Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shatterblog!: Quick Update, and Things to Come

Hey everyone, just wnated to check in and give you some information about what's going on. First, I'd like to apologize that my DmC videos have not started rolling out. I completed the game then recorded video of the first level on Son of Sparda difficulty. However it was embarrassing  I need to hone my skills on Nephilim first, so that will be the video series you get. However, my laptop that I need to capture video on is currently at my mom's home, whereas my Xbox and capture box are here at my dad's. That will be remedied in the near future, so please hold out just a little longer while I get that sorted.

Next, I want to start doing Let's Play videos for one of the many amazing indie games I keep meaning to play. If you could drop comments on things you'd like to see, I'll keep them in mind. Anything you ask for, if I either have it or am on the fence about wanting it, will almost definitely happen. Don't be shy.

Furthermore, we are planning to have Gabby play something horrific soon. It would be pretty sweet of you folks to give us your scariest recommendations so we can all watch Gabby lose her shit and laugh at her. You guys have been historically unwilling to comment, but I'm hoping with the average of 100 views a day that one or two of you will give us real suggestions. If you suggest something good, there's always a chance you'll get one of the prizes we keep wanting to give away but then nobody participates in our contests so we get discouraged and stop trying. There are free games to be had here guys, take advantage of that!


  1. Excited for Let's Plays~

    Awww don't torment Gabby too much with horror games. (Yet I ask her to play ONE scary game. SCP b-87)

  2. SCP-087-B it is! Thanks for giving us something awful to do to her this weekend :D I will load it on my laptop soon.

  3. Someone finally beat that game recently, the guy is pretty good at video games to actually beat it.


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