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The Steamworks: Comic Roundup 06/12/2013

Hey Gang,

So as many of you comic readers know, today, like every Wednesday, and entire stampede of comics from varying companies like Image, Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and so many more were dropped into retail stores. For a full list of releases for today, click the hyperlink. Obviously, it'd be near impossible for me to sit here and give you a little recap on every item on that list and to give each a rating, so I'll be talking about the comics on my pull list today, which were Avengers Assemble #016, Guardians of the Galaxy #003, and The Walking Dead #111 (Comics that I also read that came out today are Thor God of Thunder #009, Nightwing #021, and Batman #021, however I'm not caught up on those yet, so I will not be recapping them. However, if you were looking for a Batman Zero Year recap/review, I'm almost positive Chazz from Shatterblog! will want to talk about that, so be on the lookout for a possible post from him). Pretty much everyone on the blog reads comics and had something coming out today, so if I'm not talking about something you want to hear about, there is a decent chance someone else from PBD will write a post that contains what you're looking for. Obviously, spoilers will entail in the following reviews, so if you haven't gotten to read these and wish to, STOP READING. Time to get started!

The Walking Dead #111:

Can I take a second and talk about how sick I am of the Negan story? Maybe it's just me, but the story has been going on for way too fucking long. I've been actively pulling The Walking Dead since issue #100, and for the past 12-14 issues we've just been getting Negan story. Don't catch me the wrong way, I love Negan as a character ... well sort of; I have mixed feelings for him. In some ways he's one of the greatest villains ever written (in my humble opinion); it's beyond easy to instantly hate anything this guys does. It's gotten to the point where his name is mentioned and I all I can think about is wanting to kill him (even more than Joffrey from Game of Thrones ... which by the way, while we're mentioning Game of Thrones... WHY ROB WHY?!?!... I hate this show for stealing my emotions...). That being said, he gets worn out rather quickly. I can't tell if it's because of how evil this character is, or the way he's written, or if it's simply been too much time, but his sadistic charm is starting to wain. My hate is turning into annoyance, and the story is starting to bore me. I swear I keep reading the same issue over and over again.

However, what really makes this issue interesting at all is Negan's sudden appearance in Rick's hood. I absolutely love his interaction with Olivia (by love I mean it renewed my hate for him ... no I'm not into non-consensual sex), and his scene with Spencer was pretty fucking twisted. However, I have to say if anything. Negan is clever and logical. I think this scene could have made a bit more of an impact if the scene with Olivia happened with a character we were more attached to. Pretty much the entire rest of the comic, however, was unneeded filler. I've been waiting for an epic showdown for at least five to eight issues. Sadly, I'm predicting at least another 3-5 before we get what we've been patiently waiting almost a year for. This story's done, Kirk. Start a new story line. Build on the entire "Rebuidling Humanity" complex... I like this... but this Negan situation has to be resolved, one way or another.


Guardians of the Galaxy #003:

Before I begin, I must say I wasn't really invested in Guardians of the Galaxy with the first two issues. It was nice being able to read some Tony Stark (I don't like any of his writers, with the exception of Guardians and Avengers Assemble), and I got to learn a bit more about this mysterious force I had only heard mentioned. This issue completely pulled me in. While the council meeting in the beginning was vaguely boring, it quickly picked up the pace with Tony Stark's humor and Groot's amazing appearance. I also have an undying love for Rocket Raccoon; if I had to assault a force of enemies threatening my life with a buddy, he'd be up there. The art by Steven McNiven is fucking phenomenal and is clear and vivid. The comic ended on a cliff hanger and a  very interesting note, which left me already waiting eagerly for the next issue. All in all, I have little to no complaints; can't wait for more GotG!


Alright gang, that's it for my Comic Roundup! I hope you enjoyed your comics of the week as I generally did. Don't forget to enter the Humble Indie Bundle Contest we have running; all you need to do is comment on the post with a way we can contact with, and you'll automatically be entered into the drawing! Don't forget, the deadline for that is THIS SATURDAY (June 15th, 2013), so get that in ASAP. There's literally no reason for you not to.

Peter, The Steamworks

***So I was supposed to have Avengers Assemble up and reviewed, but there's been some technical difficulties with that. There seems to be no relevancy between issues 14, 15, or 16, so I'm beinning to think maybe I pulled the wrong comic or something? I haven't read the annual yet so I'm assuming what I'm missing is in there. I'll update you guys ASAP!***

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