Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Red Viking: My update on life as we know it!!

Hay everyone on the internet!!! Just wanted to give you a quick update on some things that happened to me and also an apology.

I'll do the apology first.
recently I have been dealing with college stuff and graduation things so I haven't been up to date on my posts but i'm here to tell you some good news too.

The good news:
I've recently ran into a but load of money and managed to spend it all!!! but it was all for you guys! I bought an iBuyPower revolt that is the computer that the MLG circuit uses and customized it so that it would fit in my budget and that i would get what I needed out of it. conveniently enough for me they had a sale for independence day so i was able to get more out of my money. so I spent a nice $924 on a computer (that i will review maybe? so look for that) I also received a gift card for amazon and bought a new microphone so that you can hear me better my deary, so look forward to some LP's and some podcasts or something. I don't know man anything is possible. any way I'll see you later. Be sure to keep up on our shenanigans and follow us on youtube and your social media sites. bye!!!

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