Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Steamworks: Reaction GIF: Saving Bloodwing

Hey Gang,

So I was just thinking of some ideas for the blog today when I thought, "Hey, I could do a reaction GIF review sometime." Well I started looking at some reaction GIFs and there are just some fabulous ones out on the interwebs. So for anyone who has ever created a GIF and put it on the web... thank you. So much. From the bottom of my heart.

Anyway, I was planning to reaction GIF the first episode of Season Three of The Walking Dead, but after I saw all of the GIFs there are I just got really excited and needed to do one. So I'll be doing a quick GIF reaction to the quest in Borderlands 2 where Handsome Jack captures Bloodwing, AKA Mordecai's pet bird. Just a little back story; I rolled through the original Borderlands as Mordecai, thus I'm super attached to him and Blood. So I have extra feels on this. WARNING: THIS DOES IN FACT CONTAIN THE SPOILS. SO IF YOU HAVEN'T GOTTEN TO THIS MISSION AND WANT NO SPOILERS, DO NOT CONTINUE READING. I'll try to include that line in every one of my reaction GIFs so people know. Anyway, let's get started.


Roland let's me know that he needs me to pick up an update for Claptrap and to see Mordecai, and that Mordecai could also use a bit of help for something else. So I'm like:

So I'm running through the Wildlife Preserve excited to see Mordecai and I'm shootin' bitches like:

Then when I meet up with Mordecai he's all:

And he explains to me that Bloodwing was captured by Handsome Jack. So I'm like:

And of course I agree to help Mordecai with breaking out Bloodwing, and I'm so pumped like:

And so while I'm off poppin rounds Mordecai's all "Jack thinks he's gonna get me angry, but I know Blood can handle herself cause she's strong." And I tear up like:

So I'm blastin' through baddies in the shipyard and I start picking up some ECHO recordings that give a bunch of feedback into my character's back-story, and I'm all:

For some reason Sirens really intrigue me. Anyway, So I'm exploding bitches for Bloodwing and waiting for our awesome reunion being all like:

And when I enter the actual Wildlife Preserve, Mordecai starts talking about how Jack says he built the place for science, but he really uses it to experiment on animals. I was like:

Then Jack taunted me again about how he was going to lure me into the preserve so he could kill me and I'm all:

Out of no where Dr. Tannis starts asking me for Slag samples and I'm just thinking "Fuck off Tanis! I don't give a shit about you right now, Blood's in danger!":

Finally Mordecai tells me that Bloodwing's holding cell is close by and I'm:

But then I walk into Bloodwing's holding cell and he's not there and I'm all:

Then Handsome Jack comes on my ECHO and is all "Yeah I moved your bird further into the labs for some testing." And he releases all the experimented lab animals loose around me to kill me. And I'm like:

So then I do even more searching for Bloodwing and I find more Siren stuff and I'm all:

Then Mordecai tells me they're going to have the hardest boss in the joint because they will be protecting Bloodwing and I'm just:

And so I get to an observational deck and Jack trolls me and is all like, "I DID EXPERIMENTS ON BLOODWING BITCH!" Then Bloodwing is all mutated. I was like:

I then sadly proceeded to do some major damage to Bloodwing. Mordecai tried to save him in the end, but then Handsome Jack blew his head straight off. The following are my reactions:

So I ran out of that bitch depressed as shit. And Jack was all:

And Mordecai was all:

And I was all:

And then it was the end.

So there. I hope you enjoyed that, because it was a decent amount of work. I had fun writing it anyway and stealing GIFs. Anyway, see ya round!

Peter, The Steamworks

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