The Fellowship of the Flame

The Fellowship of the Flame

Welcome to our Dungeons and Dragons page! Here we'll keep an updated synopsis of our travels for you beautiful folks (credit goes to Chazz for being an awesome DM and updating the page). Our group consists of (from left to right in the graphic): Sardis, the Genasi Warlock (PBD Guest Erin), Nilda, the Eladrin Wizard (PBD Guest Monique), Phobus, the Half Elf Bear Shaman (The Steamworks Writer Peter), Dungeon Master (Shatterblog! Writer Chazz Noble), Rahgeben, the Hengeyokai Druid (The Red Viking Writer Eric), and Mosryte, the Drow Avenger (Slightly Redder Red Writer JD Sanchez). CLICK ME TO GO TO A LIST OF ALL OF OUR RECORDED EPISODES!

"To Link the Fires" Synopsis:

(Last Updated: 10/08/2013)

As anyone who looks at the site knows, we will from this point forward be livestreaming our Dungeons and Dragons adventures. However, we are already several weeks in and a catch up is in order. This page will be updated every week with the critical story details from our most recent adventures.

The assembled adventurers met up when tasked by the Holy Order of the Sacred Flame to determine what exactly was going wrong with the aforementioned Sacred Flame. The mouthy Half-Elf Shaman Phobus with his Spirit Companion Deimos (Peter), Hengeyokai Druid Rahgeben and his pet Owlbear (Eric), Dark Elf Avenger Mosryte (JD), and the Eladrin Wizard Nilda (PBD Guest Monique) entered the abandoned headquarters of the Order in an attempt to get information on what to do. After clearing the temple of some pesky undead, they discovered an old book that spoke of the Order's old leader who abandoned the group for unknown reasons and fled to the forest. The party gallantly smashed its way through gnolls and goblins and wolves, whereupon they discovered a cave filled with an enormous black dragon. After a long struggle, Phobus managed to land the killing blow, felling the foul beast. They spoke to the mortally wounded knight and he told them that the Order and its patron goddess the Golden Lady were not all that they seemed, and directed them to a tower library full of useful books. With his dying breath he urged the group to rekindle the flame as it was all that kept his brother, the leader who had sent them on the quest, from dying (for the second time, his heart was replaced by an ember from the flame). One of the wolves who had run away from the earlier encounter returned and befriended Mosryte, who took him in and named him Ned. The group made their way to the tower, and asleep on the steps they found a Half-Orc Slayer named Sark who joined the group to clear the tower. They discovered a secret passage into a hidden basement where they fought a powerful Illithid Sorceror named Casaubon, then battled up several floors of fire bats and illithids. At the top of the tower the found an ancient monk who possessed Sark. The group regrettably had to kill their comrade in order to banish the demon. In the library they found three books: one gave instructions on how to exorcise a demon (a bit too late for poor Sark), one provided a magical list of all existing deities that updates itself, and the last detailed the new location of the Sacred Flame after the "Golden Lady" told the Order that its current home wasn't good enough. The party travelled next to this temple, and on the way met a Genasi Warlock named Sardis (PBD Guest Erin), and she joined the party for her own reasons, whether it is for money and loot, the thrill of adventuring, or to backstab everyone later has yet to be discovered. The newly enlarged group entered the temple and dispatched a group of fire bats, then Sardis frightened another group so much it left. Exiting the main body of the temple, the group found themselves in a large ruined Colosseum looking temple. In the center was a large fire pit with a very small Sacred Flame burning in it. The flame keeper knelt next to the fire, staring blankly into the flames. Suddenly the flames grew enormous and a demonic voice (translated by Sardis) instructed the fire keeper to kill the party who had been causing him trouble.  The keeper's armor, greatsword, and chain whip all ignited and he attacked the party. Mosryte struck him down and the party identified the demon as Pyremius, a demon from the Black Volcano realm of Niflheim. Before they had time to ponder why Pyremius was deceiving an order into believing they follow a Lawful Good goddess, the floor burst into flame and disappeared. The party fell through magical space for an unknown amount of time and were dropped on an island. The group landed fairly close together and unharmed, however the direwolf Ned landed in such a way that he impaled his head on a stick. Sardis was also negatively affected, with part of her trapped in void space. She flickers in and out of existence and is often gone entirely. While the rest of the party rested overnight, Mosryte cut the head off and disposed of the body, then used his Prestidigitation ability to give the severed head a voice. He now carries it around and talks to it. Upon waking, the group set about searching the island. They had Rahgeben use his monkey form to climb a tree and look around, and he noticed something strange about the southern coast of the island. Mosryte confirmed this, so the party headed south. They found a stream from which to get water, and some berries. Mosryte ate the berries and was badly poisoned, Nilda gathered none, and Phobus and Rahgeben kept theirs. The group was then attacked by some kind of infected wild pig, which gored Nilda before being blown away by Deimos. The group fended off another attack by infected birds, then killed some seagulls and prepared them for food. In the process of hunting the seagulls, Mosryte attempted to scare the birds, but before he could scare all the birds Phobus tackled Mosryte, causing Mosryte to lose his pinky. Upon reaching the southern tip the party investigated the strange waves and determined that the tide was wrong or the island was moving. They headed to the northern tip and similarly investigated, coming to the conclusion that they were in fact on the back of a giant turtle and not on their own plane of existence. Mosryte attempted to poke the turtle to get its attention and perhaps open communication, but was dragged into the water by an infected shark. He managed to impale the shark and drag himself and the corpse onto dry land where Phobus tried to determine the origins of the infection.  He figured out it was magical in origin just in time for a ball of black pus to come to life and launch into his throat. The group attempted surgery and despite many incredibly close calls, Nilda and Mosryte's efforts were enough to keep Phobus alive. The group rested for two days with only a minor bird attack and a lot of rustling in the bushes while Phobus recovered from his surgery and Mosryte from his food poisoning. Waking up on the island's fourth day, Mosryte who had been keeping watch noticed land far in the distance. The group decided to explore the island more thoroughly and perhaps learn more about the mysterious infection while they waited to get closer to the land.