Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Resident Troll: Things That Happened To Gabby's Laptop

Look at that beauty. Look at that majestic fucking crack taking up almost half of my desktop. You're probably like Gabby, what the fuck did you do? 

I picked it up by the sides on the top. This is why I don't name my laptops. They last for about a year. Also I pick awful names.

Anywho, I'm telling you lot about this because I did have something planned for this week's Thought's On Comics, but I can't do it from the computer I have to use now. Until I acquire a new screen for my personal laptop, I have to deal with the dreaded Windows 8. Hopefully I can make up for that with next week's post, perhaps having something to do with Free Comic Book Day.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Steamworks: Pete's Bit (Written Form! Well... Sorta?) Also Batman V.S. Spiderman

Hey Gang,

So anyone who follows Pete's Bit probably knows I haven't posted a video in pretty much a week... yeah, sorry about that. My life's been really busy lately. And I also just have nothing to talk about, so I figure why sit in front of a camera and stare at your beautiful faces for 5 minutes with just silence (actually, that sounds like fun, maybe I'll do that someday... just stare into all of your beautiful eyes... or is that too creepy? Did I cross a line?). I respond to your criticism with this:

So yeah, life's been full of those tiny personal boring news stuff that you lot aren't interested in hearing. I went to Kiley's Prom and we had a blast. I've also recently taken an interest in more comics lately. The only comic series I'd been reading for a few months was The Walking Dead (which is great, if you don't pull it now then why are you even associated with me? Just kidding... but really though.). Around February I started picking up Superior Spiderman. After hating just all comics in general for months on end (I just found them to be so ridiculous and a waste of money for the longest time), I finally decided to try out another super hero. Aquaman came into my life and he's now one of my favorite super heroes (sitting right next to Spiderman). I'm now starting to read Nightwing, Green Lantern (all inclusive; Red Lantern, Corps, New Guardians ), and Batman, and I have to say I'm really enjoying it. There are still some aspects of comics that really annoy me (I still think "collecting" issues is a huge waste of time, space, and money but hey, to each their own I guess), but overall I'm starting to warm up to them a lot.

The main reason why I even brought this up was because recently on a social media site, I saw a debate status posted that said "Who would win: Batman or Spiderman?"  (I think it was GameStop?). Of course there were a lot of really dumb people (nothing like you fine intelligent folk) who had to chime in and, of course, didn't know remotely what they were talking about (giving nonexistent advantages and disadvantages to both Spiderman and Batman). This actually caused me to do some research to pull up real advantages and disadvantages on each character and actually found this well-put together video that's already covered the showdown. Here's an easy access link for you fine folks:

(I also found out apparently Spiderman tried to get into the Justice League once??? Did not know that...) I would like to publicly note that I hate the fact that this video uses footage from the Toby films (that I usually force out of memory). I don't want to spend too much time on the topic, as it can obviously be debated for an endless amount of time, but with my growing knowledge of comics I have to simply say: it depends. In a typical gladiatorial arena styled match (where the only gadgets the heroes have on them are the ones they always carry) as set up in the video, I do agree that Spiderman would no doubt beat Batman. There's no way I could do a better job at justifying that than in the video above, so if you're really curious (statistically) why I'm choosing Spiderman (no bias involved of course), just go ahead and watch it if you haven't already. However, it's worth noting that given preparation time or a rematch, I think Batman would win every time AFTER he found Spiderman's weakness(es). I'd also like to publicly state that I think it's ridiculously OP that Batman can take down (and has a way to kill) every JL member. In my opinion, if Batman has that, other should have similar lists as well (and maybe some do and I don't know about it, that's totally possible). My absolute favorite thing (and by favorite I mean I hate it) is when huge Batman fans call Superman OP but don't acknowledge that Batman is in many ways as well, with all his death plans and huge money deposits. I'm more than expecting flack from Chazz, Gabby, and Eric (not quite sure JD even cares, but I guess we'll see) for this post, as me and Chazz have debated this more than once, so yeah.  

Speaking of super hero show-downs, I've also gotten to play Injustice recently (both the regular version and the iOS version... more on that later.) And I have to say I love the game more than I thought I would. My favorite character to play as is definitely Aquaman, but I feel like this game just doesn't do him justice. Aquaman was completely left out of the iOS version, and is not seen on very many marketing/advertisement campaigns/boxes besides the Battle Arena (if any at all; at least I haven't seen any but I haven't seen a lot of things). In any case I really enjoy it, and it makes for a good time. The iOS version is meh, my main complaints being: A) It takes up battery fast, which is expected and B)Sometimes the game can become extremely laggy.

