Thursday, February 28, 2013

Shatterblog!: When It Was Now (Deluxe Edition) Review

Hey all, time for another music review! I was hoping to get it up a little closer to the album's release date but I've been too sick to accomplish anything. When It Was Now is Atlas Genius's first full album release, after the Through the Glass EP. I was a huge fan of the EP, so I picked up the CD.

The album has a little bit of a weird flow. I really liked all the songs on the EP, but found the first half of the album to be slow and hard to get into. I feel like I enjoy all the songs enough that maybe throwing it on shuffle will help, but I wish the flow was a little stronger at the beginning. The second half is fantastic though, and I have trouble picking a favorite song for sure. The sound quality is fantastic, with a lot of good background effects and fairly clear distinction between instruments if you listen closely enough. The vocals are all clear and the lyrics are quite good.

It wouldn't be a review of the deluxe edition if I didn't mention the extra remix tracks. The "Trojans" remix may be my favorite rendition of the song, even more than the Crown City Acoustic version from the EP. The remix for "Back Seat" is good but falls short of the original. The remix of "If So" is about on par with the original, but I think that's one of the weaker songs on the album.

Overall it's a good album, worth listening to if you enjoy the EP (if you only like "Trojans" I would sample the tracks on Amazon or YouTube before buying). It's not a flawless album by any stretch but if you're enough of a fan it's a good listen. The better tracks stay with you and even if the flow keeps you from having the album on all the time I found the second half of the album to be a good addition to my playlist.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Slightly Redder Red: Actual Content

So yes, my last few posts have just been me posting to get a laugh, but I have actual content I want to talk about coming up in the next few months. Expect reviews of the following/me talking about the following:

Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita on April 30th
Dragon's Dogma re-release on April 23rd.
If anyone wants me to I'll talk about Voltasaur Team Kyouryuger, but I think that might have no place on this blog.
Whenever Portugal. The Man releases their new album this year.
My ongoing goal to drink every flavor of San Pellegrino beverage.
How much better Dark Souls is on PS3 than PC.
How I fell in love with steel cases on video games.
The album my band and I are finally releasing after 4 long years of being together (two singles got released on our SoundCloud page

Idunno that's it, have a nice life.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

PBDTube: Destiny Revealed!

Join Peter and Chazz as they talk about Bungie's new game Destiny! Be sure to comment telling us which class you'd like to play, which classes you'd like to see added, and what other features you think Bungie should remove or add! Don't forget to like and subscribe as well!

*Special Links:*

The Digital Bench:
Bungie's ViDoc for Destiny:

Slightly Redder Red: A Slower Speed of Light

MIT looks like they'll be making video games, and they started with an educational experience to show people what it looks like top move at light speed. Just Google the title top find it and download it, I'm doing this from as tablet. I also highly recommend playing the game under the influence of some hallucinogenic drug, trust me, you'll need it.

Monday, February 18, 2013

PBDTube: Comment Kickback Episode One

Gabby, Chazz, Peter, and Eric take a look at some of their favorite videos! Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for more videos and Comment Kickbacks!

PBDTube: The Walking Dead "Home" Review and Discussion

Gabby and Peter talk Walking Dead as they review the show's new episode! Don't forget to answer the question in the comments below, like the video, and subscribe to our channel!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Resident Troll: Thoughts On Batgirl #17, Batman #17 and Ultimate Comics: X-Men #22.

Comics came out yesterday. Today I tell you what I thought about them.

BATGIRL #17: I don't know if we've gone over this yet, but I really love Gail Simone. She's probably one of my favorite comic writers. To be honest, though, Batgirl wasn't the best thing she had ever put out. I didn't quite connect with the story until the Knightfall story arc, but even then it was a bit touch and go. The Death of the Family tie-ins were pretty good, but turned a bit meh towards the end.

There'd been a large amount of controversy surrounding Gail Simone being taken off of Batgirl (and then put on again), and it generally left most people with a bad taste in their mouth about Ray Fawkes. Not going to lie, I was thinking something along the lines of oh, well we'll just have to suffer these two issues before Gail comes back.

Honestly, though? It pains me to say it, but I feel like Batgirl #17 has been the best we've seen from title in the New 52.

