Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Shatterblog!: My Bests of 2012

Hey guys, I figured it'd be fun to hop on the bandwagon and go ahead with a Best of's list for all the greatest stuff ever. These are my personal opinions, which means you are free to disagree with them (but if you do you are wrong).

Best Comic Arc:
This is my first year being big into reading the weekly books. Sure, I've always loved reading trades of the classics like Maximum Carnage and The Killing Joke, but having a large pull-box at the local comic place is new to me in 2012. Having read a number of both Marvel and DC stories, I give my Best of 2012 Comic Book Story Arc Award to The Court of Owls from the New 52's Batman by Scott Snyder! It included lots of good twists and turns, a fantastic Batfamily crossover, stunning art, and a fun story. Runners up include Batwoman's Hydrology arc, the launch of Marvel NOW's Deadpool, and all of Red Hood and the Outlaws.

Best Television Show:
This was a big year for a lot of shows. I watch several every week, or when they go up on On Demand/Hulu shortly after. I've enjoyed Arrow, Parks and Rec, Doctor Who, The League, Family Guy, Bob's Burgers, and many others. However, for Season 2 I must give the Best of 2012 Television Show to Game of Thrones. Season 2 had some spectacular plot and character development, an amazing battle, and continued to display incredible acting and phenomenal special effects. Runners up include Parks and Recreation and Doctor Who.

Best Album:
There are plenty of bands I like and plenty of spectacular CD's out every year. I was fortunate enough to attend this year's Firefly Music Festival and become acquainted with a lot of new bands and albums. I also listened to a bit more radio. All in all it was a tough decision, and after thinking it over for a while I have to call it a tie. My two choices for Best of 2012 Album are Shrines by Purity Ring and Walk the Moon's self-titled album. Both are excellent, with good flow from song to song and nothing I felt like skipping over. Runners up include My Head is an Animal by Of Monsters and Men.

Best Book:
I don't know how many Best of lists will include a book, or how many of them will choose 50 Shades of NOPE but I have decided that it's worth doing a book award. Though we tend not to really cover books, I read constantly, so I feel it is appropriate I share my favorite. The winner of my Best of 2012 Book is The Thursday War by Karen Traviss. It is part of a trilogy of books connected to the Halo video game universe, the first being Glasslands and the third not yet announced. Thursday War specifically ties in with Halo 4's story and gives a lot of fun information to fans of the extended universe. Runners up include another Halo tie in, Primordium and the definitive edition re-release of A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. 

Best Movie:
There were a lot of fantastic movies this year, making this by far the most difficult to narrow down. There were not many movies I saw I really disliked. In comic movies especially we saw some truly incredible releases. Despite trying my hardest to pick a front runner, I must declare a three way tie in this category. My choices for Best of 2012 Movie are The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, and Django Unchained. All three had their own merits, but shared excellent story telling, fantastic acting, good camera work, and spectacular special effects. Runners up include Moonrise Kingdom, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The Hunger Games,The Man with the Iron Fists and The Secret World of Arietty. 

Best Video Game:
It is both a good and a bad thing that it took me little time to choose my favorite game of the year. On one hand, having a game so excellent it left no doubt in my mind as to its superiority is naturally a very good thing. On the other, there are a lot of really incredible games that run a close second, and I feel deserve more recognition than just runners up. However it will surprise nobody that my pick for Best of 2012 Video Game is Halo 4. It is my favorite franchise, a massive improvement over previous entries in the series, and a great start to the next trilogy. It has my favorite multiplayer of any game ever. Runners up include Dishonored, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Assassins Creed 3, Torchlight II, Journey, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, and Borderlands 2.
What are your picks for these categories? What categories do you think I left out? Sound off in the comments below and look out to see if any other blog members decide to post their takes on this year. 

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