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The Steamworks: The Walking Dead "Seed" Review

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Wow. What a busy weekend. Well first off, I can tell you that lots of NYCC coverage is coming your way. Each of us will be writing about our own individual experiences and highlights, and we even have an unexpected surprise to you guys that should be ready for the middle of this week. But, for now, the pilot for The Walking Dead Season 3 just came out last night. I won't be doing a GIF reaction like I said before, but I do want to talk about it. so without further adieu, I give you my review:



Can I just talk about how much I love the opening scene? Apparently it was shown at the panel at NYCC, and the fans went wild (except for Lori; apparently she actually got some boos). This opening scene had a very heavy importance on this season as a whole, and yes, I can say that with confidence even though I obviously haven't seen the rest of the season. This 5 minute opening showed to us how much this group had progressed over the winter (more on that later). It also gave us a good look at how this apocalypse has physically aged our beloved survivors. Carl's grown, Rick's facial hair continues to grow uncontrollably, an Hershel looks like a completely different man.

So when we come back to the show, a whole season has gone by off screen. It's explained in the talk show about TWD called The Talking Dead that in these few months, the group has been running away and avoiding herds of zombies, and the herds of walkers just so happened to block a path to the prison for a while, and that's why the group hadn't found it in between seasons. This is really my only complaint about this episode, and (I guess) by extent, this season thus far. For those of you who don't read the comics, the survivors find the prison almost immediately after the flee the farm. I didn't have a problem with the show not giving us a season of off screen time; in fact I'm actually in favor of it. Like I said above, it really gave the survivors a chance to evolve and adapt even more to this new world so that when we saw them again, they'd be even more badass than they were last time. The thing I was unhappy about was that the passing of time was not well explained; I think it was referenced maybe once or twice actually inside the show. Other than that (unless I simply didn't hear it), I had no idea why they hadn't found the prison yet or any details like that.

Other than that explination of time, I loved the rest of the episode; it has to be my favorite tying with Season One Episode Two (the one where they're trapped in the department store). I think the characters are extremely well written and the plot moved at an excellent pace. The acting was phenomenal and the effects were truly spectacular. Some of the new zombies, like the armored SWAT team zombies and the gas mask zombie, scared the shit out of me. I like how Rick isn't being commanded around by Lori anymore, and how Lori pretty much realizes she was wrong and how she's moving on. I'm also a huge fan of the Carl Grimes and Beth Greene relationship. Yeah, it's weird, but hey, so is a zombie apocalypse. I really want Carl to have a significant other. Seeing Andrea and Michonne work together was pretty fantastic. I also am a huge fan of adapting Dale's foot-tragedy to Hershel. Poor Hershel's probably been through more than anyone, and he just has the worst luck.

So what are my predictions for Episode Two? Well, I definitely expect Hershel to live. I keep hearing from a lot of people "Oh damn, Hershel's dead" because he closed his eyes during the cutting process and because they exclaimed that he lost too much blood. But little do some people know, as I stated above, that in the comic this actually happened to Dale. I expect that the writers will keep it that way and that Hershel will just be missing a foot now. I predict they'll meet the prisoners, who at first will not be too happy to see them. Then I predict that there will be some tragedy in the prison's defenses and some zombies will ruin the survivors' day. Lastly, I predict that one (or more) of the prisoners will kill someone off in the group. Just my theories.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this review, and stay tuned for our NYCC writings!

Peter, The Steamworks

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