Friday, April 5, 2013

Resident Troll: Thoughts On Comics - Almost Exclusively DC News

Instead of doing a normal Thoughts on Comics post this week, I thought it would be fun to talk about things that are going to happen in comics soon.

CARRIE KELLEY AS ROBIN? Also, why hardcore Stephanie Brown fans need to STOP.
So as many know by now, much to my dismay, Damian Wayne is no more. It was huge news, news big enough for my mom to call me while she was at work and yell, "YOU DIDN'T TELL ME ROBIN WAS BATMAN'S ILLEGITIMATE SON!" (My response was "which one", even though the answer was obvious.) The sad bat issues have come and gone, and they've been covered in Chazz's Requiem issues. Either way, it's comics, and we'll see Damian Wayne again one day. It might take a decade or so, but he'll return and it will be lovely.

Naturally, after Damian's death, one has to wonder who would take over the reins as the Dark Knight's partner. Names thrown out have been varied, from previous Robins to new characters. Now, we have more of a clue who DC is planning on bringing back to the Robin legacy.

With this cover revealed, one thing is certain: Carrie Kelley is back.This certainly answers a question left in the previous issue, as to who the mysterious C. K. was. Many were certain it was Clark Kent, but I honestly never believed that. 

Honestly, I think it's too soon for a new Robin, and Tomasi has stated that Carrie Kelley isn't 'exactly' taking up the mantle. It'll be interesting to see what's done here, but I'm excited to have Carrie in continuity regardless. She's a good time, and with a new spin on her story (she's now quite a bit older), I'm looking forward with what's to come.

What I'm not happy about, though? The constant complaining about the lack of Stephanie Brown. Literally every time a character is unbenched (another recent one, Big Barda), Stephanie Brown fans clamor and comment on how, oh, it's so unfair, why can't we have Steph, we've been begging for Steph. It's annoying how some are going as far as to condemn Carrie simply for being selected as a possible new Robin. I'm really tired of it, honestly, because you can't go into a tag on Tumblr or a comments section of a comic news website without hearing her mentioned once.

Do I want Stephanie Brown back? Of course. Am I constantly bitching about it? No, it's extremely redundant. I understand wanting benched characters back, but when you're using every bit of DC news to further your agenda? It's making these fans look terrible.

More covers have been released, the most recent one being the full spread of next week's Batman. Here's a link to the cover and preview of the issue. The original cover sparked intrigue, considering Bruce is pointing a gun at an unknown source. The cover reveals who the gun is being pointed at, and the person involved makes for a very curious situation. I'm certainly looking forward to picking up the issue.

Other interesting finds: Gail Simone talks about The Movement some more, the combined covers of Justice League #22, Justice League Dark #22 and Justice League of America #6 are revealed (I really want to know more about Trinity War, but I suspect that's not going to happen for another month), and more Iron Man 3 clips are revealed.

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