Friday, December 21, 2012

Slightly Redder Red: Time's End Review

Oh hey, a music review! Far out!

A few days ago, was put up, and was a countdown timer to the end of the world (supposed end of the world, mind you). It bore the image of the Skull Kid from Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, and was a crack at the iconic countdown until the moon crashed into Clock Town in the original N64 game. I waited and waited for it to wind down, and although I wasn't looking at the site at the time of it officially finishing the timer (fucking west coast), when I went onto it this morning I was pleasantly surprised at what I found.

It was music!

A composer named Theophany is putting up a two part CD of the Majora's Mask soundtrack, recorded with actual instruments in an orchestral fashion. It's really atmospheric, and although I was never a huge fan of the game itself it really puts me in a mood to play some Zelda, or any game with dungeons for that matter. The tracks are beautiful and sweeping, a lot of work and heart went into this remix. If you're tired of shitty dubstep remixes of Legend of Zelda songs, this is truly the album for you.

It's up for free download on his bandcamp page, but if you like supporting independent musicians than you can buy the album for fifty cents or more (as a musician preparing to record his own album in the coming months, I felt the need to take the moral high road and give the guy some money). You won't regret purchasing the CD if you decide to. (Original Website) (Theophany's bandcamp)

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  1. Just when I thought the Apocalypse was averted, JD posted something. "We are lost! And the world as we knew it is gone from our eyes! Only to live in our memories as the days of salad and glory! Truly these are the end of times. REPENT! REPENT!"


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