Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Steamworks: Pete's Bit- Whales Choking on Human Waste?

Tag along with Pete as he discusses recent beached whale cases appearing around the globe! Do you think we should be taking better care of our planet? Tell us how you feel in the comments below, and on your way down there you should totally give the Like and Subscribe buttons a high five! Thanks for watching!

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Steamworks: Friendship, The Last Straw, and Frying Fish- It's Ask Pete!

Join Pete on this Tuesday's Pete's Bit as he does his very first Ask Pete! Ask Pete will be a segment where Pete takes YOUR questions and tries to answer as much as he can! Today's questions come to us from Redditors vswaga, Comassion, casey_ross, and s_mw. If you have a question for Pete or you would like to answer one (or some) of the questions below, feel free to answer through Twitter (#AskPete or @petebroguy) or simply drop your response in the comments below! While you're commenting, don't forget to Like the video and Subscribe to the channel!

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Steamworks: Pete Does DC!

Join Pete as he uses the two perspective feature on his phone for the first time in his conquest to explore some of DC's most beautiful locations, from the Air and Space Center to the Lincoln Memorial! If you're up for the challenge, your mission is to shoot up that Like button, wreck havoc in the comments below, and Subscribe to Pete's Bit so you may receive more missions from your overlord! (Thanks for watching!)

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Steamworks: Pete's Bit: Costumes VS Cosplays

Pete's BACK! In this episode of Pete's Bit, Peter talks about his opinions on casual costumers v.s. the hardcore cosplayer! Be sure to leave your comments down below, slap that sexy Like button, and tap that hot Subscribe button.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Third Anniversary Event!

Guess what viewers?! It's PBD's 3rd anniversary!

We're all pretty excited here at PBD, and it's hard to believe that's it's already been three years of operation (Most of us had lost count, to be honest). Typically, we haven't really done anything in the past to celebrate our collective birthday (it's more of a birth month, but you get the idea; our ACTUAL birthday is October 27th, in case you card though). But this year, we thought we'd change things up a bit...


That's right! For our 3rd Anniversary, PBD will be participating in Extra-Life's charity event starting in November! Here are all the details:

What: Extra-Life is a charity organization where you and a group of people can get together and raise money by streaming games consistently for 25 hours straight. The funds raised go to the streamers' local children's hospital (in our case, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia).

When: Nationally, the event starts on November 2nd at 8:00 A.M. and runs until November 3rd at 9:00 A.M. While we would like to participate on the national day, many of us will not be available that day, so instead, we'll be doing our's the weekend after. Our stream will start at 6:00 P.M. on Friday, November 9th and we will conclude the event with our weekly episode of The Fellowship of the Flame. The stream should last anywhere from 27 to 30 hours, depending on how long our Dungeons and Dragons game lasts.

Extra Details: Our goal is to raise at least $150.00. If it's possible, we'd love to totally demolish that goal, but as a relatively small site, we don't want to set impossibly high goals. Click here to go to our page on Extra-Life. The donation is tax deductible (if you care about that). So far, Peter (The Steamworks), Chazz (Shatterblog!), and Eric (The Red Viking) are signed on for the event (this list will be updated as more PBD members sign on). WE ARE CURRENTLY ACCEPTING DONATIONS EVEN BEFORE THE ACTUAL EVENT! To donate, click on a team member at the bottom of the page, and click the big orange "Support Me!" button (or just click here). None of your money goes through our hands (physically and virtually), so you are 100% ensured that it is sent to CHOP.

The PBD Radio tab has been updated with the schedule for this special event. All of us here are really excited to make a difference, and we encourage you folks to come out, join us on the livestream, have some fun, and of course to contribute whatever is affordable for you. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to leave a comment here, Tweet us @BetterDolphin, or email us.

Thanks for being with us for 3 years!

Project Better Dolphin

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Steamworks: The Fellowship of the Flame Info (10/20/2013)

Hey Gang,

I just wanted to update you guys on a bit of info for TFotF; we did NOT meet on Saturday night like we were supposed to due to several people in our group not being available for many reasons. However, we are trying to get together Tuesday afternoon, on October 22nd, 2013. I have posted a not on the PBD Radio page as a reminder. Time tables are below:

4:00 P.M. Eastern Time

3:00 P.M. Central Time

2:00 P.M. Mountain Time

1:00 P.M. Pacific Time

Please note that there is a chance we won't be meeting on Tuesday, and furthermore there is still a chance we won't be able to meet Saturday again due to busy schedules. Hopefully all of the hassles everyone is going through will be over soon, and we'll be back on a normal schedule. If you have any questions regarding anything from time schedules, rules, characters... literally ANYTHING (okay, maybe not ANYTHING, but pretty much anything), don't be afraid to drop it in the comments below or tweet @BetterDolphin. Trust me, we'll answer you . Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for instant updates as well.

Peter, The Steamworks

(P.S: We currently have an AMA on Reddit, so don't be afraid to ask us any questions you have there as well. Just wanted to let y'all aware of that. We'll be checking it a few times a day.)

Monday, October 14, 2013

PBDTube: PBD Does NYCC 2013!

Project Better Dolphin went to NYCC, and we brought back some footage for you folks that couldn't make it out to the Big Apple! If you like the video we'd really appriciate you hitting that "Like" button and Subscribing for more videos by us!


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Project Better Dolphin: NYCC Meetup/Meet-And-Greet/Let's-Meet!

So after a bit of talking, the Project Better Dolphin team decided to do a (very) small Meet and Greet for anyone who follows us and will be at New York Comic Con! The specifics are still unclear, and we'll be sure to update this post with information as it comes. As of right now, we will be hanging out in the cafeteria of the Javits Center sometime either Friday or Saturday (we might do only Friday or only Saturday, or we might do both, depending on some variables). Friday we'll be there at 1:30 P.M. and will stay for as long as people show up. Saturday we'll be there at 3:00 P.M. again for as long as people show up. We'll bring some Sharpies just in case, but everyone's pretty skeptical that someone'll actually want an autograph let alone come around and see us.

JD (Slightly Redder Red), Chazz (Shatterblog!), Peter (The Steamworks), Gabby (Resident Troll), and Monique (Frequent PBD Guest, otherwise known as Nilda) will all be present at NYCC, however we cannot guarantee everyone will be at the Meetup due to everyone having different panels.

Follow @BetterDolphin, @petebroguy, and @streetowls for instant updates to the meetup times and places! Hope to see you there!

The Project Better Dolphin Team

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Steamworks: Introducing PBD Radio! Dungeons and Dragons Event Tuesday!

