Sunday, November 18, 2012

Project Better Dolphin: Introducing PBDTube

Hello Loyal Followers Awesome Readers,

We here at Project: Better Dolphin have some exciting news for you fantastic viewers! We would like to introduce you to a new feature of our blog. On top of Blogger posts, a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, a Tumblr blog, AND our very own podcast, Project: Better Dolphin would like to introduce you to PBDTube!  PBDTube is basically our new YouTube channel on which we will cover news via video (so pretty much a blog post except you get to now associate us with faces AND voices). Don't worry avid readers; we will still be using our blog to post (meaning our primary form of issuing news will still be posts on here), however we would like to open up this section of our blog as more visual entertainment. Here's the first video of many to come!

Please keep in mind that we are (pretty much) beginners at making videos, so we kindly ask that you bare with us as we improve our audio, video, and studio. Please don't forget to comment at the end of the video answering our question of the video, commenting on a related topic, or even asking us a question to address (don't worry; we'll address it, I promise). Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and like our videos too! And please; if you like our videos or something we do in general; don't forget to spread the word! Send our posts to your friends via email, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Kick, AIM, Skype, Text Message, or any other social media messaging methods we forgot to mention! The more likes, viewers, and subscribers we have for the videos, the more videos we will be able to produce over the course of the week.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to check out our latest addition to Project: Better Dolphin! Be safe, and happy gaming!

Project: Better Dolphin


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