Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Red Viking: Wallpaper Update #8

Hay guys and welcome back! We have another exciting 5 wallpapers (2 made by me). So here we go!!!!!

First up is Raven from the DC world. This is a very simple wallpaper because its only Raven and the rest is black so it gives you room for apps and icons and other things you have sitting on your desktop.

Next we have another comic super hero, Iron Man!
I love the use of the color in the background is the color for his head and it just ties in very well.

Now we have a tech background mainly because I love them so much!

Finally we have my 2 wallpapers that might need a little explaining.
(Shatter and I were at a Celtic fest called "Celtic Classic" so I got really (hype) about this (metal) event and made some wallpapers) So here they are!

Well that is all for this week. hope you have a great weekend!

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