Monday, January 7, 2013

The Steamworks: Life Update 01/07/2013

Hey Gang,

So as one might expect, I recently received a lot of video games for Christmas and I've really been wanting to talk about them. If I had gotten a lot of these games a year earlier and had done a Best of 2011 post, pretty much all of these games would have been featured in my list. Anyway, here are a few games I've been playing recently:

Assassin's Creed 3: So with a bunch of the Christmas money I was given during the holidays, I purchased the Assassin's Creed PlayStation 3 Bundle (included PlayStation 3 ultra slim edition, Assassin's Creed 3, and a one month membership to PlayStation Plus). I've been pretty excited to get into the world of AC3 because of all the high acclaimed maps, story arcs, and characters coming into play (I'd actually preordered the game but decided to cancel it due to budget restraints and just because I knew I wouldn't really play it for a while). I can honestly say the first 5-8 hours of AC3 are complete rubbish, which is a big chunk of gaming time (not for the series of course, but generally talking about time itself). For about 8-10% of the game, you play as a British sir called Haytham who is just generally the worst, especially in the Frontier. While I generally enjoy playing Connor and his better ability to traverse obstacles over Haytham  I'm still waiting to be "fully trained" and get into my assassin's garb. Even though there are some huge improvements over the past AC games, I think there is a lot of improvement to be made still (at least to the point I have played until). From what I'm told, the story is supposed to pick up and get more interesting, but right now I find it generally boring, which is interesting because I thought I might find the story to be more intriguing to me because it's more relevant to the present. Final First Impression: The graphics are astounding, but the story is moving pretty slowly and the first 8 hours of the game were mind-numbingly boring.

- Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Uncharted 3: Drake Deception: I had played the first installment of the series on Chazz's PS3 and immediately loved it. If you own a PlayStation but not this game series, you're doing it wrong. In fact, I got my hands on a collectors edition of U3 6 months prior to owning an actual PS3 (I probably would have bought U1 upon my purchase of the PS3 just to have it, but sadly I did not have enough of the cash). One of the big things I love about this game series is that each installment improves upon the last one (which is what games are supposed to do but this doesn't always happen). As you move through each game, the gameplay gets not only more complex, but also more user-friendly. The other feature of this series that brings me the feels are the characters and the stories. Nate Drake is unrealistically relatable (irony AND a paradox!) which makes the experience a lot more immersible. This game series is my essence, and if I had to recommend any set of games to anyone, it'd be the Uncharted series. I was going to review this game, but I figured I was a little too late. If you guys want me to review Uncharted 3: Drake Deception, let me know in the comments below.

- Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition: So for those of you who have been following my content for at least a year, you'd know that Dark Souls was on my list of games to get last Christmas. Well it wasn't until this holiday when it was 50% off on Steam that I was able to purchase it, and let me just say: What ... the ... crap. This game is just ... I can only play it when I feel shitty about myself. It's just so disheartening and challenging that I use it to restore my faith in the world and humanity. However I must add that when you do complete a task that you set for yourself, you feel goddamn good about yourself. I still haven't decided if I like or dislike the fact that, while there is an overall goal set by the game, there really isn't a "straight-forward" path. This is due to the fact that "the game would be 'too easy' if it 'walked you through the entire game'", meaning finding your own way through is supposed to make the game more challenging. It's a great game, don't take my words the wrong way, and everything in the game is accomplish-able, it just can be very unenjoyable sometimes, which isn't what I would want to hear from one of my future buyers when I release a game.

- The Walking Dead: So I recently played all five episodes of the new The Walking Dead game by Telltale, and I think I might shock you guys with what I'm about to say: the game was meh. I will say the art of the game was simply astounding. The game was based off the comic book series (not the TV series), and the art for the game almost looks like it's directly from the comic (especially for the zombs).The voice acting was great, and the story was fantastic. Clementine, as everyone says, was an amazing and dynamic character and I loved her. But I think what ruined it for me were the graphics (ironically enough) and the simple lack of action. It was more of an interactive story than a video game, and I guessed that wasn't what I was expecting. I didn't think it was as great as everyone said it was, which is why it didn't take my GOTY 2012. Final Opinion: While there were some great features of this game, it wasn't THAT great and I wouldn't buy it full price.

So that's what I've been doing for the past month or so as far as gaming goes. Have any games you wanna talk about? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading and happy Monday!

Peter, The Steamworks


  1. Common misconception: Dark Souls isn't hard. It has a very steep learning curve, but once you beat the learning curve, the PVE becomes one of the easiest things you'll play all year

  2. It's hard in a different way. Even when you've got it down, if you slip up at all it's frequently fatal. It's hard it just isn't unfair. It also gets easier as equipment improves obviously. The difference is in games like CoD, even if you're really good you tend to die because it's unavoidable at times. With Dark Souls it's absolutely avoidable, but you have to be good. Since you've played the game a million times, of course it gets easier. But that doesn't mean it's an easy game. Marvel vs Capcom probably seems easy once you learn the hitbox, combo, and number of frames taken for every move on your character roster.


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