Hey Gang,

So yeah, it's been a little while since you guys have heard from me, right?

Anyway, I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to talk about PBD Radio! You might have noticed we added a new page to our list. Can't find it? CLICK ME! "What is this new feature?" you might ask. Well, PBD Radio is where you can listen LIVE to PBD events that we'll be having. Currently, we plan on having one particular event called The Fellowship of the Flame, which is the title for our Dungeons and Dragons group. That's right, we'll be broadcasting LIVE our adventures in DnD! The Fellowship of the Fire will star our trying Dungeon Master (Shatterblog! writer Chazz), Rahgeben the Hengeyokai Druid (The Red Viking writer Eric), Mosryte the Drow Avenger (Slightly Redder Red writer JD), Nilda the Eladrin Wizard (PBD Guest Monique), Sardis the Genasi Warlock (PBD Guest Erin), and Phobus the Half-Elf Shaman. These sessions will regularly air starting at 6:00 P.M. EST on Saturdays (I included a lovely time guide on the PBD Radio page for those of you more west of us).

We've also played around with the idea of bring back PBD's Super Awesome Magical Fun Time Radio of Doom!, but we haven't really discussed anything yet. There's a high probability, though, that if we bring the podcast back, we will be using the LiveStream page we have set up.

Our first episode of The Fellowship of the Flame will air LIVE TUESDAY, OCTOBER 8TH at 4:00 P.M. EST. Here's a conversion chart:

3:00 P.M. Central

2:00 P.M. Mountain

1:00 P.M. Pacific

We'd love it if you were able to come on out and join our little group of adventurers. Another important note to make, The Fellowship of the Flame will NOT be meeting Saturday, October 12th due to our annual business trip out to NYCC (but who knows, maybe we'll livestream from there!).

That's all I have for you guys today, I hope you come around to join us!

*Edit: Follow @BetterDolphin on Twitter for instant updates on livestream events!*

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Red Viking: I Live!!!!

Hey guys so as you may or may not know I have been broken for a while and as a matter of fact I still am but that's besides the point. The point is that I am back and gonna do some live streaming for you! I'm willing to do any game I own and any if they're free or very inexpensive. I will even play games with you. just follow me at and you should get an email whenever I'm online streaming. Also I cannot stress this enough, please talk using the chat because with out any questions / conversations it will be me playing game quietly and that's no fun so come over, have fun and help be the foundation of an awesome live-stream.
If you see this logo you're in the right place.

Keep in mind that I don't have college for now and can stream almost any time.
Also I'm still working out some bugs with the program I'm using so be a little patient.

Follow for updates.

Hope to see you on the stream, bye!
Watch live video from jef449 on

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Shatterblog!: Spreading Rumours (Deluxe) Review

I was hoping to get this review up Tuesday, when Grouplove's new CD launched, but my computer's motherboard quit on me and my laptop's wifi card doesn't get on with my school's internet provider leading to random blue screens. Fortunately, my laptop is behaving for the moment, so on to the review.

This review will be slightly biased because I just love Grouplove. I fell in love with their self titled EP shortly after it released and their set at 2012's Firefly Music Festival was one of the greatest musical experiences I have ever had. I enjoyed Never Trust a Happy Song but I thought it didn't quite live up to the EP.

Spreading Rumours changes all that. Truly an amazing album, I was hooked from the first track, I'm With You. The first several songs are just fun and match the fun feel-good vibe of the EP flawlessly. The single Ways to Go that gets solid radio play if you listen to alt stations is, in my opinion, entirely superior to Tongue Tied and Itchin' on a Photograph. Don't get me wrong, those are great songs, but I just prefer Ways to Go. The high energy of the first several songs had me trying to sing along despite not knowing the words at all. It slows down a bit for the second half of the album, but there aren't many songs that feel out of place. Bitin' the Bullet and Raspberry aren't my favorite songs, but they aren't bad and I certainly don't skip anything on the album. Despite being really weird and somewhat out of place I really fell in love with the final deluxe track, Beans on Pizza.

It's a really fun ride, the album is stronger than the last and enjoyable all the way through. It's easily one of the better albums I've experienced this year. Overall, have to give it a 9.5/10.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Thing: Peter and Gabby Do COLORBATCH (Color-Me Cumberbatch)

So me and Gabby did a thing...

Yeah, THE THING! Check it out, man. It's pretty awesome, and let's face it, you know you want to. Basically, The Thing will be a show where Gabby and I just do random shit. Sometimes we'll talk comics, sometimes we'll do ridiculous things (but never stuff), and sometimes we'll talk about our feelings!

Anyway, if you enjoyed that, be sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel (which I kindly linked to you above... comments are nice too).


Peter, The Steamworks

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Shatterblog!: Blog Update: Update Harder!

Let me begin by saying I will never apologize for a terrible Die Hard reference, especially in a post title. You're welcome.

Obviously not a lot has been posted recently. As you know, Peter and I do most of the writing around here and we have both been preparing for beginning college. Gabby is too but she doesn't write anyway so fuck it. We were also all very discouraged when NYCC rejected our press applications again, replying two days late as if to add insult to injury... or worse insult? Not the point. We appreciate you readers sticking around during our semi-frequent content droughts. My classes start in a few days and at that point my days will slow down and I should have more time to post.

I would like to use this post as an opportunity to float something by you guys. I have been listening to the podcast Nerd Poker: Dungeons and Dragons with Brian Posehn and Friends and will also be playing a weekly game with Peter, Eric, JD, and perhaps our not so frequent guest star Monique. We will be playing over a web utility called Roll20 that lets us build maps and play on them online. If you fine folks are interested, we could begin streaming or recording these sessions for your viewing pleasure. If you like that idea, or have something you're dying to suggest, please drop us a comment.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Slightly Redder Red: If You're Feeling Blue

I've been feeling sorta down lately, and I can guarantee anyone that this song will inspire you and make you feel better. Also, shameless promotion towards my favorite band. 

Seriously, listen to this goddamn song and accept that life is your own. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

The Steamworks: Peter Excited About Twelfth Doctor Casting

Hey Gang,

So Chazz and I always joke about how IGN will post random articles about what other devs, producers, writers, etc. think about events (when we make our games, we're going to start writing to IGN about how I felt about Obama putting his shoes on today). Anyway, you read the title correctly, I am in fact excited for the Peter Capaldi, the newly announced 12th Doctor. Go ahead and take a look:

Our new Doctor, ladies and gents.

