Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Red Viking: Bringing this back!! SMITE


So I think I'm going to try and keep this blog alive after some time away from it. I will post when ever i think of something to write about and today I'm going to talk about...

 Yes it is the game that has sparked some controversy because its main characters are gods that people either used to believe in or still believe in to this day. But that is what actually is drawing me into the game. I really loved Greek and Norse mythology. I suppose that this game could also be called educational in a school environment too because for each of the characters there's a video made and a section in-game for their lore. (see below)

speaking of in-game features, there is an ability to make a load-out for each character so that in game you don't have to waste time picking the items and you can get straight into battle.

There is also the option to select what ability the god levels up at each level. I don't believe this should be used though because you need to adapt to the fight sometimes, but that's only my opinion.

In addition you can level up yourself and each individual god. leveling up a god will unlock a skin that you can only buy after reaching the first level of the god. it is always gold with blue detail and when you reach the tenth level you get a skin that's gold and black.

There are many game modes as well. such as arena where is an all out battle to get your minions into the other teams portal. It gives me more of an fps feel. there is the normal versions like conquest (3 lanes). assault which is like ARAM. joust thats is 3v3 in one lane with jungle on the side and a recent addition of seige which is 2 lanes with jung on every side and a center goal that you want to get to first.

OH!! and did I mention its in                            
                                                 3RD PERSON!! (that makes it feel like a faster paced game)

Thats all for the little intro to smite but I do and always will have every god because of a deal they had going. so i do have the newest god Osiris

keep an eye out for more smite posts coming soon (hopefully). I will see you all later. so in the meantime play a game of smite!