Monday, August 5, 2013

The Steamworks: Peter Excited About Twelfth Doctor Casting

Hey Gang,

So Chazz and I always joke about how IGN will post random articles about what other devs, producers, writers, etc. think about events (when we make our games, we're going to start writing to IGN about how I felt about Obama putting his shoes on today). Anyway, you read the title correctly, I am in fact excited for the Peter Capaldi, the newly announced 12th Doctor. Go ahead and take a look:

Our new Doctor, ladies and gents.

So how exactly did I react to the news? Well I have to admit, I was kinda disappointed for an hour or so. With all this talk about the Doctor possibly being a woman or a different race, I was really ready for a "new" type of Doctor (I have to say I was personally voting for a woman actress, perhaps Emma Watson or Betty White, but Idris Elba would've done the job too). However, I very quickly got over it. It was so easy to; just look at this guy's record. He's been on Doctor Who once already ("The Fires of Pompeii" as Lucius Caecilius), Torchwood several times, and many other Brittish TV shows that I honestly don't really know about, as well as many different movies...look just go to IMDb. I'll even link it for you). What I do think is great is the fact that HE WAS CAST IN WORLD WAR Z AS THE W.H.O. DOCTOR.


Are you kidding me? No one noticed this ever though? Like really? I would have blown this shit up on Tumblr. In fact I'm impressed/disappointed that this didn't get SuperWhoLocked. /shrug

Anyway, wrapping this up, I'm really excited for this guy. While I was also hoping/expecting the trend to go with a younger guy for the role, this man looks more than fitting for the Doctor, and it seems like the cast of the show thinks so as well. I'll be rooting for you, Peter Capaldi! 


  1. There were some girls in my cast seriously going crazy over anticipation about who it would be, they wanted someone all hot and 23 years old but I guess they aren't getting what they wish for.


  3. Even though I don't watch the show, cheers to the new Doctor!


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