So how exactly did I react to the news? Well I have to admit, I was kinda disappointed for an hour or so. With all this talk about the Doctor possibly being a woman or a different race, I was really ready for a "new" type of Doctor (I have to say I was personally voting for a woman actress, perhaps Emma Watson or Betty White, but Idris Elba would've done the job too). However, I very quickly got over it. It was so easy to; just look at this guy's record. He's been on Doctor Who once already ("The Fires of Pompeii" as Lucius Caecilius), Torchwood several times, and many other Brittish TV shows that I honestly don't really know about, as well as many different movies...look just go to IMDb. I'll even link it for you). What I do think is great is the fact that HE WAS CAST IN WORLD WAR Z AS THE W.H.O. DOCTOR.


Are you kidding me? No one noticed this ever though? Like really? I would have blown this shit up on Tumblr. In fact I'm impressed/disappointed that this didn't get SuperWhoLocked. /shrug

Anyway, wrapping this up, I'm really excited for this guy. While I was also hoping/expecting the trend to go with a younger guy for the role, this man looks more than fitting for the Doctor, and it seems like the cast of the show thinks so as well. I'll be rooting for you, Peter Capaldi! 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Slightly Redder Red: Empty Chairs and Empty Tables

I haven't posted anything in forever and I feel like I should do a life post. My very media focused life is finally surfacing again and I have things I can kind of talk about.

So around halfway through my junior year of high school I started fucking things up really bad for myself and was basically bitchwhipped into doing better by my parents, but now I'm back to normal primarily because I've kept working all summer and that I'm seeing a therapist. Turns out I actually have problems. 

Working has consisted of teaching children to play guitar in the morning and being in a production of Les Miserables at night, both things of which I've been enjoying. The show premiers on Thursday and runs until Sunday, so I'm pumped for it. I've felt at home on the stage as of recent times mostly do to the fact I'm out of the house and breathing.

Games... I only recently started playing video games again and the ones I'm playing a lot are Dark Souls, Sonic & Allstars Racing Transformed, Saint's Row 3, and hopefully Borderlands 2. I can't quit Dark Souls ever. It's a lethal disease.

I started actually following recent shows when it comes to anime. I fell in love with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and am anxiously awaiting Stardust Crusaders, and as of about two weeks ago Tomoko Kuroki is mai waifu. Watamote is really the only good thing I've seen so far this season, since that FOTNS chibi show ended up being bad and Hyperdimension Neptunia Animated ended up being cute girls doing cute things instead of anything remotely enjoyable. Attack on Titan is really just me needing a show while JoJo is missing from my life. If anyone has any recommendations for me, be my guest. My other favorite show besides JoJo is Persona 4 Animated, so anything along that vein. 

The third Berserk movie was amazing, although I'm really sad that they left out the Black Dog fight. The show did it too, I just expected them to take advantage of it to showcase how future fights with Guts squaring off against huge opponents might look like. 

Deadman Wonderland was pretty good. The ending was kinda meh, but you sorta expected it. I'm also reading JoJo, Sun Ken-Rock, and Berserk when it gets new chapters. 

Fucking Bravest Warriors is hilarious. 

That's about it. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Shatterblog!: The State of Games

I should warn everyone that this is an "opinion" piece which means A) I will rant some and B) you may also have opinions that either align or do not align with mine and I would be happy to hear them in the comments.

I keep seeing articles all over the internet about how awful gamers are, and I always feel a certain amount of personal offense. "Hey!" I think to myself "We're just like any other group. All these stereotypes are unfair." While stereotypes for gamers are in no way as bad as those facing other minority groups, it's impossible to deny that there are a lot of negative images associated with gamers. We are constantly assumed to be whiny, entitled, violent, overweight, unwashed, pre-sociopathic shut-ins. Sure, gaming is entering the main stream, but we still have a bad wrap.

But you know what? I see where it's coming from. Looking only at a few recent events you can see why people feel this way.

Exhibit A: David Vonderhaar

David Vonderhaar is a developer on Call of Duty: Black Ops II whose job is to make sure the game remains fair and balanced. After rolling out a patch and posting the patch notes on Twitter, Vonderhaar received countless threats of violence for "messing up" weapons by the gamers who claim to love the game. So many in fact that a community manager had to write an editorial asking for this to stop. Now I've had my favorite class or my favorite gun changed up or even nerfed before. I know it's frustrating and I know it can feel unfair. But think about it for a second. How unfair does it feel before the nerf when your class is outperforming someone else no matter what he does because of a buggy mechanic? I raided competitively in World of Warcraft for a while. There was a period where Rogues just did way too much damage. When they got balanced, or as Rogue players liked to say "ruined" it put them back to having to compete for the top DPS slot. That's fair. Skill and gear should be major deciding factors in top damage, not unbalanced mechanics.
You can actually see the blog post here and see exactly how the guns have been modified. It really doesn't seem that bad, but I don't play CoD so I wouldn't know. Still, lets assume these guns are now unusably bad. They're so unfairly underpowered that anyone using them will lose every game regardless of skill. Are two imaginary guns in a video game worth threatening bodily harm on a man and his family? It's absurd that the minority (and it is a minority) of gamers, who are threatening developers can be so loud. It's not okay. We love these games. We're passionate. But as Romeo and Juliet and game dev's Twitter feeds show, passion can be a bad thing. It's wrong to harass and threaten people for trying to do their jobs and ensure the quality of the product we want to enjoy. This kind of behavior has real consequences.

