Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Red Viking: First 2013 Wall paper update! (halo 4 spoiler)

I humbly welcome you to 2013 with new wallpapers! I have decided that I will only post wallpapers that I make. If anyone else finds a good wallpaper to put up they will so keep en eye out for that. Anyway lets get this started.

First off I will tell you some things about my life that will explain why I am getting all of these game wallpapers.

For the holidays I received many gifts and along with those is some money. With that money I bought a game capture card and am able to record and live-stream Xbox games. What I have done for a few of these is record some cut scenes and took pictures of them and I might touch them up a little. so without anymore delay I will get started with the wallpapers for this month!

We have a picture of a forerunner from halo 4 when he is first introduced.

Here we have another forerunner but this time chief is in the picture hiding behind a disintegrating wall.

I believe that 343 did a great job with the design of this character and I wish he showed up more often, but it was still amazing to watch when he did come up.

Here is a glimpse of what is under chief's helmet if you complete the campaign on legendary.

As you have seen by the video most of us if not all have seen the astonishing movie The Hobbit and I decided to download the iTunes CD which came with a little picture book. so I used that to make this background.

I also made this background of a watchmen cover to appear as if it were a picture on someones desk and use another picture from inside of a different watchmen comic for the second picture in the background.

That is all for this month. Make sure to follow us on for our live-streaming adventures!

I hope to see you on the live streams. Also feel free to ask us about our opinions or anything really.

Have a great day!
-The Red Viking

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