Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Resident Troll: Thoughts On Comics

Comics happened on Wednesday. I'm talking to you about some of them today. Spoilers ahead.

SAGA #12: This week you may have heard that first Apple, but then ComiXology banned Saga #12 because of graphic depictions of gay sex. People were pissed. Saga is still great.

The majority of this issue dealt with Prince Robot IV searching for Alana and Marko. He's onto his only lead, and hey--it happens to be right. I didn't care much about Prince Robot IV until this issue, but now he's becoming progressively more interesting. I like the bits of backstory we're getting, and the hints that he may be a closeted homosexual. I actually really admire the storytelling in this issue--it flows extremely well and I only wish I could master the pen like BKV does. As usual, another great issue.

BATGIRL #19: This issue marked the return of Gail Simone, something many fans, including myself, have been looking forward to. After the whole nasty removal from the title, then her reinstatement, things have been a little shaky. Ray Fawkes did very well on Batgirl #17, but his work on #18 was pretty atrocious. I'm not quite sure how someone could have such drastic ups and downs concerning writing, but at least the main writer is back on the title, and we can hope for some consistency.

Batgirl has been getting progressively better if we exclude #18, and #19 is no exception. It actually might be the best issue so far. The issue starts with Babs returning to the home she previously left during Death of the Family due to the Joker's intrusion. She tells her roommate pretty much everything save for the fact that she's Batgirl, which is an interesting move. In return it is revealed that Barbara's roommate is transgender which is received well by Barbara. (It wasn't received well by others for obvious reasons, but to each their own.) Barbara leaves, setting in motion the plan that inevitably kills her brother. Or really, as dead as someone can get in a comic.

I'm pretty disappointed that James Gordon Jr. isn't going to be around anymore--I really believe every hero needs a great enemy, and James could've been that for Barbara. Simone has dropped hints about Knightfall being Batgirl's great adversary, but I feel like the stakes could be higher. After all, James is her brother. He's intelligent. He's got emotional grab. I'm a little let down that he may be actually dead.

HAWKEYE #9: I'm going to fangirl over Hawkeye for a moment, don't mind me.

This series is probably one of the best of the Big Two, right up there next to Batman. I personally didn't care too much for Clint, but after hearing how great the series was, I finally investigated.

You really can't get any better. The only thing I can see is people not liking the art--it's a specific kind of style  that's take it or leave it. I personally love it, but to each his own. My favorite thing about the series is the relationship between Clint and Kate. They both assume the Hawkeye mantle, and they both do it justice. It appears that Kate may be Clint's closest friend, and she appreciates that title whether she shows it or not.

Matt Fraction really knows how to format a good comic, with it's small intervals. I really love how Natasha is his 'Work Wife' and Kate is only labeled as Kate. In terms of story progression, this does quite a bit, with a rather mean cliffhanger at the end. I won't give it away, but some people were upset because of what happened to a certain character. (I didn't care too much, but it was sad.)

Anyway, if you aren't reading any of the titles--you should get on that. Like, yesterday.

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