Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Red Viking: wallpaper update #9

Hay its that time of week again, yup, wallpaper time!!!! This week we will have a halo 4 theme because it is awesome and there is no reason for me not to. so we shall begin!!!

 First we have chief posing all dramatic like in front of what seems to be a forerunner structure.(I did edit it a little to get rid of the logos)

Now we have one that looks like gameplay but this gameplay looks so good that you could make a wallpaper out of any part!

This next one is definitely wallpaper worthy because of the lighting and all that detail put into the making of this game.

Now the other base on the opposite side of the map.

I will end this with one that is, again, made to be a wallpaper but is still AMAZING!!!

I am definitely looking forward to playing this game and hopefully owning it depending on how my "bank" is doing (so far not so good)

That is all for this week, come back soon! : )

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