Exhibit B: Phil Fish

Speaking of consequences, let's take a look at another recent event: the cancelling of Fez II. Phil Fish is a guy everybody loves to hate. I'll be honest, I'm not his biggest fan. I think that his voting against Ed McMillen was a little rude (Obviously McMillen was hurt about it based on Judas in Binding of Isaac wearing a Fez) and I don't always agree with his very outspoken opinions. But people are insanely mean to him. Not everyone likes Fez but it's a good game. Anyone who has seen Indie Game: the Movie knows Phil put his heart and soul into that game, and he struggled to get it to be the quality he wanted. The multiple release delays of Fez netted Fish loads of death threats and insults. I may not be the man's biggest fan, but I respect a lot of what he's done. He cancelled Fez II due to the "long bloody campaign" and because he wants to "get out of games". A man who is incredibly passionate about gaming and game design is quitting and getting out of the business because of how the people who are supposed to love video games treated him. Obviously something is wrong with the gaming community. I took a look at Fish's blog post because I couldn't believe the man from Indie Game: the Movie who slaved over his project, his baby, would quit. Then I scrolled down and took a look at the comments.
We've got all kinds of negativity here, even racism towards him for being from Quebec. Who the hell is racist against Canadians? I could literally post 10 more screencaps just like that one, negative comments all in a row. Attacking Phil's personality, his work, telling him to kill himself, all manner of inappropriate sexual threats. Why would this man continue to make games for us? To the people who tell him to toughen up, how could anyone continue to work on something when all they get for their slavish work is hatred and threats? The fact that he managed to release Fez is a miracle. This is not okay. Those of us who really love games and support developers need to do something. We can't just sit back and say "Well I never threaten anyone" anymore. A game that many people were excited for is not going to be created because of how horribly the developer has been treated. Even if Phil Fish is the world's biggest asshole (SPOILER: he isn't) nobody deserves to be treated as less than human. It costs us nothing to leave a positive comment. To paraphrase Kevin Smith, artists give us all the things we love, from games to movies to books and absolutely everything in between. It takes so little to encourage the person who may someday writes the book that gets us through the death of a loved one, or makes the game that helps you bond with a friend who will one day be the best man at your wedding. Artists should be treated better than average, not worse. Game development is and art, these devs are people. We insult them, attack them, and buy used games to save a couple bucks while they get nothing out of it. Don't get me wrong, I love used games. The ability to trade games allows me to afford new games that support the devs. I'm not saying you should never buy another used game, or that GameStop is the devil, or that AAA games are inherently bad. We just all need to reconsider the way we reward the people who make our very favorite games. As always, sound off in the comments. I may not agree with what you have to say, but I'd love to hear you say it.

EDIT: During the writing of this article I got into it with some people on the Polytron comment board. This community needs a lot of work. I hope we treat devs and each other better soon.
EDIT 2: I should make it clear Fish responds with a lot of immature stuff, even telling one of his abusers to kill himself. That's shitty, but he's pushed to the edge. That excuses nothing, but I have trouble blaming the guy for getting mad after everything that's happened.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Steamworks: Comic Roundup 07/24/2013

Hey Gang,

It's comic day again! For new visitors, I'll be rounding up comics I pull and talking a bit about things I liked, loved, hated, and didn't enjoy. Today on my list, we have: Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #1, The Superior Spider-Man #14, Batman Superman #2, and Aquaman #22. For a list of all the comics, variants, and figures that came out today (July 24th, 2013), click on this link. Let's get started!

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #1:

I was particularly excited for this comic because a) it was the first issue, which is always exciting, b) it's "Superior Spider-Month", and after reading Superior Carnage #1 I'm super pumped, and c) I really wanted to read something Spider-Man other than The Superior Spider-Man (Pretty much anyone other than Dan Slott can actually write Spider-Man well, and well I want that). Firstly, I really like the art in SSMTU. I don't really know what it is, but it's pleasing to the eye and gets enough detail in to make it look good but not overwhelming or like it's trying to be in your face. That said, the comic overall was slightly above the level of "meh" (most people use the word "okay" here). I really like that Chris Yost actually writes a bit of humor into Spider-Man (a basic component of writing a good SM book). The majority of the book focuses on Spider-Man's (more specifically Doc Oc's) probation that was placed by the Avengers a while ago (The Superior Spider-Man #7) that was never really addressed ever again by Slott (can you tell I'm bitter at Slott and his raping of the Spider-Man saga? Cause I am...). Another great feature of this book is just how the plot plays out; I love the whole layout where the reader is meant to think Doc Oc is starting to blow his cover as Spider-Man. I don't necessarily, however, believe Cap would dismiss any doubt of Spider-Man still needing probation like he does after this issue. As for a smaller point, I love hearing from the huge variety of Avengers this issue had to offer. We saw Cloak and Dagger, Sun Girl, Dare Devil, and even The Fantastic Four (Or isn't it something like 13 now? I don't keep tabs on them...). Overall, the book is okay. Maybe even good. It's a bit early in the game to say much, but I am excited to see more of where Yost will be taking this.

*Sidenote: The Superior Spider-Man #14 chronologically comes before this issue, just as an FYI.*

Rating: 7.0/10

The Superior Spider-Man #14:

We're going to get all of the Spider-Man out of the way right now. There are two positive things I have to say, the first being I really like the art in this comic. Humberto Ramos (Penciler), Victor Olazaba (Inker), and Edgar Delgado (Color Artist) all did a fantastic job with illustrating this issue. Secondly, I like where the story's going with both Hobgoblin and Green Goblin. Both Goblins are two of my favorite villains, and honestly I'm more than excited to see where Slott goes with this. However, everything else is just bad. I don't like the way King Pin is written (seems too passive in my humble opinion, like he's too willing to throw in the towel for the battle). I don't like Slott adding a Spidey-Army, or a Spidey-Tank, or Spidey-Arms (Okay, let's just think about this... many people know Spider-Man isn't acting like he usually does, and now he has FUCKING ARMS COMING OUT OF HIS BACK LIKE DOCTOR OCTOPUS. NO THIS CAN'T BE SUSPICIOUS AT ALL.) I really just need Peter Parker back. Just not Doc Oc. Gimme some humor, gimme some Peter, and gimme Peter's bitches back while you're at it too.

Rating: 5.0\10

Batman Superman #2:

As a disclaimer, I've not yet read the #1 for this line yet. With that said, it was kinda hard to get into the grove at first, but after a while, I got the lead that it took place in a universe or timeline where both Batman and Superman are fairly young and are just meeting each other. I can't really decide if I like the art or hate it, to be quite honest. I really like how Batman is drawn, frankly. He looks very mysterious and shadowy, which is how I imagine Batman to look. Meanwhile, I can't stand how Clark is drawn, and I know that for a fact. It also looks in some panels like the art is lazy, and sometimes there isn't much of an environment as there ought to be. Overall the story is very captivating and I have to admit I was very impressed. I'm now in full support of this comic.

Rating: 8.0/10

Aquaman #22:

Geoff Johns... I love you. With all my heart. I've really been excited to get my hands in this comic, but sadly, like The Walking Dead, it only comes out on a once-a-month basis. This has quenched my thirst for a kick-ass issue. Everything about this comic is so well done, from the pristine art, to the clever story-telling, to the touch of humor, and ending with the very suspenseful ending. I have to say, I really have loved the "Death of a King" story arc that's been going on since about February or so. The First King of Atlatnis is such an interesting character, and learning more about his past in this issue really opened up my eyes as to where he's been and he doesn't really seem like a villain anymore (granted, not a good guy, but not a villain by my standards). Personally, I think that's what's made Aquaman so interesting and captivating for the past ten or so issues; Aquaman doesn't really have any "villains". He encounters bad people who brew up some bad scenarios, and Aquaman has to deal with it. And then, sadly, his life is all messed up. I'm pumped to see what I'm sure will be a stunning conclusion to the arc. Keep writing, Mr. Johns!

