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Hey Gang,

So this is my portion of the website. The others, being Chazz, Gabby, Eric, and JD, will not be allowed to post here in my personal bubble. It's all me, ALL THE TIME.

That being said, I should probably tell you a bit about myself; I'll do so in bullet form!

- As some of you probably know I'm Peter V, however I also go by the names Drdemon(411), Luke GoldHorn, Darth Phobos (or just Phobos), and yes, sometimes even Peeta.

- I've been gaming since I could sit on my dad's lap and play Sonic the Hedgehog on the good ol' Dreamcast (Damn, good times right?).

- My favorite games to date would have to be the Sly Cooper Trilogy, Batman Arkham City, Left 4 Dead, the Uncharted Series, and many, many others.

- I'm planning to go into the Game Design industry as a Game Designer and Animator. I am currently a Freshman in college for a Computer Science Major with a Communications Minor.

- I mostly review games and movies, however I do have my own music series here on PBD called Pete's Magical Playlist.

That's pretty much everything about me. I'll be reviewing games, books, comics, and movies, as well as ranting and posting other things too. So I''l see you around!


List of My Posts (From recent to oldest):

Reviews Bolded, Press Releases Italicized

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