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Welcome to Project: Better Dolphin! We're a blog that talks about games! What games? All sorts of games! We'll review consoles from PC to Xbox to PS3 and anything in between! If there's a certain game you'd like to see, let us know and we'll talk about it! We also review most sorts of media including movies, music, books, comics, current events, and technology advancements.


1. Peter Venuti: Media Journalist- steamworks@projectbetterdolphin.com
2. Chazz Noble: Media Journalist- shatterblog@projectbetterdolphin.com
3. Gabby Smith: Editor- residenttroll@projectbetterdolpin
4. JD Sanchez: Media Journalist- slightlyredderred@projectbetterdolphin.com
5. Eric Fortin: Media Journalist- theredviking@projectbetterdolphin.com
6. Project: Better Dolphin Team- admin@projectbetterdolphin.com

***Twitter- @BetterDolphin***
***FaceBook- Project: Better Dolphin***
***Tumblr- http://projectbetterdolphin.tumblr.com***

Review Scoring:

- Score of 1: Embarrassing
- Score of 2: Pitiful
- Score of 3: Awful.
- Score of 4: Really Bad.
- Score of 5: Bad
- Score of 6: Could be Better.
- Score of 7: Good.
-Score of 8: Great.
- Score of 9: Outstanding.
-Score of 10: Perfection

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