Rating: 9.0/10

Well, that's all I have for you fine, handsome folks today. I hope you enjoyed my roundup of comics, and I hope you enjoy whatever comics you pulled this week. You're more than welcome to leave your opinions of comics covered in this article here or any comics this week in the comments section down below.

I'll see ya folks later!

Peter, The Steamworks

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Steamworks: The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC Review

Hey Gang,

So today I was hanging in enjoying my day off work and figured, "Shit, why not buy the new Walking Dead DLC? It's only $5." And so, I went to the Steam shop, bought the DLC, installed it, and began to play. I would like to say, before the official review begins, that I will be doing a no spoiler review for those who have not played it, and for those who haven't gotten to finish through the main story yet, I wanted to add there are absolutely no spoilers in the actual DLC that might ruin the game for you. While there are many landmarks and references to the main story (AKA Season One), it's a completely separate story that really has nothing to do with Clementine and Lee.

With that said, let's head into a bit of background information about the DLC. 400 Days takes place in a small town in Georgia roughly around the same place the main story does in Season One. When you enter the game, you will be presented with 5 different pictures of people (Vince, Bonnie, Wyatt, Russel, and Shel), and will proceed to learn more about each individual by clicking on each picture to be immersed a bit into his or her story as a survivor. Each survivor is with a different group of people varying in sizes, and each small narrative takes place at different points in time, each taking place within a matter of 400 days (hence the title "400 Days"). While there is a temporal chronological order one could follow (starting with Vince and roughly ending with Shel (her story spans multiple days, however her short narrative concludes on Day 259), the player may browse the stories through any order they desire. For me personally, my order was: Bonnie, Russel, Shel, Wyatt, and Vince.

I have to say, one of the greatest things about this DLC is just getting attached to these completely new characters. Those of you who have read my mini-review of The Walking Dead Review know that I wasn't a huge fan of the game, but thought it was generally good. However, I believe Telltale Games has made the perfect move with the DLC. What I mean is, I love how we got more of the universe instead of more lead-up to Season Two. When it comes to any form of media, spin-off, DLC, or otherwise, there's one pet peeve I have that Telltale has bypassed with perfection; if someone picked up this game (meaning The Walking Dead Season One), he/she should be able to play through the game and understand it completely without having to pick up any bonus material (save the upcoming sequel, but sequels don't count in my opinion because it's a continuation of the main plot or the main characters of a story. To be clear here, I'm talking true sequels, like Half Life which then proceeds to Half Life 2, not like Left 4 Dead and then Left 4 Dead 2. While there's some continuity of characters and stories in the L4D universe, it doesn't quite carry over in the games). He/she shouldn't need 400 Days to understand what's going to happen in the sequel or to fully understand the plot of Season One.

It drives me crazy when companies decide to throw out DLC, spin-offs, etc. into the market that you MUST play to understand the main story of the main games (sadly, this has happened to many of my favorite games, including King Hearts. I've only ever played 1 and 2 because until recently I didn't have a device to play the mobiles on, so I don't know what the fuck is going on most the time). I don't care how many "flashbacks" you throw at me from the side content, even if the cut-scene you're showing me is pulled directly from the game itself and is not altered in any way. I know to most people it's not a big deal, but in my opinion not only does it make companies look like all they care about are cashing in on their games ("Hey guys! We want to make sure you purchase this and if you don't, you'll miss some parts of the story!"), it makes plot confusing and it makes the company look like they're not willing to take any risks. In a statement: I believe ANY sort of side-content should only expand on the universe and should only serve the purpose of heightening the players experience so they can appreciate tie-ins, cameos, etc. more deeply.

All in all, 400 Days was a perfect DLC. I enjoyed playing it, it had a great story(ies), and it was so worth the $4.99.

TL;DR: 400 Days is great because, aside from the great story(ies) told, Telltale Games stays away from the main plot.


Peter, The Steamworks

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Resident Troll: Guys? Did You Hear? Girls Don't Like Game of Thrones Because it's Icky!

So I found a thing.

My first reaction to the headline was something along the lines of:

Because it was pretty much ridiculous. I'm a girl. I like Game of Thrones. Yes I admit, I like things that most people consider male oriented, but if I can get my mom to watch six episodes of a show in one sitting, it can't be an all boys club.

Because I love analyzing things bit by bit, let's go through this article, for funsies. We can start with the headline.

"The reasons she throws shade on your medieval man show"

Let's move on.

"Game of Thrones ranks somewhere on the Girl Dislike scale between NASCAR and that National Geographic show where the guy sticks his hand in a catfish’s mouth."

Oh, hahahaha, I get it. The author is doing that thing where girls are supposed to like barbies and guys play with action figures. Riiiiight. Good job, mate. Very creative. Game of Thrones is one of those boy things like vidya games and the ESPN.

She goes on (did I mention the author is actually of the female sex? Well, that's a thing) to begin her list that explains why girls dislike GoT.

"We hate gross things. Know what’s gross? Screwing your sibling."

This is where my face is something like: 

It's pretty much like a trainwreck. Once you start looking, you can't stop. Apparently the thought that incest is unacceptable is a gender specific assumption? Maybe guys are just into that? I don't know. I don't have a penis, and thus I cannot properly judge. My vagina is clouding my judgement.

"It’s hard to follow. Brilliantly developed storylines are great, but whipping out a dry erase board and Venn diagrams to figure it all out isn’t our idea of a good time. Unless we’re talking about soap operas. Those are perfectly fine."

This is where I go from embarrassed for the author to slightly enraged, because

I can't. Honestly, if you watch and you pay attention, it's not hard at all. Soap operas however? OH MY GOD THE DRAMA AND THE ROMANCE AND THE BETRAYAL--

oh wait that's all very familiar to me, that happens in this little show called game of thrones holy shit. Except, you know, the acting isn't shitty, and the writing is actually good.

"It reminds us of the kids that used to play magic cards in the cafeteria. And people who go to Renaissance festivals. Eating a giant drumstick and drinking out of a goblet is cool, just not every Sunday night for three months straight."

I guess girls can't play "magic cards" or go to Renaissance festivals...

