Monday, June 17, 2013

Slightly Redder Red: Muh Halo

Yes, I'm aware the following article can or can not be based completely on bias.

So despite all the extreme consumer backlash regarding the Xbox One I've been hearing about from nearly all of my video gaming compatriots I go to school with, no one seems to be saying they'll purchase a PlayStation 4.


Why do you complain about getting fucked in the ass so much but still pay a giant burly man four hundred ninety nine dollars to do it?


Halo. I've never seen such voracious brand loyalty since the release of the iPhone 5. The fan commitment to Halo has been astronomically huge, people have been buying the books and following fan created media since its release on the original Xbox, and now it seems that Steven "Highest Bidder" Spielberg is going to make the fans crave even more. This 1984-esque machine that's committing the used games genocide is receiving sales based on the fact it has one game. Halo 4 honestly wasn't even that good, even my Halo crazy friends agree with me. Shouldn't you be loyal to Bungie, the people to created it, not Microsoft, the people who are selling it?

In my own defense, anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge fan of Deus Ex: Human Revolutions; it was my favorite game of 2011 before I started playing Dark Souls in 2012, and when the Director's Cut of the game got announced I had all but guaranteed Square Enix my money. When I heard it was only coming out for WiiU, did I rush to my local retailer to buy the console, or else be deprived of muh Deus Ex? No, I sucked it up and realized I'd much rather look at the consoles as a whole then buy the WiiU specifically for Deus Ex

When the drooling masses stop listening to Microsoft's puppet show in which the skull of Bungie is used as a hand-puppet spitting shitty one liners like Rodney Halo-field, please tell me.  


  1. I knew putting Halo somewhere in there would fool so many.

    Microsoft can go straight to Hell. -_-

  2. I'm about as die hard a Halo fan as there is and I'm getting a PS4 long before I get an Xbox One. However, as long as Frank O'Connor is writing the Halo games they'll be worth playing for the story, even if the multiplayer goes straight to hell. Also, a directors cut of a game you already played and the continuation of a story spanning several mediums aren't the same thing.

  3. Then I'll use this: my friend really likes Bayonetta. Obsessively. He's not buying a WiiU just for Bayonetta 2 though.

  4. I agree, getting a system for one game is stupid. However, the Halo footage shown at E3 is speculated to be a spinoff. Halo 5 and Halo 6 are confirmed. Halo 2 HD is all but confirmed. And Bayonetta doesn't span 7 games (8 if you count Halo Anniversary), 2 ARG's, 12 books (not including Halsey's complete journal from the Reach CE or the "Conversations from the Universe" pamphlet from the Halo 2 CE), 6 graphic novels, and 2 movie/television series. It's a big series with deep lore, and the people that are invested in that lore and not just in the gameplay will stick around, like the Final Fantasy fandom has for all these years. It's not about the developer, it's about the writer. As long as Frank O'Connor and 343 are involved, Microsoft isn't ruining it. The second that changes, most Halo fans will jump ship.

  5. I mostly agree with JD. For a while since the Xbox One was announced, I was just going to pick it up with the almost assured Halo 5 Collector's Edition. But after repeating the scenario in my head for a while, it just didn't make sense. I'm not a huge fan of Halo (it's my side on the Halo v.s. CoD debate, but I simply mean not one of them is even in my top 15 game lists), so why pay $500+ to play, what, maybe 5 or 6 games at most (Halo 5, Halo 6, and leaving room for any possible spin-offs) not to mention the time I need to wait to play those games until they release. I can just wait till a friend picks them up and play with them on their console; it just didn't make sense for me. However, I can see how this makes some sense for Halo fans. The bottom line is, I grew up with Sony's PS1 + PS2, so I'm more dedicated to their franchises and companies such as Naughty Dog, Square Enix, and Santa Monica, and you can bet that I'll be playing Destiny from Bungie on my PS4. In my opinion, if you want to show that you don't approve of the Xbox One, buy Destiny for the PS4 or any other console than Xbox One (and obviously don't buy anything related to the Xbox One). Sales stats will lend its tongue to you, and who knows; stranger things have happened than perhaps 343 Industries dissolving its contract with boatloads of money to produce for multiple systems (i.e: Kingdom Hearts 3 becoming multi-platform).


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