That's pretty much all I have to talk about today, soo...


Who do you think would win in a gladiator-style fight, Batman or Spiderman? Leave your say in the matter down below in the comments!


Peter, The Steamworks

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Resident Troll: Justice League #19 Rundown (Thoughts on Comics)

Comics came out Wednesday. I talk about them today. Or, really, just Justice League #19.

I like to catch up on Justice League every now and then because I hate myself because I like to know what's going on in DC's flagship title. I also hope that the rather annoying relationship between Wonder Woman and Superman has come to an end. This week was actually rather slow for me when it comes to comics I read coming out (just Fables and RHatO) so I thought I'd break down Justice League #19. It's tagline is something along the lines of "The Road to Trinity War", so yay if you're excited about that.

It should go without saying that spoilers are ahead. This post is also very image heavy, because I'm going to be referencing a good deal of panels from the issue. Anyway, on forth!

That's the cover. I guess I should mention April (is) was WTF month, hence the fold out and "surprising" reveal. Guess what doesn't happen in the issue? Everything occurring on this cover.

This issue starts out with things I love: the Batfam. There's a shout out to Damian Wayne's death, done in a somewhat decent way. Honestly, I don't know how much of a fan I am of Alfred breaking down the way he did. It seems vaguely out of character, like something he'd do when Jason wasn't around. it certainly honored my favorite Robin but... I don't know, I didn't love the scene. It's probably also just Johns' writing, but there's not much that can be done with that.

Unfortunately, it is known that superheroes can't have nice things, and this guy shows up. He appears to use a taser on Jason and then shoves Alfred into a glass case. It's all fun of course, the Bat-types are knocked out. The mysterious man (he's probably a known villain but fuck if I can remember who he is) goes into Bruce's secret chamber and steals what obviously is kyrptonite. ~Ohnoez~. Then the scene cuts.

Last issue (I think?) the Justice League recruited some new members. Among them was Rhonda, the new Atom. She's adorable and I already like her, but then she had to go and say "Check yourself before ya wreck yourself". Now I don't know if she'll be a shitty character of if the writer is  being dumb. Either way, I'm going to give her a fair chance. (It also helps that I could possibly cosplay her without people bitching at me about 'accuracy', yeah, go fuck yourselves~.) She dicks around with Firestorm in the Watchtower. I would've cropped a panel from that interaction, but Firestorm is so ridiculously boring. It hurts. Freaking Black Canary was a candidate for the Justice League and they chose Firestorm. I'm also wondering where Element Woman is, because she does not seem to exist in this issue, and she was the third addition to the League.

Anyway, Superman and Wonder Woman go on one of their dates. By "dates" I mean they go kick some ass and make out afterwards. Of course, they infiltrate a country to settle a hostage situation and cause some international trouble. Americans aren't allowed in this country and, later in a conversation with Batman, nobody seems to bring up the fact that Diana isn't an American. 

Back in the Batcave there's some poor understanding of Jason's character in the writing and an investigation afoot. Batman is of the knowledge that the cave has been invaded, but nobody can find the person who broke in. He's clearly a pro, but as I see Cyborg and Aquaman helping Batman out, I really wonder if he needs the help. Clearly everyone's failed to find the villain of the arc just yet, but everything they're doing Bats can do himself.

This awful scene occurs. More annoying portrayal of Wonder Woman, but we're not at the worst part yet...

It just happened. ugh. I wanna vomit. This panel is in response to Batman letting Supes and Wondy know that he knows they've got a ~sekrit relationship~. I didn't actually know they were keeping it a secret from everyone. After all, Diana and Clark don't seem like the type to run and gush about their relationship. 

Anywho, after Batman lectures Wonder Woman and Superman about how they represent the League, we cut back to the Atom and Firestorm. They're looking for bathrooms/the rest of the League, who hasn't shown up for their initiation into the Big Kid's Club. Eventually ugly up there shows up and we're done with the issue.

There is actually the Shazam mini (AKA reason why this comic is four dollars) but I don't read that because I'm rather behind. It was good, then it started getting bad.

