Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Steamworks: Pete's Bit (Written Form! Well... Sorta?) Also Batman V.S. Spiderman

Hey Gang,

So anyone who follows Pete's Bit probably knows I haven't posted a video in pretty much a week... yeah, sorry about that. My life's been really busy lately. And I also just have nothing to talk about, so I figure why sit in front of a camera and stare at your beautiful faces for 5 minutes with just silence (actually, that sounds like fun, maybe I'll do that someday... just stare into all of your beautiful eyes... or is that too creepy? Did I cross a line?). I respond to your criticism with this:

So yeah, life's been full of those tiny personal boring news stuff that you lot aren't interested in hearing. I went to Kiley's Prom and we had a blast. I've also recently taken an interest in more comics lately. The only comic series I'd been reading for a few months was The Walking Dead (which is great, if you don't pull it now then why are you even associated with me? Just kidding... but really though.). Around February I started picking up Superior Spiderman. After hating just all comics in general for months on end (I just found them to be so ridiculous and a waste of money for the longest time), I finally decided to try out another super hero. Aquaman came into my life and he's now one of my favorite super heroes (sitting right next to Spiderman). I'm now starting to read Nightwing, Green Lantern (all inclusive; Red Lantern, Corps, New Guardians ), and Batman, and I have to say I'm really enjoying it. There are still some aspects of comics that really annoy me (I still think "collecting" issues is a huge waste of time, space, and money but hey, to each their own I guess), but overall I'm starting to warm up to them a lot.

The main reason why I even brought this up was because recently on a social media site, I saw a debate status posted that said "Who would win: Batman or Spiderman?"  (I think it was GameStop?). Of course there were a lot of really dumb people (nothing like you fine intelligent folk) who had to chime in and, of course, didn't know remotely what they were talking about (giving nonexistent advantages and disadvantages to both Spiderman and Batman). This actually caused me to do some research to pull up real advantages and disadvantages on each character and actually found this well-put together video that's already covered the showdown. Here's an easy access link for you fine folks:

(I also found out apparently Spiderman tried to get into the Justice League once??? Did not know that...) I would like to publicly note that I hate the fact that this video uses footage from the Toby films (that I usually force out of memory). I don't want to spend too much time on the topic, as it can obviously be debated for an endless amount of time, but with my growing knowledge of comics I have to simply say: it depends. In a typical gladiatorial arena styled match (where the only gadgets the heroes have on them are the ones they always carry) as set up in the video, I do agree that Spiderman would no doubt beat Batman. There's no way I could do a better job at justifying that than in the video above, so if you're really curious (statistically) why I'm choosing Spiderman (no bias involved of course), just go ahead and watch it if you haven't already. However, it's worth noting that given preparation time or a rematch, I think Batman would win every time AFTER he found Spiderman's weakness(es). I'd also like to publicly state that I think it's ridiculously OP that Batman can take down (and has a way to kill) every JL member. In my opinion, if Batman has that, other should have similar lists as well (and maybe some do and I don't know about it, that's totally possible). My absolute favorite thing (and by favorite I mean I hate it) is when huge Batman fans call Superman OP but don't acknowledge that Batman is in many ways as well, with all his death plans and huge money deposits. I'm more than expecting flack from Chazz, Gabby, and Eric (not quite sure JD even cares, but I guess we'll see) for this post, as me and Chazz have debated this more than once, so yeah.  

Speaking of super hero show-downs, I've also gotten to play Injustice recently (both the regular version and the iOS version... more on that later.) And I have to say I love the game more than I thought I would. My favorite character to play as is definitely Aquaman, but I feel like this game just doesn't do him justice. Aquaman was completely left out of the iOS version, and is not seen on very many marketing/advertisement campaigns/boxes besides the Battle Arena (if any at all; at least I haven't seen any but I haven't seen a lot of things). In any case I really enjoy it, and it makes for a good time. The iOS version is meh, my main complaints being: A) It takes up battery fast, which is expected and B)Sometimes the game can become extremely laggy.

That's pretty much all I have to talk about today, soo...


Who do you think would win in a gladiator-style fight, Batman or Spiderman? Leave your say in the matter down below in the comments!


Peter, The Steamworks

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  1. I say it's a tie.

    In the end, the two became best friends, became next door neighbors in the middle of nowhere, and got themselves girlfriends; one a tuba and the other a ghost. :3

    (I hope you get the reference I just made~)


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