The Red Viking

Hey, my name is Eric, or as I will be known on here "The Red Viking". Some things that I enjoy are: reading comics of all types, although I tend to stick with DC comics such as the New 52's Teen Titans, Red Lantern, and New Guardians. I also like reading graphic novels but they're just big comics. Anyway I am going to school to specialize in information technology which is the reason I'm the techy go to guy mainly for port forwarding, server things and occasionally hardware fixing. In-case your wondering where my name came from, its because many (at-least 3) people have said that I remind them of a viking (I don't know why) and I also have red hair so yeah. Some things that interest me that people would call "outdoor activities" are long boarding, snowboarding and almost everything that has board in it. That about wraps it up, so i'll see you later, hope to see YOU on the blog.

(YOU is in caps because important things get capitalized)

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