"It’s all naked chicks. In addition to the actual ladies of the night on the show, there seem to be a lot of...unofficial ladies of the night on the show. This is why guys love it, we get it, but we can do without seeing topless wenches in loin cloths."

First of all: I guess lesbians don't exist in this woman's world. Secondly, I love naked chicks, man. And I'm not a lesbian. But honestly, if you really hate naked chicks so much it keeps you from watching a show, there's likely an issue.

The author goes on to question how men like it considering all the castration and amputating, then starts her list of suggesting how to get your lady into Game of Thrones. She also tries to justify her previous claims by saying plenty of girls do like Game of Thrones which... I don't even know why she wrote the article if she knew such a fact.

So how do I get my girl into Game of Thrones, you ask? 

"Tell us about the romantic crap. Yes, latch onto that one fraction of a second in that one episode that made her go “awwww.”"

I love me some romance, but this comment still feels like an insult to my intelligence. 

"Downplay the incest thing."

I don't... how? The 'incest' thing sparks a fucking war that the entire show centers around. When she asks what GoT is about, you pretty much have to mention the incest thing. 

"Tell her about Sir Loras. Girls love gay guys."


"Assure her that Peter Dinklage’s character is a Boss (and don’t bring up the thing about his disproportionately big wang.)"

If you're trying to attract chicks, why wouldn't you go on about his disproportionately big wang? Some chicks like that.



Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Steamworks: The Last of Us Review

Hey Gang,

So about a week and a half ago, Naughty Dog's new title The Last of Us hit game stores. This addition to ND's absolutely gorgeous portfolio was a highly anticipated game that reviewers have been unanimously approving of. I'd preordered the game but wasn't actually able to purchase it until this past weekend.  The Last of Us is a 12-18 hour game (depending on how long you take to search game environments) which is set 20 years after the impending zombie apocalypse and focuses primarily on Joel, a 40-50 year old smuggler and his convoy, Ellie, who is a 14 year old girl. For my spoiler-free, generalized review, keep reading; for a more in-depth, spoiler riddled review, please continue to scroll down after reading the spoiler-free review.


Overall I have to say the story in this game is good. Sadly, not great; but good. It seems to be following that common formula we've been seeing in video games recently where you play as a smuggler or an escort with a sentient cargo trying to escape a place or an event (one could say with a more than decent amount of accuracy that this game is basically Bioshock Infinite except on the ground and with zombies). And even if you don't take that tired formula into consideration, the game is still very predictable. You can tell when something bad is going to happen, when there's a jump scare, or who's going to live and who will die. The only variable in the game that I wasn't completely sure about was whether one of the main characters would come out dead in the end.

I do have to say this game looks graphically crazy good. The art is phenomenal, the characters are both relatable and likeable (or easily hated, if they're a villain), and combat took an interesting twist from previous similar ND games (*cough* Uncharted). I also have to admit the game scared me quite a bit; I played the game completely in the pitch black of my basement (I was trying to immerse myself into the game, and that definitely helped). Another feature I thought to be a great idea was exploring a zombie apocalypse environment 20 years after the fact instead of doing the typical time span which is usually located in 0-3 or 4 years. Clickers are one of scariest monsters I've encountered, however they sort of lost their fright value when I could craft a few molotovs (also when I upgraded my shotgun a bunch).

Crafting is something I must comment on. To summarize the crafting system used in The Last of Us, Joel and Ellie would go around the map encountering and collecting supplies, such as rags, alcohol, sugar, adhesives, blades, and explosives. Once you had enough of a certain material, you could craft items like health kits, shivs, molotovs, smoke bombs, etc. I have to say that this is probably my favorite feature of the game, and I really hope ND finds a way to work this into their next Uncharted title. Not only was it challenging and fun to find supplies, it was very often crucial to my survival.

Overall I think it was a decent game. Do I think it was all it was chalked up to be? Sadly, no; I didn't find the story to be quite as good as everyone said it was going to be. But do I think it's worth your money? Absolutely. Whether it lived up to its hype or not, it was still an awesome game that zombie lovers, survival fanatics, and shooter gamers will love. On my final note, I guess I'm trying to say it wasn't great, or as good as people said it'd be, but it's still worth checking out while it's hot and current.


Peter, The Steamworks

Look guys, I said it once, but I'll say it again just in case you didn't get the memo. From this point out, I WILL BE TALKING SPOILERS. IF YOU WISH TO KEEP THE ENDING, OR ANY OTHER REVEALS A SURPRISE, PLEASE STOP READING:

Ah, there. It's always fun trying to warn people of spoilers. Anyway, moving forward:

I have to say I'm upset with the ending. I want to know what happens to Ellie and Joel, and Naughty Dog has already stated that while there may be discussion at the studios to start a sequel, they have absolutely no intention to even touch Ellie and Joel again. Naughty Dog feels they've told the story they needed to, and they wanted to make sure we had our resolution by the end of The Last of Us. The thing that makes me mad is; it didn't provide any resolution for me at all. What of the Fireflies? They aren't all dead, and surely there's another superior that wants to find Ellie. Do they ever find her? What of the settlement they're headed to? Yes, last Fall the place was starting to get electricity, but Joel's brother mentioned they were dealing with raids. From the look of the settlement in the last shoot of the game, we can't tell if it's running or if it's not. And what of Ellie and Joel? I don't believe for a second Ellie believed Joel was telling the truth about the Fireflies. I also don't believe that she wouldn't either take some sort of action if she didn't believe him or if she did, would have eventually figured out the truth.

I could go on and on about more open strings ND left dangling in the wind, never to be answered from the sound of it. Sure, maybe we'll get a Easter egg in a future sequel if we even get one, but I doubt we'll get a status report on Ellie and Joel. I feel, if this is the route they wanted to take, and they never wanted to continue Ellie and Joel's story, that they have completely failed on this part of the game. With the chaotic world Ellie and Joel live in, I have no doubt in my mind they didn't live on to have long happy lives and die of old age. And if they did, I feel that to be poor storytelling. Normally, I wouldn't mind if we were getting a direct sequel or even an "interpret it your own way" sort of deal, but ND feels they've addressed it in the game. I'm sorry but I disagree entirely. 

That was really my only qualm that contained spoilers. Just some food for thought...

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Red Viking: My update on life as we know it!!

Hay everyone on the internet!!! Just wanted to give you a quick update on some things that happened to me and also an apology.

I'll do the apology first.
recently I have been dealing with college stuff and graduation things so I haven't been up to date on my posts but i'm here to tell you some good news too.

