So, this will be the page belonging to me, Chazz. Obviously all blog posts will be on the main page, and will be a mix of all 5 of us. This is just my little page explaining the scenario. I will warn you that my posts will be tagged "shatterblog" and may contain some foul language depending on the subject, etc. I get angry sometimes... Anyway, hope you enjoy! I will review games on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 primarily, music, books, movies, T.V. shows, or whatever the mood strikes me. I may include rants, editorials, or just plain updates on life. There will be a specific tag "captains log" which will be posts concerning what I would do if I were Emperor of the Universe. These will be purely for my entertainment, and may fill you with rage. Feel free to tell me so! I love a good argument. Spoiler alert. I will win, and you will be sad.

I will be the one primarily reviewing PS3 exclusives, or highlighting differences in the systems (I am the only one with a PS3, Xbox 360, and PC) Other systems will occasionally be reviewed, but not too often. Reviews will go up after I complete the game to my satisfaction. This may take some time. I will try to get my posts up as quickly as possible, but games take time, and grades come first or whatever. So please try to be patient.

(If you don't understand my picture, which is made by Eric of Red Viking, it is a combination of the word shatter, and Scott Pilgrim, as Shatterblog is a kinda obscure Scott Pilgrim reference to the name Scott has been saving for a future band. All credit goes to him for the clever pic idea! The second banner below was made by our loyal follower of CaseyComicCompany. She is very talented and actually reads our bullshit. Hooray for her!)