Friday, April 5, 2013

Slightly Redder Red: Evil Dead Review

Let me start by saying a quick goodbye to Roger Ebert, we may have had our differing opinions and I may not have known you personally but you were still one of the smartest men with a passion for entertainment, you'll be missed, dude.

Let me start again by saying this movie was absolutely above over the top. It won a Medal of Honor for going above and beyond being over the top, the violence was astoundingly visceral and the.. the.... that's it. The violence in this movie was horrendously scary and had me jump out of my seat and hit my head on the roof of the cinema. It was so bodily unsettling that I'm sure somebody peed themselves. If you're really into the gore scene, see this movie. 

That wasn't the only credit I can give Evil Dead though, it had it's fair share of atmosphere. The fog that constantly hovered over the set was creepy, and when the movie wasn't slapping your soul with jump scares it kept you on the edge of your seat with the hopes you'll get scared again. I was constantly on guard during the whole movie, and I truly enjoyed it.

The bad things about the movie really don't matter, but they still stand out. The movie was directed by Spanish director Fede Alvarez, which I totally support, since if you've ever seen a Spanish horror flick (see [rec]), you'll know they do good things, but it was also written by Alvarez and Diablo Cody, another Spaniard. If you're familiar with translated works, you'll know that taking dialogue written in one language and translating it to another or if a writer who's native language is not the language they're writing in, it comes out wooden, and that's what happened in Evil Dead. Not that you'll notice the dialogue a midst the blood and guts being thrown around by Deadites, but it has to be addressed.

Now comes the paragraph where I compare Evil Dead to the Sam Raimi original. Obviously there's differences in production value and technology available in order to make a movie, but Sam Raimi's Evil Dead is still watchable today, despite it's six dollar budget and jury rigged camera equipment. That's something I actually don't think the remake will share with the original, but I still think the remake holds a candle to its predecessor. I do have a little grudge against there being little to no humor in the remake, since Evil Dead and it's two sequels were rife with extremely funny scenes of black humor, and I did think it took itself too seriously at times, but I still walked away satisfied. Also, no Bruce Campbell cameo, what gives?

Final verdict? 8.5/10, shitty movie. Naw, go see the damn thing, enjoy yourself, and remember, don't read any strange books you find in old cabins.


  1. Bruce Campbell is in the after credit scene bro.

    It's a super close up of the side of his face, and he turns to the camera and says "Groovy." Fade to black.

  2. I didn't stick around, it was late


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