Anywho, that's it for this week. Next week maybe I'll talk about comics. Maybe I'll talk about comic news. Who knows. It's a mystery.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Red Viking: Injustice Gods Among Us - Finale (spoiler)

So as many of you know, I have been keeping up with the Injustice Battle Arena as it has gone through all of its Fights to see who the ultimate fighter was. Well I have some great news for you, The results Are out and the winner is...... BATMAN!!!!!!
If you followed me through this adventure you know that i was able to call who would win and guess who was right again. This guy!

also with this video (that got postponed because of the Boston bombing) they revealed that Lobo will be the first DLC character, so look forward to being a space bounty hunter really soon.

Chazz from Shatterblog and I have finished the story already and I was so inspired by the game play and effort put into this game to make a couple of backgrounds and I have decided that I would cosplay Shazam from the alternative universe because the costume design for him was GREAT! I will be releasing the wallpapers as I feel necessary but I will give you a free one Right Now!!

That is all for now, hope to see you around!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Steamworks: Pete's Bit: Draw My Life

So I was going to make the Gang wait until it was officially Wednesday, but then I figured, "What the heck?!" So here it is:

Today on the show, Pete participates in what is known as "Draw My Life", a YouTube trend where one simply does an overview of their life and portrays it orally and visually. It should be noted that this is NOT some sort of attention cry, but simply a publicizing of a personal story. Thanks Gang!

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Resident Troll: Thoughts On Comics

Comics happened on Wednesday. I'm talking to you about some of them today. Spoilers ahead.

SAGA #12: This week you may have heard that first Apple, but then ComiXology banned Saga #12 because of graphic depictions of gay sex. People were pissed. Saga is still great.

The majority of this issue dealt with Prince Robot IV searching for Alana and Marko. He's onto his only lead, and hey--it happens to be right. I didn't care much about Prince Robot IV until this issue, but now he's becoming progressively more interesting. I like the bits of backstory we're getting, and the hints that he may be a closeted homosexual. I actually really admire the storytelling in this issue--it flows extremely well and I only wish I could master the pen like BKV does. As usual, another great issue.

BATGIRL #19: This issue marked the return of Gail Simone, something many fans, including myself, have been looking forward to. After the whole nasty removal from the title, then her reinstatement, things have been a little shaky. Ray Fawkes did very well on Batgirl #17, but his work on #18 was pretty atrocious. I'm not quite sure how someone could have such drastic ups and downs concerning writing, but at least the main writer is back on the title, and we can hope for some consistency.

Batgirl has been getting progressively better if we exclude #18, and #19 is no exception. It actually might be the best issue so far. The issue starts with Babs returning to the home she previously left during Death of the Family due to the Joker's intrusion. She tells her roommate pretty much everything save for the fact that she's Batgirl, which is an interesting move. In return it is revealed that Barbara's roommate is transgender which is received well by Barbara. (It wasn't received well by others for obvious reasons, but to each their own.) Barbara leaves, setting in motion the plan that inevitably kills her brother. Or really, as dead as someone can get in a comic.

I'm pretty disappointed that James Gordon Jr. isn't going to be around anymore--I really believe every hero needs a great enemy, and James could've been that for Barbara. Simone has dropped hints about Knightfall being Batgirl's great adversary, but I feel like the stakes could be higher. After all, James is her brother. He's intelligent. He's got emotional grab. I'm a little let down that he may be actually dead.

HAWKEYE #9: I'm going to fangirl over Hawkeye for a moment, don't mind me.

This series is probably one of the best of the Big Two, right up there next to Batman. I personally didn't care too much for Clint, but after hearing how great the series was, I finally investigated.

You really can't get any better. The only thing I can see is people not liking the art--it's a specific kind of style  that's take it or leave it. I personally love it, but to each his own. My favorite thing about the series is the relationship between Clint and Kate. They both assume the Hawkeye mantle, and they both do it justice. It appears that Kate may be Clint's closest friend, and she appreciates that title whether she shows it or not.

Matt Fraction really knows how to format a good comic, with it's small intervals. I really love how Natasha is his 'Work Wife' and Kate is only labeled as Kate. In terms of story progression, this does quite a bit, with a rather mean cliffhanger at the end. I won't give it away, but some people were upset because of what happened to a certain character. (I didn't care too much, but it was sad.)

Anyway, if you aren't reading any of the titles--you should get on that. Like, yesterday.

Sunday, April 14, 2013



Today on Pete's Bit, Pete talks about the Russian fisherman who died from a BEAVER MAULING! If you liked this video, please hit that like button to show your support, and if you have enjoyed the content of the show thus far, be sure to subscribe!


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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Shatterblog! Comic Creator Top 5's!