There is also a new artist on board, Daniel Sampere. In the beginning, I wasn't too keep on the style, but it definitely warmed up to me by the end of the issue. Ed Benes was okay, but I actually prefer the new artist.

Anyway, the issue starts business as usual. Barbara is on the computer, going through the police database. This issue definitely featured her out of the costume more than usual, but I personally like seeing her out of the cowl every now and then. The narration is told in third person -- which is different -- but then there's a little twist at the end, and you realize it's not some omnipotent narrator chronicling Babs' life. No, instead it's a rather key character.

Over all, I loved it. Now I'm actually sad to see that Ray Fawkes is leaving after issue #18, because he's doing this title really well.

BATMAN #17: This is the issue that concluded Death of the Family, if you didn't already know. A few months ago Chazz and I made a speculation video about the arc, considering it's close ties to Death in the Family. Guess what didn't happen? Just go ahead and read the name of the arc.


Basically, Batman #17 was very overhyped. Not to say it wasn't good, because that would insult the combination that is Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, but with what it was made out to be -- it was very underwhelming. Perhaps that is the fault of mine, along with other Batman fans, assuming there would be a bit more of a bang. However, we're left with what we have.

Not to say that it isn't substantial. DC promised that DotF would change the lives of the Bat family members, and it certainly has. I just wish it was a little bit more. The ride has been fun, though, and I'm looking forward to next week's issue. Bruce's pending mental stability is going to be questioned, and I'm excited for it.

ULTIMATE COMICS: X-MEN #22: This ended another -- and generally underwhelming -- arc in the UC: X-Men series. There's not a whole lot to say about it. Brian Wood is still very good at what he does, and I love how he writes Kitty. I'm also really warming up to Tony Stark. I've always had this borderline dislike for him, but perhaps I'm coming around because of his willingness to help Utopia.

The art is very fun as usual, and while some might not be fans of the style, I certainly like it. Although I really do wonder: with limited resources, how does every female in Utopia have awesome hair? Comics, everybody.

While I love the kids over at Utopia, I do wants to know more about what's going on with Jean Grey and her mutant nation. I guess we'll find out soon!

Anyway, that's it for now. If you have any recommendations for comics that I should read, leave them in the comments below! I'm always up for picking up new series. Have a nice day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Slightly Redder Red: Life Update (first one I think)

This is a blog, right?

Anyways, I thought I would be very busy in the future since I was trying out for Wedding Singer, and despite the reassurances of my theater friends I got shafted and given a lesser role than I was expected to get, so I actually have free time in the future. Hooray for me!

I've been playing Demon's Souls a lot lately, and I really enjoyed it. I felt the regular enemies were a lot harder than Dark Souls', since I died plenty to Mind Flayers and whatever the ghosts in 4-2 are called but always beat every boss on my first try, even King Allant, which is pretty much the exact opposite on how my Dark Souls experience played out (if anyone has a SL11 character on PS3 and is willing to help me kill Drake and Josh, I need the help, Solaire isn't cutting it and I'm not abandoning my cosplay build). I really like the game's art style over DaS, it's a lot brighter, but Latria and the Blighttown equivalent are actually really awful looking. The dungeon length is better than DaS, but I wish there were more. Those are my Souls thoughts I guess, get hyped for DaS2.

Gabe Newell's speech at the DICE conference is pretty cool.

My PSN account is relatively friendless, add me if you wanna play some vidya @WeezerBro. If anyone has played the new Sly Cooper game tell me how it is.

I made another Dark Souls background, how is it?

Also, I was writing an article comparing the big three Bethesda games (Morrowind/Oblivion/Skyrim) and I promise I'll finish it, I've just been busy lately.


Monday, February 11, 2013

PBDTube: Xbox 720 Rumors??

Peter and Chazz take some time to discuss recent Xbox 720 rumors circulating the internet. Don't forget to tell us what you think in the comments below!

PBDTube: Walking Dead "The Suicide King" Review (Season 3.2)

Peter from the Steamworks reviews the premier episode of Season 3.2 of The Walking Dead! Let us know what you think of Deryl's decision to go with Merle in the comments below, and please be sure to like the video and subscribe to our channel! Happy Monday everyone!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

PBDTube: Harlem Shake (Project Better Dolphin Version)

So this exists now... Enjoy!

Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe! Share it with all your friends for a good laugh too!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Resident Troll: Thoughts on All New X-Men #7, Fearless Defenders #1 and Young Romance: A New 52 Valentine's Day Special #1

If you're like me, there are basically two days in your week. Wednesday and Not Wednesday. When it's not Wednesday, I'm not getting new comics, so I don't really care about the six other days. Yesterday happened to be Wednesday, which meant a few comics I planned to read came out... and here's what I though.

ALL NEW X-MEN #7: As the cover shows, Mystique appears in this issue. Personally, I don't really care that much about her, but that's more because I don't know that much about her. Let's talk about the cover, though. It's a pretty good indicator of what happens in this issue, unlike how certain comic covers can be grossly misleading (coughredhoodandtheoutlaws13cough, what? No, I'm not still upset about that). In all honesty, it seems like issue #7 is setting up for something grander, which isn't a surprise considering how we're earlier in the current arc.

I also want to mention that I love how Bendis writes Kitty Pryde. I definitely trust him with the character, which can't be said for other writers. It's fun to see her boss around those who once told her what to do. Perhaps my only problem with this issue is young!Scott, but I'm always going to have an issue with Scott Summers because he's never been interesting until post AvX. I'm just sick of seeing him mope around--and although he certainly has reason--it's getting annoying. I'm not quite sure how I like Wolverine much in this issue as well, but it also might've been due to certain confusions earlier in the issue.

THE FEARLESS DEFENDERS #1: Another Marvel NOW! title, and a new one at that. I know nothing about these characters, and was hoping to learn more about them. I found out enough to get through the issue. Overall the issue was okay. Maybe a little less than that. Currently, I'm not a big fan of the dialogue. The way Valkyrie and Misty talk is not all that natural, and the little jokes seem very obviously set up. The way the characters are brought together is a little too convenient, and not at all creative.

There was also one of those obvious fan-service moments, in which two girls kiss. In the middle of a battle. Not really the smartest thing to do coming from a character that you would think was intelligent.

All in all, I wouldn't say it's a must-have. The Fearless Defenders #1 is decent, perhaps better suited for someone more into a campy and seemingly unintelligent book. At least it's pretty, though.
YOUNG ROMANCE: THE NEW 52 VALENTINE'S DAY SPECIAL #1: SURPRISE GUYS. This was bad. As the cover states, there are six stories featuring characters of the DC universe, and the only one remotely worth reading is Nightwing's. Maybe Batgirl's, but that's a maybe. The entire time I was reading the one-shot for Catwoman, I was going Ann Nocenti, what the hell are you doing? I really wish I could read Catwoman, but... ugh. It's so bad, makes no sense.

There was a short with Apollo and Midnighter, two characters I'm honestly not familiar with. It was still bad, and the artwork had an interesting character to it. Honestly, though, it wasn't quite my style. I won't go out and say it was bad, though. Just the writing. At least there's some LGBT influence in this book? Perhaps the only good thing?

We're not going to talk about how much sense the one-shot for Superman and Wonder Woman made. Because it made no fucking sense.

TL;DR: don't waste your time/money on this one.

And there we have it. I'm going to try to do these on a vague frequency, so maybe look forward to some more thoughts next week!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Red Viking: Febuary wallpaper update

Hay guys and welcome back. I am here with another wallpaper update, yay!

I have a set of some injustice wallpapers to start this off because the first comic was amazing and I am extremely excited for the game to come out.

This first one is of batman with kryptonite who is trying to stop superman in the actual picture that you will see later.

This is the other side of the fight where superman uses his heat vision to try to stop batman (again you will see this later in the full picture)

Now you get to see the full picture and the actual combat that is about to happen.

Chazz has made this but with a white back ground and no glow but I decided that it could use a little darkness to it.

last but not least I found a picture on tumblr and decided that it would be a nice simple background of animated Ironman.

That is all for this week.
make sure to check out the rest of the blog and have a nice month.
(P.S.  -I will be taking suggestions for backgrounds so if you have a favorite superhero that you want a wallpaper of just ask in the comments)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

PBDTube: So We Make Mistakes... [Bloopers]

Check out the Project Better Dolphin gang make fools of themselves during our video filming! Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe! WARNING: Some mild foul language that isn't censored.