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The Steamworks: Rant Rampage (Assassin Edition)

Hey Gang,

I realized it's been a while since I've produced some content, let alone written content. I've kinda taken the role of video editor recently. I've been busy trying to improve our YouTube videos by doing things such as adding pictures, animations, and tunes. I have to say it's been really fun, and we really love bringing you guys video content. If you enjoy us as much as we enjoy making the videos for PBDTube, make sure to like our videos, subscribe to our channel, and reply to our "question of the episode"s with comments.

Now that that's out of the way, there's a rant I'd like to push out of my system. You ready? Let's go!

So this week I forced myself to finish Assassin's Creed III. I've been debating on reviewing the game, however it's pretty far past the release date AND we just got ACIV announced. If I had to give a one-liner review, I'd say: Personally the story felt much more engaging because I actually knew about the events taking place in the game, helping me understand events more than in the previous games, however I also think Connor was a pretty weak character that at times didn't seem like he was brought out to his full potential. With that in mind, I learned we were getting the numerical sequel right after beating ACIII. For those of you who haven't seen the trailer, you can check it out here:

I think this game has a lot of potential; I really liked marine combat in III, and I'm really excited to clash swords with the Spanish Armada and explore the world of Central America. However, upon discovering the trailer, I also find a decent amount of people complaining about how we're getting "another" white assassin. I decided that I'm going to break down why that is blatantly false. 

Fun fact, the term "white person" originally was not meant to describe skin tone when it was first used back in the 1700 when slavery was still around and what-not. It was used to describe those of higher class. Obviously, it eventually evolved into a word that described race. Another fun fact; back about 100 years ago (more or less), Irish were not considered white. They were Irish. The term white originally described the people of west Europe, specifically English Protestants (however the term could have been expanded to countries such as Poland, Switzerland, Netherlands, etc, thus the western European) Because the original classification of "white people" has been decreasing in numbers over the years, the boundaries for this classification have been expanded upon by society to keep it alive. This is why people who are Greek, Italian, Romanian  and even sometimes Hispanic or Latino are now considered white, or what is now known as "Caucasian". I don't want to tread too far into race however; that's not what I came here to do and I know for some it's a sensitive topic. With these facts in mind, however, please continue on with this post and the analysis of main assassins:

1) Altiar: Altair is Syrian. For everyone who thinks he's white, he's not, sorry. To read more about Altair, you can visit his wiki page here.

2) Ezio: I think a lot of the reason people are saying these comments in the first place is because Ezio has, what, three games? I would like to point out that, by the classic definition of "white", Ezio is not white. He's Italian (I actually joke around with Gabby and Chazz a lot saying I'm not white, I'm Italian, there's a difference; white people are boring. But in this case I'm, actually serious; not about the boring part, though, obviously). Okay, I could slightly agree to someone saying he's Caucasian  because he's from that region, however he is not white. If you want more info on that, visit Ezio's wiki page here.

3) Connor: Again, Connor's iffy to draw the line on. Connor is Native American (yes, it's Native American, not Indian, get out of the 1600s), however you have to remember that he's also half white. Like, actual classic white. Personally, I don't think the blood line matters in Connor's case; he grew up in a Native village and he holds many traditional Native American beliefs and morals. I actually could see more reason in someone calling Connor white than someone doing the same to Ezio, but again I believe him to be Native American at his core. For more information, check out Connor's wiki here.

4) Aveline: Aveline is the assassin in the spin-off game Liberation available on the PS Vita. There's not much to be said about her in the rant because she's half French (again, not classic white) and black. To check out more on Aveline, visit her wiki page here.

Through this analysis, we can clearly see that we've never actually played a completely white character, making Edward (the new assassin, or as I like to call him, the Dread Pirate Roberts) our first white assassin. Personally, it gets me a little frustrated when I see these types of issues flare up about race, gender, etc; yes, I agree with the public that there needs to be a more fairly distributed variety of representation in media. However, people take things to a point sometimes where it just ruins the game, book, movie, etc. for everybody. On a final note: I would like to see a main story female assassin, and not just in a spin-off title. I'd also like to see a game take place in either 1920's New York City or Ancient Greece.

So what do you think? Should Ubisoft keep Edward in their sights for a new AC game or should they make him jump ship and pick a character with a more diverse lineage and setting? Lemme know in the comments below!

Peter, The Steamworks

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  1. Stop being racist and let us white people have an AC character


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