Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Red Viking: Wallpaper update April 2013!!

Hello again and welcome back to another post dedicated to wallpapers that I have made. I have a special announcement to make as well!!! My school recently decided to teach android development and I have been  programming an game for our loyal followers. The program I am using to make this game is still a work in progress so don't expect any 3-D illusions but expect a side scroller or something on that line. There are 5 wallpapers that show you our character designs. each one looks like either the person in real life or somehow resembles their name.... or both.
 Anyway lets get started with those wallpapers!

Here are the 5 character designs:

This is our lovely resident troll!

This one is me!!!

Surprise! a wild Chazz has appeared!

The man with a vlog and a cog, Peter!!!

Slightly redder red... see what I did there? eh eh???

Now time for a reference to any of the active GW2 players we have out there.

Just an invert of the first one.

(super adventure box) look it up if you don't play GW2.

last we have a comic cover for deathstroke #18 made into a wallpaper.

That's all for this month. Make sure to check back often as we have many videos coming your way!

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