The good news:
I've recently ran into a but load of money and managed to spend it all!!! but it was all for you guys! I bought an iBuyPower revolt that is the computer that the MLG circuit uses and customized it so that it would fit in my budget and that i would get what I needed out of it. conveniently enough for me they had a sale for independence day so i was able to get more out of my money. so I spent a nice $924 on a computer (that i will review maybe? so look for that) I also received a gift card for amazon and bought a new microphone so that you can hear me better my deary, so look forward to some LP's and some podcasts or something. I don't know man anything is possible. any way I'll see you later. Be sure to keep up on our shenanigans and follow us on youtube and your social media sites. bye!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Resident Troll: Thoughts on Comics

Yup, it's back. Be happy. Be glad. Be sad. Cry. Don't cry. Do whatever you like, but also read this, because I took the time to write it. As we know, Gabby's time is very valuable.

(No it's not.)

Anyway, I picked up some comics on Wednesday, and I was pretty much super satisfied with what I grabbed. Today I'm going to talk about THE MOVEMENT #2, ULTIMATE COMICS: SPIDER-MAN #24, and FABLES #130. I might actually start going with the guys to pick up comics, so I might actually have to assemble a pull list. Things that should be interesting.

Let's start with The Movement. Spoilers ahead.

THE MOVEMENT #2: I think this came out last week, but I'm going to talk about it this week anyway. It was okay. I love Gail Simone, but sometimes her work is hit or miss. That's pretty much how I feel about this title. I'm not one hundred percent sure what's going on, but I'm sure once the arc is wrapped up I'll get something. What is a little bothersome is that she talks about un-benching characters, but they're all rather minor and niche ones. That's fine of course--I like Tremor--but it's not quite as big of a deal as we'd all want it to be.

I have a love/hate relationship with the art in this book. It's not terrible, but it's trying to be way grittier than it is. I'm not a fan of all the extra lines that look like they're like there for the sake of dirt--it ends up appearing sloppy to me. I kind of want to see the characters out of costume as well, but that's a bit much to ask for the second issue, which I understand. One thing I do like about the art, though, is that there is no Greg Land syndrome. Each character has a distinctive style, and ethnicity--regardless of coloring--is apparent in the pencils. All in all it was a decent read--but I'm hoping it gets better. The characters obviously don't know what they're doing, but I hope the writer on the book knows what she's doing.

ULTIMATE COMICS: SPIDER-MAN #24: There are two reasons I began reading Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man. I saw caps of Sara Pichelli's artwork on Tumblr, and I heard that Cloak and Dagger were going to be in the upcoming issues. Cloak and Dagger happen to be two of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe--mostly because of their dynamic. Sure, a lot of their stories are cliche and overdone, but they're just extremely interesting for me.

This issue, really, was their backstory in the Ultimate U. It flashed in and out from the past and the present, and the dynamic between Cloak and Dagger is still the same that I love. I actually wish that the story of these two happened to be the one in Earth-616, because it's definitely less melodramatic.

Miles still struggles with things as they are. He's at a restaurant with his father when it's attacked, and Gwen Stacy just happens to work there. She talks to Miles, tells him he should kick the whole Spidey gig back up, which he's given up ever since his mother pulled an Uncle Ben. He refuses to help, and Gwen yells at him, but it really does make sense for Miles to quit as Spidey. At the end of the issue, it does look like he's close to returning to being Spider-Man.

Ultimately, this issue doesn't progress the story much, but it was a great read for me. I feel like this title is Bendis at his best. If you don't like Cloak and Dagger, though, you're probably not going to be a fan.

FABLES #130: Let's take a moment to just admit that you'll be hard pressed when it comes to finding a comic that has better covers than Fables. They're consistently great, and one of my favorite parts is that the entire thing is a work of art--as opposed to other books that happen to be art, then the title of the book stamped on top of all of it.

I was originally upset that this was a one-shot as opposed to simply moving onto the next arc, but this issue more than made up for the wait. It was also needed--last issue had some rather heavy material, whereas this one is light and rather funny. I had so much fun reading this (really, ask Peter, because I annoyed him as I was reading it out loud). Junebug is such a great character, the best thing about child characters in books. Her parents are definitely on the slow side, but you can't really blame them because they used to be blocks of wood.

Junebug and her family move into the Fables castle and she decides to explore. She goes on a spree of annoyance, until she almost gets herself killed. That was probably my favorite part, where she's harassed by the rats--they talk like Gollum and it's great.

All in all, it's such a fun read. Honestly, I can't pick which issue was my favorite of the week--Ultimate Comics Spider-Man or Fables. Both were pretty much just what's great about comics.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Slightly Redder Red: Muh Halo

Yes, I'm aware the following article can or can not be based completely on bias.

So despite all the extreme consumer backlash regarding the Xbox One I've been hearing about from nearly all of my video gaming compatriots I go to school with, no one seems to be saying they'll purchase a PlayStation 4.


Why do you complain about getting fucked in the ass so much but still pay a giant burly man four hundred ninety nine dollars to do it?


Halo. I've never seen such voracious brand loyalty since the release of the iPhone 5. The fan commitment to Halo has been astronomically huge, people have been buying the books and following fan created media since its release on the original Xbox, and now it seems that Steven "Highest Bidder" Spielberg is going to make the fans crave even more. This 1984-esque machine that's committing the used games genocide is receiving sales based on the fact it has one game. Halo 4 honestly wasn't even that good, even my Halo crazy friends agree with me. Shouldn't you be loyal to Bungie, the people to created it, not Microsoft, the people who are selling it?

In my own defense, anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge fan of Deus Ex: Human Revolutions; it was my favorite game of 2011 before I started playing Dark Souls in 2012, and when the Director's Cut of the game got announced I had all but guaranteed Square Enix my money. When I heard it was only coming out for WiiU, did I rush to my local retailer to buy the console, or else be deprived of muh Deus Ex? No, I sucked it up and realized I'd much rather look at the consoles as a whole then buy the WiiU specifically for Deus Ex

When the drooling masses stop listening to Microsoft's puppet show in which the skull of Bungie is used as a hand-puppet spitting shitty one liners like Rodney Halo-field, please tell me.  

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Project Better Dolphin Team: Humble Bundle 8 Contest Winner!

Our very own Peter from the Steamworks recorded the drawing for the contest:

Congrats to the winner (the code for the bundle will be emailed to you in the next coming days), and thank you all so much for participating in our contest! If you didn't win, don't fret; we'll be having more before you know it. We've definitely learned a lot from host this contest, and we hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks again, and stay tuned!!

