Sunday, October 28, 2012

Steamworks: Sinister Review

Hey gang,

I just... I'm scarred, guys. This movie... it creeped into my soul and took a shit on it. I'm going to be honest, I had trouble downloading these pictures for this review because of how scared I am of Bughuul I am. Also, this review is spoiler free, so for those that plan to see it, you can read this post.

So let's start with a plot synopsis; basically, the story begins with a family of four moving into a creepy house... basic horror movie stuff. The father is a hipster, artsy crime-scene writer (who looks somewhat like Alan Wake), and when he goes into the attic he finds a box of family videos and a projector. Meanwhile, the house is actually a crime scene for a whole family that was hanged only a short while ago, and while his family doesn't know this at first, his purpose of this move is so that he can get a story and inspiration for a hit book. So he watches the films, which all show murders of different, seemingly unrelated families (also the murder reels are named with really ironic titles such as "Hanging Around with the Family", "Pool Party", and "Barbecue". Basically, the story is in a nutshell is about Ellison (the father... his name is artsy as shit too) piecing together how these murders are related and eventually discovering the horror that is Bughuul.

When asked exactly, "What's so scary about this film?", there are multiple ways that I can think of to answer the question. There are a decent amount of jump-scares. I think the movie made me jump at least five or six times, and I actually missed one because I was mid-laugh on a joke Chazz made when one happened. Another reason is that the CG effects were just REALLY good. I wont give an example, but if you go to see it you'll find out for yourself. Next is just the idea of the movie; the thought of a demon that lives through photos of himself is just creepy. That's why I'll be deleting the pictures I downloaded for this post directly after I post this. Lastly was the realness of it all. Up until pretty much the end, Ellison is actually a (kinda) smart horror movie character. Again, I wont spoil it for those who haven't gotten to see it yet, but let's just say the ending isn't what you expect. As I read in another review online (note: paraphrasing here, couldn't find the source again) "This movie is a good example that sometimes we can be our own demons". This quote remains very prevalent and very true throughout the movie. 

Final Review: While some critics say this isn't a good movie, it is a smashing horror film movie. When analytically looking a a horror film, you have to set aside a few things; you can't grade based off plot, character development, etc. What you need to think of is: "Did it scare me while I'm watching it?", "Is it still scaring me even after the film?", and "How realistic is this piece?" (granted, that last one can be a little edgy with horror movies, but think of it more as a "bonus" criteria to meet rather than a requirement). As someone who isn't scared by much, let's just say I have a hard time keeping my cool now when alone. Even for a regular movie this was pretty good; The story was phenomenal, the characters were believable and interesting, and the special effects were awesome. As a horror movie, it was even better. This goes up there along with Cabin in the Woods. Definitely a must see!

Final Rating: 8.5/10

Peter, The Steamworks

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