Hey gang. A conversation I was having with The Gubbinator, Mayor of Garbytown (our very own Resident Troll) prompted me to reflect seriously on my favorite comic artists and writers. I decided to do a little feature for my top 5 of each.


1) Jim Lee
When I first started reading comics, it was all my brothers' trades, based on his recommendations. His favorite artist was Jim Lee, and I have to agree on that. While I like him less on the current Justice League title, Lee's art on Hush, All-Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder, and Superman was utterly spectacular. To this day my very favorite panel is the full page of Catwoman and Batman kissing in Hush (which is possibly my favorite graphic novel). While not everyone loves Lee's art, he is a definite choice for my number one.

2) Alex Ross
Alex Ross is well known for his inredibly detailed and beautiful art style. I fell in love with his art when I read Kingdom Come, and searched out other works of his such as Marvels and Justice. His art really speak for itself, and he should draw lots of things all the time.

3) Greg Capullo
Anyone reading this blog knows how much I goddamn love the current New 52 run of Batman. Everything so far has been really spectacular, in large part due to how great the art is. Greg Capullo draws a great Dark Knight, and did a fantastic job bringing the creepy Court of Owls and their Talon assassins to life. And don't even get me started on the Joker and his face.

4) Doug Mankhe
Doug Mankhe made the list just by pure volume of things he has drawn that I love. He was involved in Final Crisis, The Man Who Laughs, some decent Superman issues, and did covers for some of the inFamous comics. All around great artist with a number of really solid works.

5) Ben Templesmith
One of the creepiest art styles I have ever enjoyed is that of Ben Templesmith on his career-starting 30 Days of Night. The art style fits the tone better than most comics I have read, and his flavor of vampire drawing is spectacular. I also enjoyed the tonally similar Criminal Macabre and his contribution to the Dead Space comic.

1) Frank Miller
Frank Miller is such a good writer he has an entire Earth (31) in the DCU dedicated to make his stories canon somewhere. That is how fantastic his stories are. Best known for The Dark Knight Returns, The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Batman Year One, Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder, Sin City,  and Daredevil, he is loved by fans of several different genres and characters.

2) Scott Snyder
Once again, I love the New 52 Batman. Scott Snyder is doing an excellent job, and is easily writing the best book of DC's largely poor relaunch. Every month I look forward to the issue of Batman, with every story arc and filler issue so far being an enjoyable read. While there is less focus on Bruce Wayne and his life in Snyder's comics, that is okay with me as long as he continues to handle the Dark Knight with such finesse,

3)Joss Whedon
Joss Whedon is an incredibly talented man who will reach into your soul and slap it about. Best known for his work in T.V. with fan favorites Buffy, Angel, and Firefly (Browncoat for life here), he has also done some great comic writing. The prime example is his run on Astonishing X-Men in which he hurt every reader somehow. He also writes the Serenity comics which are no substitute for more show but are still excellent. At least we got some closure from Shepherd's Tale.

4)Rick Remender
I am a huge fan of Deadpool but have had difficulty finding arcs that really blew me away. Rick Remender's Uncanny X-Force Volume 1 was not only a spectacular Deadpool book with some of the best character moments ever, but an all around great book. I loved all the characters, even AOA Nightcrawler, by the end of the series (I was bitter about him for a while). I was unaware of Fantomex until reading this and now he (they) is (are) one (some) of my favorite characters. He even made a joke about Deadpool being needed for "zombie Nixon" which is the Brain Posehn arc that just concluded, and was awesome. He also did the What If, in which Deadpool and Venom mixed. Just yes. Other works I like include Spider Island event contributions and the current Uncanny Avengers series which may be my favorite Marvel NOW book.

5)Grant Morrison
Everybody knows by now that Morrison killed Damian Wayne recently. His work on Batman, Inc has always been very good, even if I find the concept of Inc a little shaky at times. He also worked on All-Star Superman, Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, important Batman arcs such as Black Glove, Batman and Son, Batman R.I.P, Return of Bruce Wayne, and DC's huge Final Crisis event. Fun fact: in refreshing my memory on what books I had read were by him I discovered he wrote Spider-Man and Zoids. That is priceless.

Best of Both!
Some creators write and draw their books. While I did not want to do a top five, the following two creators are responsible for some of my favorite works. I didn't want them monopolizing both lists, so I gave them a seperate section. Hooray for cheating!

