Thursday, February 28, 2013

Shatterblog!: When It Was Now (Deluxe Edition) Review

Hey all, time for another music review! I was hoping to get it up a little closer to the album's release date but I've been too sick to accomplish anything. When It Was Now is Atlas Genius's first full album release, after the Through the Glass EP. I was a huge fan of the EP, so I picked up the CD.

The album has a little bit of a weird flow. I really liked all the songs on the EP, but found the first half of the album to be slow and hard to get into. I feel like I enjoy all the songs enough that maybe throwing it on shuffle will help, but I wish the flow was a little stronger at the beginning. The second half is fantastic though, and I have trouble picking a favorite song for sure. The sound quality is fantastic, with a lot of good background effects and fairly clear distinction between instruments if you listen closely enough. The vocals are all clear and the lyrics are quite good.

It wouldn't be a review of the deluxe edition if I didn't mention the extra remix tracks. The "Trojans" remix may be my favorite rendition of the song, even more than the Crown City Acoustic version from the EP. The remix for "Back Seat" is good but falls short of the original. The remix of "If So" is about on par with the original, but I think that's one of the weaker songs on the album.

Overall it's a good album, worth listening to if you enjoy the EP (if you only like "Trojans" I would sample the tracks on Amazon or YouTube before buying). It's not a flawless album by any stretch but if you're enough of a fan it's a good listen. The better tracks stay with you and even if the flow keeps you from having the album on all the time I found the second half of the album to be a good addition to my playlist.


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