Saturday, December 8, 2012

Slightly Redder Red: Game of the Year 2014(?) Announced

So I was playing Dark Souls earlier, doing PvP in Another Londo.  Had a really great winning streak going. Then someone using Pursuers made me get off the game because of how angry I was at him being a giant bitch ( I'd like to take this time to mention that my Nexus7's voice typing sensors swear words). I get off Dark Souls and I log on my computer, open up /v/ to complain about Pursuers being overpowered when I see a sticky thread at the top of the page. Apparently, the Spike VGAs picked this year to not be shitty and announced a game that made me... Actually tear up a little. For those of you who know me realize that I discovered Dark Souls around the time it was released on PC, and it took over my life is a video gamer.  It replaced Skyrim as my game of the year, even though I hadn't started playing it until the time it was ported to PC. Prepare to Die is probably my favorite DLC released ( next to Shivering Isles of course),  and the PvP and PvE keep me coming back everyday. I realize now I haven't mentioned what the game was, although you can probably guess by now.
Tonight, Dark Souls II was the first sequel announced at the Spike VGAs. 4chan's video games board is in a complete frenzy, my brother is telling me that it's probably going to suck, and I'm sitting in my chair hoping for the best. There are screenshots, and the trailer which I cannot find on youtube, but I can't post them  since this post was written through the speak function on my android tablet. Go out and see for yourself. It looks like the painted world is making a return, masked figures suggest the occult uprising in Anor Londo's past, and Dragons are back to stay. My speculations? I think Dark Souls II is going to take place around the fall of Anor Londo. We will see Lord Gwyn descend into madness before guarding the first flame, we will see the last few dragons being hunted down before all that remains is the everlasting dragon who runs the dragon covenant, and we will see the splitting of the 4 Knights of Gwyn. I am heavily invested in the lore of Dark Souls, so a trip into Lordran's past will make me fangasm to no end.
On a technical aspect, the game promises to shine. The IP is still in From Software's hands, so to me nothing can possibly go wrong (fingers crossed). And server based multiplayer is arriving in the Souls game , bringing about a welcome change to the awful net code Dark Souls uses on the PC. The game will be released on PC, Xbox'and ps3. No WiiU. I almost feel sorry for Nintendo's lack of new third party content.
Here's to venturing into Lordran once again as an undead on a  faithful mission.
Praise the Sun!

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