Bryan Lee O'Malley
Bryan Lee O'Malley has become very famous for his Scott Pilgrim books which were somewhat recently made into a movie. I adore his art style in Scott Pilgrim and Lost at Sea, as well as the previews of Seconds he has done and the posters/promos he has participated in, like a poster for Battle Royale. His writing is amazing, with all the volumes of Scott Pilgrim and the one-shot Lost at Sea both being on the list of my favorite comics ever.

Jhonen Vasquez
With a huge following from his show Invader Zim, Vasquez is fairly well known for his writing and art there. However, his true gems are the Johnny the Homicidal Maniac comics, as well as tie-ins and fillers such as Squee's Big Giant Book of Unspeakable Horror, Happy Noodle Boy, Wobbly-Headed Bob, Filler Bunny, and I Feel Sick. His art stands out quite a bit with a creepy vibe and odd proportions, and his writing is a lot of fun. When story needs to be told, he does it well, but he also excels at jokes and funny panels. All his filler works such as "autobiographical" comics, bits making fun of his fans, and the ever suffering characters that are aware they feel pain for our amusement are clever and frequently laugh-out-loud funny. I can highly recommend all his work to anyone who isn't too easily offended (he does include a rapist hobo aptly named Rape-Bo and a filler comic about an aborted fetus).

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Steamworks: Pete's Bit: EVIL DEAD & NUTELLA HEIST?!

On this episode of Pete's Bit, Pete talks about the Evil Dead movie, Matt & Kim, GoT, Doctor Who, and the missing Nutella in Germany! Be sure to like the video, subscribe to the channel, and respond in the comments below!


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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Slightly Redder Red: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Parts 1 + 2

So I have nothing to say about this entire 26 episode run of the first two parts of the 30 year old manga except that it is absolutely amazing and that if you're a fan of japanese animation you should watch it. 

See you on the roundabout, and I can't wait for part 3, holy shit I'd read the manga but I don't want spoilers... WATCH IT

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Steamworks: Pete's Bit: Anonymous V.S. North Korea!?

Today Pete talks about purchasing Bioshock Infinite Premium Edition, going to a Matt and Kim concert, and the recent exploits of North Korea which includes Anonymous's recent attack on NK's Twitter and Flickr accounts AND moving a missile around the country. Don't forget to answer Pete's questions of the day, like the video, and subscribe for more Pete's Bit!

Anon hacks NK's Twitter: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1009_3-57577904-83/anonymous-hacks-north-koreas-twitter-and-flickr-accounts/
Missle Moving: http://worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/04/04/17595178-north-korea-moves-missile-to-east-as-nuclear-crisis-escalates

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Slightly Redder Red: Evil Dead Review

Let me start by saying a quick goodbye to Roger Ebert, we may have had our differing opinions and I may not have known you personally but you were still one of the smartest men with a passion for entertainment, you'll be missed, dude.

Let me start again by saying this movie was absolutely above over the top. It won a Medal of Honor for going above and beyond being over the top, the violence was astoundingly visceral and the.. the.... that's it. The violence in this movie was horrendously scary and had me jump out of my seat and hit my head on the roof of the cinema. It was so bodily unsettling that I'm sure somebody peed themselves. If you're really into the gore scene, see this movie. 

That wasn't the only credit I can give Evil Dead though, it had it's fair share of atmosphere. The fog that constantly hovered over the set was creepy, and when the movie wasn't slapping your soul with jump scares it kept you on the edge of your seat with the hopes you'll get scared again. I was constantly on guard during the whole movie, and I truly enjoyed it.

The bad things about the movie really don't matter, but they still stand out. The movie was directed by Spanish director Fede Alvarez, which I totally support, since if you've ever seen a Spanish horror flick (see [rec]), you'll know they do good things, but it was also written by Alvarez and Diablo Cody, another Spaniard. If you're familiar with translated works, you'll know that taking dialogue written in one language and translating it to another or if a writer who's native language is not the language they're writing in, it comes out wooden, and that's what happened in Evil Dead. Not that you'll notice the dialogue a midst the blood and guts being thrown around by Deadites, but it has to be addressed.

Now comes the paragraph where I compare Evil Dead to the Sam Raimi original. Obviously there's differences in production value and technology available in order to make a movie, but Sam Raimi's Evil Dead is still watchable today, despite it's six dollar budget and jury rigged camera equipment. That's something I actually don't think the remake will share with the original, but I still think the remake holds a candle to its predecessor. I do have a little grudge against there being little to no humor in the remake, since Evil Dead and it's two sequels were rife with extremely funny scenes of black humor, and I did think it took itself too seriously at times, but I still walked away satisfied. Also, no Bruce Campbell cameo, what gives?

