Sunday, June 2, 2013

Slightly Redder Red: Evil Friends

I'm a huge fan of Portgual. The Man, and have been since my friend let me borrow their Satanic Satanists album about two years ago, and my faith in them as artists has been incredibly reaffirmed after listening to this album all the way through.

Evil Friends, the band's seventh album if I'm counting correctly, is a psychedelic trip I love going on. It's melodic, heavy, and the words are written with hypnotic prose that I can't help singing to myself almost everywhere I go. John Gourley always stands out with his "I wonder what the kids are going to interpret this as?" writing style. The album was produced by Danger Mouse, and although I'm not a huge fan of his work I can understand why people would be. This album actually inspired me to look into Broken Bells.

The album starts off incredibly strong, the first song Plastic Soldiers serving well as an introduction to the rest of the songs. The second, third, and fourth songs, the third being the title track, is definitely my favorite place on the album, you will remember those three songs and the order they're in for the rest of the your goddamn life. The rest of the album is just as memorable, especially Sea of Air and Purple Yellow Red and Blue. Sometimes, when I listen to CDs, I see some songs as filler. The entirety of Wasting Light after Rope serves as a good example. But like the rest of Portugal. The Man's albums, there really isn't a bad song on here. Everything works together to create an incredible experience. Try it, buy it, take it home. Definitely my favorite album by them.

You can preorder it on iTunes after listening here. You'll want to. It comes out officially Tuesday. 

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