting Bloodwing and I'm just:

And so I get to an observational deck and Jack trolls me and is all like, "I DID EXPERIMENTS ON BLOODWING BITCH!" Then Bloodwing is all mutated. I was like:

I then sadly proceeded to do some major damage to Bloodwing. Mordecai tried to save him in the end, but then Handsome Jack blew his head straight off. The following are my reactions:

So I ran out of that bitch depressed as shit. And Jack was all:

And Mordecai was all:

And I was all:

And then it was the end.

So there. I hope you enjoyed that, because it was a decent amount of work. I had fun writing it anyway and stealing GIFs. Anyway, see ya round!

Peter, The Steamworks

The Red Viking: Wallpaper Update #8

Hay guys and welcome back! We have another exciting 5 wallpapers (2 made by me). So here we go!!!!!

First up is Raven from the DC world. This is a very simple wallpaper because its only Raven and the rest is black so it gives you room for apps and icons and other things you have sitting on your desktop.

Next we have another comic super hero, Iron Man!
I love the use of the color in the background is the color for his head and it just ties in very well.

Now we have a tech background mainly because I love them so much!

Finally we have my 2 wallpapers that might need a little explaining.
(Shatter and I were at a Celtic fest called "Celtic Classic" so I got really (hype) about this (metal) event and made some wallpapers) So here they are!

Well that is all for this week. hope you have a great weekend!

Shatterblog!: I Don't Want to Live In This World Anymore

I woke up this morning thinking the world was an alright place. Sure, there are flaws, but everything isn't terrible.

Then I went on one of my favorite sites, ThinkGeek. To my horror I stumbled upon this monstrosity. WHY? WHY WOULD YOU MAKE THIS??


Where's your God now?