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The Steamworks: The Walking Dead, "The Killer Within" Review



Ok ... compose yourself, Pete...

So I've decided to take my emotions and throw them in a pit of fire tonight. I mean, my emotions have already been on edge because I've been catching up on my Doctor Who recently (finally got into 7.1!), but this. THIS!!! This is ... AAAAHHHHH

Ok, so here's where I start my review of "The Killer Within" AKA The Walking Dead's fourth episode of their third season. As usual, SPOILERS LIE AHEAD, SO IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN IT YET AND WISH TO WAIT FOR ALL THE DETAILS, PLEASE DON'T READ PAST THE LINE BELOW:


So you might be wondering, "Why have you only reviewed the pilot, and then immediately jumping past two  episodes?" That's a good question, and to it yields a somewhat unprofessional answer; they simply bored me. While they weren't extremely boring, they just weren't interesting enough for me to write a review about; again, unprofessional but the truth. I'll try in the future to review even "decent" episodes. Also, another part of it was that I simply didn't have any newly developed ideas to share.

Moving on, this episode has its good points and its bad points.

So the episode starts off with a mysterious guy leaving a trail for walkers into the newly-broken-in prison. We see Hershel starting to walk again, Michonne digging for clues, and Rick dealing with the left over prisoners. Then ... then shit hits the fan.

As Rick prepares to send the prisoners off of the prison grounds and the others are having a nice sunny day in the zombie apocalypse, BOOM! The intro is continued, and zombies invade the prison while the alarms for the prison (running off of back-up gennies) blare across the land. The group gets seperated; Carl, Maggie, and Lori are group one, Carol and T-Dog are group two, Beth and Hershel are group three, and everyone else (Rick, Daryl, Glenn, and the two prisoners) is group four. Group three is the most boring in terms of events; they pretty much lock themselves in a caged set of stairs out in the yard and chill there while the whole thing blows over. Oh, and I forgot to mention, T-Dog gets bitten. Again, T-Dog is underplayed as a character, and after having practically no screen time during season two and just starting to get some this season, he's bitten; however he went out in a (vain) bang. But in good news, Carol pretends to be deeply emotionally attached to T-Dog (maybe a reference to the comic?) and actually cries a little.

Now I'm going to pull a Season Three and "suspend" you from the groups that we're all concerned about to the random group I don't care about out trolling around in Pig Fuck County. In group pig fuck, we have Michonne and Andrea. But the thing about this group for me is, I simply don't care about them. I care more about the main group in the prison then these shits bumming around in Pig Fuck. I find it annoying to have to follow their story when I don't care about it, but maybe that's just me. I can't decide which I like more; being diverted from the main story a few times an episode or using one entire episode to divert from two or three main group episodes. My bottom opinion of these two bums: they need to meet up with the main group fast. In my opinion, these two are another Sophia, and I'm not interested in their shenanigans.

Getting back to the good action, we find Lori, Maggie, and Carl in a sort of storage or electrical room where Lori begins to go into labor and Maggie has to give birth to Lori's baby. I was actually caught very off guard when this happened, not expecting it to happen here. After an unsuccessful birthing procedure, Lori talks Maggie and Carl into cutting open her stomach and saving the baby at the cost of Lori's life.


So they cut her stomach open, Lori dies, and the baby comes out a STILLBORN!


Just kidding; it pretends to be a still born for a few seconds, and then continues to do more baby things. Carl convinces Maggie to let him shoot his mother's corpse because, well. it's his mother. We hear a gun shot off screen and move on.

In other news, group two, T-Dog sacrifices himself even more to let Carol live.

Lastly, group four basically spends the episode running around wild in the prison looking for other people, shooting up zombies, and trying to find the back up generator so they can shut down the alarms. When they finally reach the room with the generator, they find the instigator of this whole event; the prisoner that Rick locked in the yard of zombies back in episode two. There's an epic showdown in the room, and one of the prisoners eventually winds up shooting the crazy homicidal one to prove he's on Rick's side. They turn the genny off, and get out to the court yard to meet up with thew others. Also, they find Carol's devoured body in a hall, and the show mourns her death for literally two seconds.

Meanwhile, Andrea enjoys some whiskey with the Governor.

At the end of the episode, the zombies are, for the most part, eliminated from the prison, but at the cost of three of our beloved survivors. Rick hears the baby in the yard but sees no Lori, and once he realizes she's dead, he has an emotional break down like any normal person. Everyone is sad.

Through the inter webs, I heard that one of the main characters was going to be cut from life, but I did NOT realize the dead would take two more along with them. My reaction to this episode?


That is the result of my face slamming against the keyboard. I was emotionally devastated by this episode. T-Dog and Carol, while not being my favorite characters, were certainly loved by me. Carol just had a shitty life till the very end. Lori ... I never liked her. Her slutty affairs and bitchy episodes always got her on my bad side... but her death really did rock me. I predict that we'll see Lori later as a zombie, however. Why do I say that? Because the death happened off screen, and as we learned from the prisoner that lived, deaths that happen off screen don't actually happen.

So yeah guys. Big episode tonight. Hope y'all enjoyed my review!

Peter, The Steamworks

***EDIT: Carol isn't actually offcially declared dead. I thought the zombies were feeding on her body but I was wrong; my apologies!***      

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