Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Red Viking: Injustice Gods Among Us - Finale (spoiler)

So as many of you know, I have been keeping up with the Injustice Battle Arena as it has gone through all of its Fights to see who the ultimate fighter was. Well I have some great news for you, The results Are out and the winner is...... BATMAN!!!!!!
If you followed me through this adventure you know that i was able to call who would win and guess who was right again. This guy!

also with this video (that got postponed because of the Boston bombing) they revealed that Lobo will be the first DLC character, so look forward to being a space bounty hunter really soon.

Chazz from Shatterblog and I have finished the story already and I was so inspired by the game play and effort put into this game to make a couple of backgrounds and I have decided that I would cosplay Shazam from the alternative universe because the costume design for him was GREAT! I will be releasing the wallpapers as I feel necessary but I will give you a free one Right Now!!

That is all for now, hope to see you around!

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