Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shatterblog!: DmC Soundtrack Review

Hey all, I'm about halfway through DmC Devil May Cry, and I figured since my review won't be up for a few more days, and the Let's Plays won't be up for a while after that, I should toss up a review purely for the soundtrack.

The whole purchasable soundtrack is done by NOISIA, and they were a fantastic choice. I am traditionally not into dubstep/techno, but where that shows up in this largely metal soundtrack it fits in superbly. Each track is enjoyable on its own of course, but listening to the CD or SoundCloud files can naturally never compare to hearing the music in the intended context. At any given moment while playing the music feels right for the scene, and is genuinely enjoyable to listen to. The sounds of combat don't even take away from the music, instead adding unorthodox but frequently awesome punctuation to the killer sounds. The music is worth listening to regardless of whether or not you play the game, though it may not be your speed if you don't like a mix of metal, techno, and dubstep.

I should also note that half of the game's soundtrack is done by Combichrist. Their DmC Soundtrack, No Redemption, does not go on sale for until January 28th, but having listened to samples and of course the actual in game music, it is definitely as good as, if not better than NOISIA's half. Maybe it's just that I like the heavy metal/screamo a bit more, especially in intense fights when it really gets the blood pumping. Both halves of the soundtrack are highly recommended, and if you like them you should of course consider checking out other albums from the bands. As standalone music I give them 8/10, but as an in game experience I have to give 9.5/10. DmC Devil May Cry has easily one of my favorite soundtracks in all of gaming.
As always sound off in the comments, and expect a full review of Ninja Theory's reboot DmC Devil May Cry as soon as I complete it.

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