Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shatterblog!: Requiem Roundup Week 2

Here are all the "Requiem" comics for 3/20/13. Remember I am not reviewing these issues but instead summarizing my feelings about the way each issue deals with Robin's death.

1) Nightwing #18
This is easily one of the better (and sadder) tie ins. We all know that Dick and Damian were close. The comic decides to painfully remind us of this with a series of flashbacks. We see Dick and Damian talking, and even Damian convincing Dick to order a video game for them to bond over. It's really hard to see Dick like this, especially so quickly after his issues in Death of the Family. This tie in is the best of the week and completely makes up for his poor characterization in Batgirl last week.

2) Red Hood and the Outlaws #18
While this is a good comic it barely deals with the loss of Robin. It may not at all. There are a few flashback panels where we see Jason in his Wingman costume crying and telling Bruce he failed. I hope to see more of his reaction in future issues. Another dead Robin should be a really bad thing for Jason to deal with. I'm just glad my Robin isn't the one who bit it.

3) Catwoman #18
Once again we see very little actual "Requiem" content. Bats makes an appearance and is showing his anger/sadness again and we get a little bit of Catwoman trying to help. I had a lot of Hush feels because Bats and Selina are probably the closest thing I have to an OTP. I do not like their relationship in the New 52. But I am off topic. Not a great "Requiem" tie in but doesn't cause frustration like Batgirl did.

There you have it, this week's "Requiem" comics! Check in next week for the decreasingly exciting releases regarding our little lost Robin.

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