Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Red Viking: Wallpaper Update December 2012

Hello and welcome back to another wallpaper update. This time I will be doing some more wallpapers I have made (and one alternative one for the hipsters).

Lets kick this off with one from Young Justice because there really are not enough of them.
This one features Fate taking over Kid Flash I believe.

The next one I have in store is one of "Nobody", from New 52 Batman and Robin, who has a great character design I must say. He may even hold #1 in my character design list, for DC at-least.

Now I have a comic cover that was mentioned in one of our videos with Red Hood dead in Batman's arms that could spark some controversy.

I think it is about time for some "just for fun" wallpapers. Up first is a picture that has been fixed by taking out the score board that pops up and making it look natural but it is still hilarious.

(victory sit)

Last but not least is the one for the hipsters that follow us and don't want the normal background but want it a little touched up and made artsy so here it is.

Thanks for viewing and check out the rest of the blog for more updates on things you should care about!

For those who were wondering where all the live streaming has been so far, I apologize because I do not own a video capture card and the only games I have been playing lately are on the Xbox 360. Do not fret though! One of our members is hopefully getting one and we will live stream much more and will do some co-op with some of the other members of the blog. so tell your friends and everyone because its about to get real in here.... I don't think I should say that ever again.....

      The Red Viking.


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