Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shatterblog!: Bioshock Infinite- First Impressions!

Hey gang! Unless you live under a rock, you are aware of the game Bioshock Infinite! It came out today, and (un)fortunately, I have been sick the last few days which means I got a solid amount of play time today.  So here are some thoughts.
First a confession: I never got through the original Bioshock or the sequel. I started the original, but I tend not to enjoy "horror" games where the only scary thing is how little ammo you have. Apparently that doesn't remain an issue but I didn't sign up for Wrench: The Game so I never really went back to it. It's on my "To Play" list incorporated into my Rainmeter theme, but it hasn't happened. Thus I can make only limited comparisons to previous BioShock franchise entries. However I can say that Infinite sucked me in far more than the original ever did. From the get-go I wanted to explore the world and shoot all the things. I never have any ammo management issues, due largely to the lovely Elizabeth. She conjures and tosses ammo, health, and salts (mana) regularly in combat. I went crazy with whatever gun was on hand and rarely ran out of ammo for anything. I pick my shots fairly well and tended to loot everything, so maybe my playstyle is a part of that.

The game isn't overly hard on regular medium difficulty but I die sometimes and need to use cover all the time. Another brilliant addition is iron sights on most of the guns. I hate not having iron sights. There are games I love that lack them, but having them is always a plus. The guns are all pretty fun, although some felt drastically underpowered. I really don't enjoy the Vox Burstgun, I feel it is far too weak. The Vigors (read: plasmids) are spectacularly cool and have a primary attack and a secondary, usually some kind of trap. You can shoot fire bombs, streams of water, bolts of lightning, flocks of crows, all kinds of fun magic pew-pew. There are combos of these powers that do super cool stuff. Obviously lightning and water makes bigger lightning. Good times.

The world is every bit as incredible as Rapture (the one thing I really got into with the first game) and I love using the skylines to explore. There are a lot of great propaganda posters and short films, something I love and geek out about. I seriously ran around and oogled all of them. Columbia is great. I like the whole steampunky 1900's feel, the social structure, everything is very well established and understandable. Booker is an interesting character and I cannot wait to find out more about him and his past and the mysterious debt that drives him. Elizabeth is equally intriguing, with strange powers and all kinds of parent issues to explore.

This is just a brief "I love this game" kind of impression post, I will hopefully do a full review when I have completed the game. For now, if you are on the fence about buying it I highly recommend it. It is much better on PC if you have the spec to run it on max settings. Controls are smooth and great on PC. It's wonderful. Everybody should play this game.

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