Final verdict? 8.5/10, shitty movie. Naw, go see the damn thing, enjoy yourself, and remember, don't read any strange books you find in old cabins.

Resident Troll: Thoughts On Comics - Almost Exclusively DC News

Instead of doing a normal Thoughts on Comics post this week, I thought it would be fun to talk about things that are going to happen in comics soon.

CARRIE KELLEY AS ROBIN? Also, why hardcore Stephanie Brown fans need to STOP.
So as many know by now, much to my dismay, Damian Wayne is no more. It was huge news, news big enough for my mom to call me while she was at work and yell, "YOU DIDN'T TELL ME ROBIN WAS BATMAN'S ILLEGITIMATE SON!" (My response was "which one", even though the answer was obvious.) The sad bat issues have come and gone, and they've been covered in Chazz's Requiem issues. Either way, it's comics, and we'll see Damian Wayne again one day. It might take a decade or so, but he'll return and it will be lovely.

Naturally, after Damian's death, one has to wonder who would take over the reins as the Dark Knight's partner. Names thrown out have been varied, from previous Robins to new characters. Now, we have more of a clue who DC is planning on bringing back to the Robin legacy.

With this cover revealed, one thing is certain: Carrie Kelley is back.This certainly answers a question left in the previous issue, as to who the mysterious C. K. was. Many were certain it was Clark Kent, but I honestly never believed that. 

Honestly, I think it's too soon for a new Robin, and Tomasi has stated that Carrie Kelley isn't 'exactly' taking up the mantle. It'll be interesting to see what's done here, but I'm excited to have Carrie in continuity regardless. She's a good time, and with a new spin on her story (she's now quite a bit older), I'm looking forward with what's to come.

What I'm not happy about, though? The constant complaining about the lack of Stephanie Brown. Literally every time a character is unbenched (another recent one, Big Barda), Stephanie Brown fans clamor and comment on how, oh, it's so unfair, why can't we have Steph, we've been begging for Steph. It's annoying how some are going as far as to condemn Carrie simply for being selected as a possible new Robin. I'm really tired of it, honestly, because you can't go into a tag on Tumblr or a comments section of a comic news website without hearing her mentioned once.

Do I want Stephanie Brown back? Of course. Am I constantly bitching about it? No, it's extremely redundant. I understand wanting benched characters back, but when you're using every bit of DC news to further your agenda? It's making these fans look terrible.

More covers have been released, the most recent one being the full spread of next week's Batman. Here's a link to the cover and preview of the issue. The original cover sparked intrigue, considering Bruce is pointing a gun at an unknown source. The cover reveals who the gun is being pointed at, and the person involved makes for a very curious situation. I'm certainly looking forward to picking up the issue.

Other interesting finds: Gail Simone talks about The Movement some more, the combined covers of Justice League #22, Justice League Dark #22 and Justice League of America #6 are revealed (I really want to know more about Trinity War, but I suspect that's not going to happen for another month), and more Iron Man 3 clips are revealed.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Red Viking: Wallpaper update April 2013!!

Hello again and welcome back to another post dedicated to wallpapers that I have made. I have a special announcement to make as well!!! My school recently decided to teach android development and I have been  programming an game for our loyal followers. The program I am using to make this game is still a work in progress so don't expect any 3-D illusions but expect a side scroller or something on that line. There are 5 wallpapers that show you our character designs. each one looks like either the person in real life or somehow resembles their name.... or both.
 Anyway lets get started with those wallpapers!

Here are the 5 character designs:

This is our lovely resident troll!

This one is me!!!

Surprise! a wild Chazz has appeared!

The man with a vlog and a cog, Peter!!!

Slightly redder red... see what I did there? eh eh???

Now time for a reference to any of the active GW2 players we have out there.

Just an invert of the first one.

(super adventure box) look it up if you don't play GW2.

last we have a comic cover for deathstroke #18 made into a wallpaper.

That's all for this month. Make sure to check back often as we have many videos coming your way!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Steamworks: Pete's Bit: Easter Break & Finding Dory?

On today's Episode of Pete's Bit, Pete talks about Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Walking Dead, and the newly announced sequel to Finding Nemo, titled Find Dory. Be sure to check in by leaving Pete a comment, liking the video, and subscribing to the channel! Have a happy Wednesday folks!


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