Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Slightly Redder Red: 2012

Since I objectively have the best opinions on PBD I decided to weigh in ten days late. In the format of Peter:

Best Video Game (w/ honorable mentions)
I gotta say Far Cry 3 for this one. The environments were beautiful, the gunplay was satisfying and deadly (if you went for full immersion mode and turned off hit detector, crosshair, and grenade indicator), and the enemy encounters were amazingly fun. I know I might get flak for not saying Walking Dead (an honorable mention), but gameplay and environment trump story for me in what makes a video game great. Other honorable mentions include Darksiders 2, Gravity Rush, and Max Payne 3.

Best Movie (w/ honorable mentions)
It was a great year for film, but the one movie to stand out among everything else was DJANGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Unchained. I love anything Tarantino does, and this movie has definitely risen up to be my favorite work of his. Everything about it was perfect, from the acting to the bloody Private Ryan-tier level of violence. Especially the soundtrack, I want that stuff in my music library. Honorable mentions include Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, Cabin in the Woods, and Cloud Atlas

Best Book/Comic
Punisher: MAX finished up earlier this year, and I couldn't have asked for a more amazing conclusion, with the Kingpin/Bullseye/Elektra/Nick Fury crossover stealing the show as the best story arc I've seen in the comic. Punisher MAX has probably been my favorite comic of all time, so technically this could be my favorite comic conclusion of all time, unless Amazing Spider Man finally ends instead of killing off the man under the mask again. Not any honorable mentions because I haven't read a whole lot of new comics or books lately. Best book I read this year was Cuckoo's Nest if that counts for anything.

Best TV Show
 Chazz and I have the same opinion on this, Game of Thrones made off like a bandit with this award. With the battle at Kings Landing, the trouble behind the lines on both sides of the warring houses, and DRAGONS, the show has gotten better and better, and I only expect the best when season 3 comes out in a few months. Honorable mentions include nothing because this is literally the only TV show I follow nowadays.

One Shots
The following things were the best of a certain category, but didn't warrant more than a sentence to describe how great they were/were important enough to write a paragraph about.
Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio (Calvin Candie, Django Unchained)
Best Actress: Maisie Williams (Arya Stark, Game of Thrones)
Best Voice Actor: Dave Fennoy (Lee Everett, The Walking Dead)
Best Voice Actress: Melissa Hutchinson (Clementine, The Walking Dead) Severe lack of noticeable voice talent in the female department this year. Runner up is Hynden Walch for consistently good work as Princess Bubblegum on Adventure Time.
Best Anime: Berserk: Golden Age Arc I: Egg of the High King
Best Album: Enigmatic Box of Sound: The Katawa-Shoujo OST, by various composers. Isn't it sad when the album of the year for me was the soundtrack to a free visual novel? I heard Nas had a pretty good album but I wasn't interested. 
Best Webcomic: Whomp!, by Ronnie Filyaw
Best DLC: Artorias of the Abyss Content (Dark Souls)
Best Youtuber: OnlyAfro

That's it. Here's hoping 2013 will harbor better times. My predictions? Game of Thrones wins best television, Dragon Age: Inquisition restores my faith in Bioware, and I give music an entire paragraph when Portugal the Man releases their new album.

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