Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Resident Troll: Justice League #19 Rundown (Thoughts on Comics)

Comics came out Wednesday. I talk about them today. Or, really, just Justice League #19.

I like to catch up on Justice League every now and then because I hate myself because I like to know what's going on in DC's flagship title. I also hope that the rather annoying relationship between Wonder Woman and Superman has come to an end. This week was actually rather slow for me when it comes to comics I read coming out (just Fables and RHatO) so I thought I'd break down Justice League #19. It's tagline is something along the lines of "The Road to Trinity War", so yay if you're excited about that.

It should go without saying that spoilers are ahead. This post is also very image heavy, because I'm going to be referencing a good deal of panels from the issue. Anyway, on forth!

That's the cover. I guess I should mention April (is) was WTF month, hence the fold out and "surprising" reveal. Guess what doesn't happen in the issue? Everything occurring on this cover.

This issue starts out with things I love: the Batfam. There's a shout out to Damian Wayne's death, done in a somewhat decent way. Honestly, I don't know how much of a fan I am of Alfred breaking down the way he did. It seems vaguely out of character, like something he'd do when Jason wasn't around. it certainly honored my favorite Robin but... I don't know, I didn't love the scene. It's probably also just Johns' writing, but there's not much that can be done with that.

Unfortunately, it is known that superheroes can't have nice things, and this guy shows up. He appears to use a taser on Jason and then shoves Alfred into a glass case. It's all fun of course, the Bat-types are knocked out. The mysterious man (he's probably a known villain but fuck if I can remember who he is) goes into Bruce's secret chamber and steals what obviously is kyrptonite. ~Ohnoez~. Then the scene cuts.

Last issue (I think?) the Justice League recruited some new members. Among them was Rhonda, the new Atom. She's adorable and I already like her, but then she had to go and say "Check yourself before ya wreck yourself". Now I don't know if she'll be a shitty character of if the writer is  being dumb. Either way, I'm going to give her a fair chance. (It also helps that I could possibly cosplay her without people bitching at me about 'accuracy', yeah, go fuck yourselves~.) She dicks around with Firestorm in the Watchtower. I would've cropped a panel from that interaction, but Firestorm is so ridiculously boring. It hurts. Freaking Black Canary was a candidate for the Justice League and they chose Firestorm. I'm also wondering where Element Woman is, because she does not seem to exist in this issue, and she was the third addition to the League.

Anyway, Superman and Wonder Woman go on one of their dates. By "dates" I mean they go kick some ass and make out afterwards. Of course, they infiltrate a country to settle a hostage situation and cause some international trouble. Americans aren't allowed in this country and, later in a conversation with Batman, nobody seems to bring up the fact that Diana isn't an American. 

Back in the Batcave there's some poor understanding of Jason's character in the writing and an investigation afoot. Batman is of the knowledge that the cave has been invaded, but nobody can find the person who broke in. He's clearly a pro, but as I see Cyborg and Aquaman helping Batman out, I really wonder if he needs the help. Clearly everyone's failed to find the villain of the arc just yet, but everything they're doing Bats can do himself.

This awful scene occurs. More annoying portrayal of Wonder Woman, but we're not at the worst part yet...

It just happened. ugh. I wanna vomit. This panel is in response to Batman letting Supes and Wondy know that he knows they've got a ~sekrit relationship~. I didn't actually know they were keeping it a secret from everyone. After all, Diana and Clark don't seem like the type to run and gush about their relationship. 

Anywho, after Batman lectures Wonder Woman and Superman about how they represent the League, we cut back to the Atom and Firestorm. They're looking for bathrooms/the rest of the League, who hasn't shown up for their initiation into the Big Kid's Club. Eventually ugly up there shows up and we're done with the issue.

There is actually the Shazam mini (AKA reason why this comic is four dollars) but I don't read that because I'm rather behind. It was good, then it started getting bad.

Anywho, that's it for this week. Next week maybe I'll talk about comics. Maybe I'll talk about comic news. Who knows. It's a mystery.

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