Project Better Dolphin

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Steamworks: Comic Roundup 06/12/2013

Hey Gang,

So as many of you comic readers know, today, like every Wednesday, and entire stampede of comics from varying companies like Image, Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and so many more were dropped into retail stores. For a full list of releases for today, click the hyperlink. Obviously, it'd be near impossible for me to sit here and give you a little recap on every item on that list and to give each a rating, so I'll be talking about the comics on my pull list today, which were Avengers Assemble #016, Guardians of the Galaxy #003, and The Walking Dead #111 (Comics that I also read that came out today are Thor God of Thunder #009, Nightwing #021, and Batman #021, however I'm not caught up on those yet, so I will not be recapping them. However, if you were looking for a Batman Zero Year recap/review, I'm almost positive Chazz from Shatterblog! will want to talk about that, so be on the lookout for a possible post from him). Pretty much everyone on the blog reads comics and had something coming out today, so if I'm not talking about something you want to hear about, there is a decent chance someone else from PBD will write a post that contains what you're looking for. Obviously, spoilers will entail in the following reviews, so if you haven't gotten to read these and wish to, STOP READING. Time to get started!

The Walking Dead #111:

Can I take a second and talk about how sick I am of the Negan story? Maybe it's just me, but the story has been going on for way too fucking long. I've been actively pulling The Walking Dead since issue #100, and for the past 12-14 issues we've just been getting Negan story. Don't catch me the wrong way, I love Negan as a character ... well sort of; I have mixed feelings for him. In some ways he's one of the greatest villains ever written (in my humble opinion); it's beyond easy to instantly hate anything this guys does. It's gotten to the point where his name is mentioned and I all I can think about is wanting to kill him (even more than Joffrey from Game of Thrones ... which by the way, while we're mentioning Game of Thrones... WHY ROB WHY?!?!... I hate this show for stealing my emotions...). That being said, he gets worn out rather quickly. I can't tell if it's because of how evil this character is, or the way he's written, or if it's simply been too much time, but his sadistic charm is starting to wain. My hate is turning into annoyance, and the story is starting to bore me. I swear I keep reading the same issue over and over again.

However, what really makes this issue interesting at all is Negan's sudden appearance in Rick's hood. I absolutely love his interaction with Olivia (by love I mean it renewed my hate for him ... no I'm not into non-consensual sex), and his scene with Spencer was pretty fucking twisted. However, I have to say if anything. Negan is clever and logical. I think this scene could have made a bit more of an impact if the scene with Olivia happened with a character we were more attached to. Pretty much the entire rest of the comic, however, was unneeded filler. I've been waiting for an epic showdown for at least five to eight issues. Sadly, I'm predicting at least another 3-5 before we get what we've been patiently waiting almost a year for. This story's done, Kirk. Start a new story line. Build on the entire "Rebuidling Humanity" complex... I like this... but this Negan situation has to be resolved, one way or another.


Guardians of the Galaxy #003:

Before I begin, I must say I wasn't really invested in Guardians of the Galaxy with the first two issues. It was nice being able to read some Tony Stark (I don't like any of his writers, with the exception of Guardians and Avengers Assemble), and I got to learn a bit more about this mysterious force I had only heard mentioned. This issue completely pulled me in. While the council meeting in the beginning was vaguely boring, it quickly picked up the pace with Tony Stark's humor and Groot's amazing appearance. I also have an undying love for Rocket Raccoon; if I had to assault a force of enemies threatening my life with a buddy, he'd be up there. The art by Steven McNiven is fucking phenomenal and is clear and vivid. The comic ended on a cliff hanger and a  very interesting note, which left me already waiting eagerly for the next issue. All in all, I have little to no complaints; can't wait for more GotG!


Alright gang, that's it for my Comic Roundup! I hope you enjoyed your comics of the week as I generally did. Don't forget to enter the Humble Indie Bundle Contest we have running; all you need to do is comment on the post with a way we can contact with, and you'll automatically be entered into the drawing! Don't forget, the deadline for that is THIS SATURDAY (June 15th, 2013), so get that in ASAP. There's literally no reason for you not to.

Peter, The Steamworks

***So I was supposed to have Avengers Assemble up and reviewed, but there's been some technical difficulties with that. There seems to be no relevancy between issues 14, 15, or 16, so I'm beinning to think maybe I pulled the wrong comic or something? I haven't read the annual yet so I'm assuming what I'm missing is in there. I'll update you guys ASAP!***

Monday, June 10, 2013

Slightly Redder Red: WHEN YOU WALK AWAY



Slightly Redder Red: EA Conference 2013

Let the evil unfold....

So the conference started with stupid wubs, and then led into the Plants Versus Zombies third person shooter, which looks kawaii as hell but repetitive. It runs on the new Battlefield engine for some stupid reason. Then the Popcap guy started talking about Peggle 2 and left the stage, with me wondering if he's being serious.

Titan Fall or whatever just looks like a literal copy of Brink and Blacklight: Retribution and Halo mushed together. Then they started jizzing over their new engine and saying the next few games were on the Frostbyte engine.

I couldn't care less about Need for Speed. The multiplayer looks like standard drop in drop out, although they called it revolutionary. It makes me wish I was playing Burnout: Paradise. I will admit, the graphics were good. But then they started advertising the Need for Speed movie, and since that's not video games I don't approve.

The Dragon Age: Inquisition reveal was really shitty. They talked for a minute and then played the trailer for the game. As soon as it was over they played EA SPORTS. IT'S IN THE GAME, which no one who watches E3 gives a shit about. I liked the random black guy with dreads doing spoken word about sports video games, though.

They're going into so much detail about all the new mechanics being put into their sports games to prove REALISM, like dribbling technology and feet technology.

For some reason Drake is making an appearance. He talks about football. Not American football, I mean futbol. 

UFC is getting a huge spotlight because of the deal they made last year. I really don't care.

Battlefield 4 reveal was honestly the highlight, and I don't even LIKE Battlefield. 64 playtesters playing a cool looking map. Graphics were the same as three, but the environment destruction and teamwork looks okay. I can't hate the whole "tablet integration command mode thing". I DID hate that they were playing on PC, but pretty much every playtester that was on stage was using an Xbox controller.

Wanna know what's better than BF4? MIRROR'S EDGE 2, NIGGA. I guess I have to stop boycotting EA for one game. 

All in all, I'd give the conference a D.