Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Red Viking: Febuary wallpaper update

Hay guys and welcome back. I am here with another wallpaper update, yay!

I have a set of some injustice wallpapers to start this off because the first comic was amazing and I am extremely excited for the game to come out.

This first one is of batman with kryptonite who is trying to stop superman in the actual picture that you will see later.

This is the other side of the fight where superman uses his heat vision to try to stop batman (again you will see this later in the full picture)

Now you get to see the full picture and the actual combat that is about to happen.

Chazz has made this but with a white back ground and no glow but I decided that it could use a little darkness to it.

last but not least I found a picture on tumblr and decided that it would be a nice simple background of animated Ironman.

That is all for this week.
make sure to check out the rest of the blog and have a nice month.
(P.S.  -I will be taking suggestions for backgrounds so if you have a favorite superhero that you want a wallpaper of just ask in the comments)

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