Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Steamworks: Petes Bit: Destructive Children and Bioshock Infinite?

Today on Pete's Bit Pete talks about annoying children, the canceled "Shaniqua-No-Ho" project, and studies on Bioshock Infinite. Don't forget to answer any or all of Pete's questions in the comments, like the video if you enjoyed it, and subscribe if you haven't already! Also, if you have any questions to submit to Pete, be sure to send him a YouTube or Tumblr message!


1) Shaniqua-No-Ho (r/blackladies):

2) Bioshock Infinite:



*P.S: Sorry it's posted so late!*

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  1. Not surprised that Shaniqua-No-Ho got cancelled; it's offensive beyond belief. Then again, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt is the most stereotypically offensive anime to ever come from Japan, yet it's very popular. Manga/Anime fan bases can be fairly confusing. :/

    Bioshock Infinite: Every Steampunk's wet dream, and I love it. (Must. Get. Steamfunds...)


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