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Shatterblog!: Requiem Roundup Week 1

Hey everyone, like I said I will be posting thoughts on all the comics included in the R.I.P. Damian comics, marked "Requiem" on the covers. This week of 3/13/13 is the first for the month, so here we go.

1) Batman and Robin #18

This comic is pure pain. Robin is gone, so naturally Batman and Robin focuses most on this fact  The issue has no dialogue, no sound effects, no action. It just shows Bruce and Alfred and even Titus dealing with the horrific loss they must be feeling. This is a truly amazing and beautiful comic and may be the best individual issue of anything to come out of the New 52. There really aren't words to do justice to such an emotional comic. You should be reading this issue. 10/10 (NOTE: I am not fully reviewing these, just discussing the Requiem bits. I must however state how truly perfect this particular issue is.)

2) Batman #18

This comic also deals significantly with the loss of Robin. Bruce is angry and hurting and takes it out on the scum of Gotham. It is less direct in dealing with the loss but of course Snyder works it in artfully. We also get  more touching moments with Harper Row, who I don't particularly like. Despite me desperately hoping she doesn't try and be Robin, she does meaningfully advance the plot and I found myself liking her more this issue. I still really like and feel for her brother but don't connect with her for whatever reason. Not sure how I feel about Harper Row story being the default between arc filler story but it was quite good.

3) Batman Detective Comics #18

Now we get into the comics where Damian's death is less keenly felt. There's a touching scene where Bruce cries in the family cemetery, and his excessive rage toward criminals bleeds through into this comic as well. He is particularly bothered by Zsasz's escape since it will lead to more people feeling the pain of loss that he is currently grappling with. Far less essential than the other two Batman titles that have come out so far.

4) Batgirl #18

This one bothered me a little. Bruce goes to Commish Gordon and tells him Robin is dead but that actual dialogue happens off "camera". There was an opportunity for us to see Bruce actually open up to someone who only sees him as Batman but instead it just gets skipped right over and implied in the next scene. Naturally as a father Gordon calls Barbara to check in on her and tells her the news. Here it gets even worse. There are two pages, one where Babs finds out and isn't visibly distressed. Then she calls Dick, who should be inconsolable at this point. He simply says something about wanting to talk about it with her but being busy. Dick and Damian were close, and it was noticeable in the issue of Inc where Damian dies. Knowing that was the end of the comic made those moments bittersweet. Hopefully it gets properly addressed in Nightwing because right now I am pretty unhappy with Dick's and Babs's reactions.

5) Huntress and Powergirl: World's Finest #10

I did not expect much from this issue. I glazed over all the story progression and stuff because I just do not care about this comic. Helen get's a phone call about her "not-quite-brother" and "I'm sorry" and in the next scene we see her crying over Damian's grave in the rain in full costume. In the next few pages we get some actually good internal monologue about not knowing what to do with herself, and especially not knowing what to do in regards to Bruce. Unfortunately she then flies away with Powergirl and the issue ends without her really dealing with anything, just repeating "I am not ready for this" a lot throughout the scene. Not terrible, and not frustrating like Batgirl, but not worth picking up just for the Requiem tie in.

Thanks for reading and check back some time next week for the next bunch of heart-wrenching Bat-comics!

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