Monday, June 3, 2013

The Steamworks:Thoughts and Impressions: Adventure Time Season One

Hey Gang,

It seems a surge of content has found its way to the blog. Us writers of PBD are trying to get our shit together and find more ways to amuse you. I'm pleased to announce that Pete's Bit is slated for June 18th, 2013 re-release, and I couldn't be more excited. NYCC Press submissions also open this summer, and our blog will once again attempt to get our hands and a few to bring you some great content from the con. Regardless of press passes, you can be sure that you'll receive a boatload of exclusive coverage of NYCC. As always, we're super hyped for the con, and we're all hard at work on cosplays and other con preparing nonsense, so definitely check up with the blog in the next coming months for tips and tricks for coning and what to expect. I've also been thinking about bringing back Pete's Magical Playlist, so be on the lookout for that as well. Lastly, I just traded in my iPhone 4 in exchange for a new Samsung Galaxy S4, so be sure to watch out for a tech review (I haven't decided whether that'll be a review I cover on Pete's Bit or on a written post, so be on the lookout
for that).

Anyway, that's enough announcements for now; today I'm here to bring to you my thoughts on the first season of the Cartoon Network exclusive Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. The first season of the show is very whimsical, enchanting, and hysterical. While at first glance the show appears to be no more than a kid's show, the program is great at being simultaneously entertaining, inappropriate, yet kid friendly (at least on the surface). Finn, the 12 year old protagonist who seems to be the only human left on the planet, wanders the land with Jake, his best friend dog who has magical powers that allow him to stretch insurmountable lengths. Throughout their adventures they meet an endless amount of side-characters which including Princess Bubblegum, a genius candy princess who Finn crushes on, Lumpy Space Princess, a princess from Lumpy Space (who is also my favorite character on the show), Marcelene, an edgy vampire chick that feasts on the color red, and Treetrunks, a tiny, utterly adorable yellow elephant obsessed with apples (my second favorite character).

Among these side characters, Finn also meets antagonists such as the Ice King, an evil wizard that rules the arctic realm and steals princesses in hopes of marrying one. In the first season there seems to be no real evidence of an overarching story; it generally seems each 12 minute episode contains its own story that can, however, draw from past events and seems to keep some sort of continuity. The great thing about this show is, you can jump in at any time. Sure, it might be helpful to see the episode where Finn and Jake first run into the Ice King to learn exactly what drives him, but it's really not all too difficult to pick up who's important, who's evil, or what's relevant in later episodes.

While I've heard things change in the following seasons, the only thing I really dislike about the show is there's not really a story. As I said before, there are contained stories in each episode, but I like a bit more complexity in my TV shows. I understand it's a show aimed for children, hence why there might not be complexity when they're first trying to get it off the ground, but from what I've heard of later seasons, I feel like this would have been an excellent time to set up a story or environment to build on. The voice acting is phenomenal, with a smallish-sized cast of voices giving words to practically hundreds of different characters. The art style is simplistic most of the time, however still great, and it's really great seeing all the distrubing characters and environments brought to life.

All in all, I'd definitely recommend it to a friend. The show is simply odd and it's fun to watch and wonder why the hell we'd give this to our children. The show is practically an acid trip without the trouble of taking drugs. The show immediately had me pulled in with little to no extra effort on its part, my favorite episode being when Jake gets the Lumps.

Alright Gang, that's all the content I have for you today. Hope you have a fantastic Monday!

Pete, The Steamworks

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  1. I love this show! Brought me back to CartoonNetwork after the tragic mistake of CN Real...

    And it's not much of an LSD/acid trip as you think. It actually has a dark story behind it. (No spoilers~)

  2. I actually strongly dislike the first season except for City of Thieves, I really think it hit it's stride in the second. Haven't seen any of the fourth since I don't watch much TV anymore

  3. I agree the first isn't the best season but it has a lot of quality episodes. The one with Brian Posehn voicing the Businessmen, the first one with Marceline (I love the House Hunting Song), George Takei in the Ricardio episode, and the one where Finn is Marceline's henchman are all excellent episodes. Fourth season may be the best one though.


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