Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Shatterblog!: Happy Holidays from PBD

Happy Holidays everyone! The blog team (sans JD) will probably be hanging out today and as such will do a team post wishing you all happy holidays with a cheesy group photo. However for now enjoy this picture of me in a Deadpool hoodie and an elf hat.

Hope everyone had an excellent holiday! Please feel free to comment about your holiday experiences, whether they are this year's, just your favorite, a funny story, whatever you like! Once we have enough comments to talk about we hope to get a comment video up. 

Sidenote, today I will be picking up the cables I need to connect my Xbox to the video capture card I received for Christmas. I'd love to get home from work to some comments about whether you guys want achievement guides, Let's Plays, level walkthroughs, or something else entirely. It would also be cool if you specified games or parts of games you would like to see us cover, and we will make an effort to make that happen. I can currently record Xbox 360, PS2, and PS3, and of course PC. Comment away loyal fans! Your voice will be heard!

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